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  1. Am I the *only* player still pining for the brutal desperation that was A17.0?
  2. I think it'd be pretty cool if one spawn of horde-night zeds showed up every so often outside of claimed territory, say tune it so if you're out all night every night on your bike or whatever you've got about a half chance of an 8- or 16- or 24-pack of zeds glomming on to you sometime during the week. Maybe make it like the rage, the odds go up as you crank the difficulty. You can run, but you can't hide.
  3. So far as I recall I've never once put a point into four of those "all maxed out" perks. Yay, you've found out how to use them and you can thrive with them. That's good. Can't thrive without them? Might want to be a little less cocksure what conclusions to draw from that.
  4. Day 35, I've got a full farm almost completely up, ten each corn blueberries aloe, six potato plants but room for the other four, two more seed crops and I'm golden. Plus plenty of coffee, and pumpkins and yucca for the specialty stuff. No mushrooms yet. But I haven't been able to find a crucible at all this run. The cops are probably going to blow my walls in, I think I'm going to wind up either perching in the rafters, sniping at them while the horde tears my base apart, or hopping on the bike and just running.
  5. It's difficult to convey the feeling of actually owning your own computer to someone who's never experienced it. If you've got the attention span for it, read Stephenson's In the Beginning was the Command Line, starting at the "GUIs" section (before that is now-utterly-unnecessary background material for people who've never seen a computer).
  6. To really bring the variety in TFP would need to make strength affect targeting speed/recoil with heavy weapons, make shoulder-firing heavy weapons cost stamina on top of the recoil, and magnify the recoil effect as stamina wears down. Just one guy basically can't get full use out of a machine gun, you need a rifle team unless you're a full-Rambo build. Having the heavy hitters come with no downsides is I think a gimp. You've got an M60, why would you fire your bullets with anything else? Well, if you're not up to at least 7 fort/4MG you're going to wind up with a spraygun after the first few shots, if you wanna shoot like rambo you gotta be built like rambo, it's @%$*#!ing *loud*, . . .
  7. Well, better graphics and more interesting combat.
  8. Does copy rotation not work for those blocks?
  9. That would be where the regret at not doing that comes in...
  10. I kinda like the idea of gamestage being affected by a per-area factor, where each area has a loot-and-kill-xp inventory and as you loot and kill those points get subtracted from the local area, multiplied and distributed say proportionately by share of total map inventory. Run some sort of edge detection on smoothed chunk inventory levels every horde night to find area boundaries, I dunno, just riffing. The idea being that keeping an area clean reduces gamestage in that area and increases the gamestage contrast on the whole map, never daring to tackle the wasteland or never bothering with the frozen north might be regrettable.
  11. Fully on board for the pathfinding, digging zombies, but them being able to pathfind through a maze they've never seen / can't see requires some fairly heavy-lift suspension. I could wish the pathfinding map was built from visible blocks. Have you considered adding a decaying death penalty to pathfinding costs? I think it'd be pretty damn terrifying to see the zeds learn to avoid your killzones.
  12. So far I've always found the 20%-boost shoes and night-vision goggles fairly early, the shoes apply and encumbrance doesn't when you're on a bicycle so I loot towns by dumping into chests, then when it's getting dark I load up all the best stuff and bicycle home. The goggles are optional but they do make it easier.
  13. It's like nobody's ever heard of crowd control. Pipe bombs are a one-PP spend and take no brass, no springs, basically just gunpowder. If you can four-hit when mining it's less than two swings per bomb and they make such nice gifts. This is without any motherlode perks at all, so 50/node, four hits is >12 each and you need nitrate and coal so two hits gets you pipe bomb mats with a little left over for the pipe iron. I like molotovs better, the no-repairs-while-burning takes management but the zeds make nice torch substitutes when the cops have blown out all the lights. I'm'a do a perc build next to get more out of those sweet stuns.
  14. Haha no, it's how long the poor sods in whatever POI you find it in lasted.
  15. That clock should read a few minutes *after* ten.
  16. I just kite the things when I need meat that bad, even the Q1 primitive bow can eventually take them down.
  17. Things I miss from the old forums: backlinks to a quoted-post, and "first unread" in the topic I'm reading. I know you can get there from topic indexes, I'm saying the nav-within-topic features are missing. And I don't see how to go back to the post someone quoted at all, I can hide the quoted bit, there's a link to the poster's profile page, but if there's a link to the actual quoted post my pixel-fu is too weak.
  18. Depends on what you've been eating. Look at all the happy creatures dancing on the lawn.
  19. Only thing I'm sure could be better is it needs higher-contrast text still, a darker background for the dark theme might do it. Get somebody with old eyes in there, low-contrast text is great for advertising copy and other novelty/attention-seeking contexts but it sucks for older eyes. Haven't found how to lose the avatar pics, when thread-reading, they suck up so much space you can't see more than three posts in a conversation. ffs I could see more on a 1960's 3270 with a 24×80 text screen. If you really can't turn them off I'd say that's going to be my vote for worst feature ever. Everything else looks like it's there just a matter of getting used to the new setup. I like the expando toggles, could wish for checkbox selections for selective "mark read" ops and such but I know that's soaring pretty high up there in first-world-problems territory.
  20. Lowest-end GPU you're testing for playability on? I run middle shadows (none reflected), SSAO, low SS reflections, without those night time just feels wrong. My 1060/3GB handles that just fine at 720p with all the view distances cranked to their limits, the steady and dramatic performance improvements these last few drops have been just soooo gratifying, if you're going to take them away, tell me now please.
  21. Damn those look good. I know, I know, you know. I just had to say WOW those look good. I just hope I can still use some level of ssao and reflections on my 1060/3gb, those make a huge, huge difference to gameplay at night.
  22. You guys are all insane. Bunz took the crown from Pharo's took the crown from Lucky Boy. If I ever eat a burger better than a Bunz burger, I will seriously question whether I've died and gone to heaven.
  23. Is there any chance of making the keyboard work more when the UI's hidden by F7? The toolbelt alone is awesome, being able to switch weapons and apply bandages, what not, but for instance crafting is *so* close to right there, the tantalization is real. I make ladders with bfdd and a muscle-memory click, if the favorites tab was a toggle and the keyboard tracking worked, you could leave it selected, find just in favorites, and could go completely hudless for rmuch more of the time. Which would be awesome because the world's that gorgeous, no UI could improve on that you-are-there feel F7 gets you. edit: lol that was synchronicity I swear.
  24. Haha put those in the world on the yellow stickies sometimes, or in the trash on wadded napkins people can unfold by trying to read them, as an easter egg.
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