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  1. That cow catcher is responsible for getting me stuck on the terrain in so many places because the RWG will frequently spawn a field of holes everywhere in my game. And I haven't witnessed it killing anything, just knocking them down. Kind of a waste imo
  2. Romero zombies For how that'd translate for gameplay it'd be quanitity over quality, overwhelming players with sheer numbers and possibly cornering them and surrounding them in buildings. Hordes attracting more zombies/hordes over time if not dealt with. Not psychics that hone in on that 1 block that is weak but smacking at your defenses from every angle until something finally breaks and then they start pouring into the opening.
  3. And that is part of the problem, in order to do anything beyond those simple things you no longer are just interacting with the UI. My network issue with Steam for example had Google telling me to adjust a wide number of things involving changing the drivers (no small feat on linux compared to device manager) adjusting configuration settings with the kernal and Steam among other random nonsense that never fixed it. My printer installed but then printed garbled text out which means the driver is bad, guess I'm just screwed because no other driver existed for it. I used to have a laptop for school that had a Qualcomm wireless driver, come to find out that you basically have almost 0 driver support with Qualcomm devices on Linux. These are problems that just don't happen on Windows to this degree. Like it or not it doesn't matter why Windows has the massive amount of users at this point. Everyone is familiar with using a Windows machine and if Linux wants a piece of that pie then it needs to do a better job accomodating those trying to swap over. It currently doesn't. Some distro needs to take over and be the face of Linux Home user but I stg for the past 8 years I keep being told a wide range of random Distros that are supposed to be the perfect Windows killer and can't even imagine how confusing that would be for any non tech savvy person. Even just the act of installing Linux on a system to replace Windows is more complicated than your typical home user at this point.
  4. The amount of users on Windows 10 vs Linux is insanely vast and saying Windows 10 breaks sometimes too doesn't really mean anything. Windows is stable for the majority of its users which is substantial compared to even the total amount of Linux users. Nevermind the ones that aren't having smooth rides. I think linux users forget just how many little nuances and things they do day to day that aren't as straight forward as they would be on Windows. And if a Windows update breaks then so what, Windows runs a startup repair to fix it or rolls itself back without needing the user input. If it wasn't so insanely user friendly then it wouldn't have had such massively wide adoption and trying to act like Linux can even stand up to that is insane to me.
  5. Ubuntu is not at all close to Windows 10 in terms of general user friendliness and usability. A lot of distros keep thinking that if they mimic the UI of Windows/Mac then it becomes easier to use but that's never been the issue with Linux getting popular. Actually using it is a completely different beast than Windows. If you have a problem on Linux as a newbie you are essentially alone, the amount of available support is dwarfed by what you would get looking up any assistance for Windows. Even as someone in IT that can dig through the internals of W10 I still found myself having to post support questions on the Ubuntu forums and subreddits (both posts still going unanwsered several months later) The amount of oddities and lack of functionality compared to Windows becomes another giant issue. Even if Linux has a driver for my devices it's almost always going to have less functionality and features than it would have had on Windows. Even with all the new video driver support the control panels for them are seriously lacking and the amount of graphical glitches and bugs you can still experience in Linux ported games or with Proton is still much higher than on Windows. The insanely wide range of distros with a small community across dozens of different forums online stretches everything thin. If I google a simple problem of Steam downloading games at 30kb/s despite having gigabit internet the amount of possible causes is insane. It could be the propertiary driver, it could be the open source driver, it could be the other open source driver branch, it could be this random configuration file, oh wait that was changed with this new release and fix no longer applies, it could be Steam wasn't made fully compatibile with this specific version, oh it could be Linux is using a different network protocol blah blah blah. Maybe Linux is a great time if you already have a Linux mindset but it's a terrible time for anyone trying to transition to it and it becomes loony seeing only Linux users try to tell non linux users that it's just as friendly to use as Windows when that couldn't be any further from the truth. Every minute I dedicate to troubleshooting various issues and trying to find out how to set up something how I want it makes it harder to ignore how much easier and faster I could do it on Windows 10. I started the install at 6pm and it's 9pm and I still can't get it to download games or connect to a windows file server with reasonable speeds or play this format or let me print my documents correctly etc. Or I could have installed and configured Windows 10 in an hour and been playing games by now.
  6. Solid contribution to the thread, honestly. I hope you gave the strawman a nice hat. Just to clarify, I imagined both outcomes. Best and worst. Not exclusively one or the other. Of course I would love for it to come out and be great, I want that to be the case. But my brain has genuine worries towards it and it's not like I can't point to this games past at other examples of things being god awful that were supposed to be great and being stuck with it. It's a warranted reaction to me.
  7. But you also said So do you think or do you know? Are you speculating or quoting them and if so could you link me to the video or post so I can gather context for it too? Because this is literally all I wanted from this thread. And bringing this into a discussion clearly doesn't dampen positive discussion. Or emote reacting with the have a cookie phrase to imply someone is upset or the patronizing attempts from other people commenting trying to belittle opinions by saying they are a minority. I hope you aren't this unaware of how you come across once a stage like this is being set alongside some other remarks from other people. It comes across passive aggressive or rude. This doesn't at all give me the impression of a development team that loves suggestions. What you're describing and what happened here and what I picked up on going back several pages of the forums threads (i was bored last week) is that this isn't true. What seems to happen on the forums is a group of the forums frequent flyers will come into the thread to stonewall the original poster and then cherry pick pieces to argue about until the thread has completely derailed from the original purpose and people are going back and forth over completely mundane things compared to the original post. It's not a naturally progressing discussion. These patterns stick out to me and a fine line exists between healthy discussions and arguing. Are we discussing or is someone trying to change my mind on something we just don't agree on? If you want a positive discussion then crack down on the people belittling others thoughts, enough of the crappy attitudes that any players playing certain ways are being seen as crybabies I genuinely do not want to get into this games long development cycle. I didn't mean investment the way you think I meant investment. It's a time investment sure but I wouldn't put any additional hours in if it suddenly turned out TFP wanted to make 7DTD into a racing game. Instead it's 600 hours ignoring and passing on various things with the hope and optimism of it being changed and fixed later. And a lot of people in game discussions use the game hours as a way of gatekeeping who is and isn't allowed to think certain things. I don't. Hopefully by this point I have pointed at various things that may have given me a passive aggressive impression. I won't drag other people into this but it wasn't just your remark. I would think if they love suggestions, concerns and criticisms then speculating about possible features and expressing concern about there impact on the game belongs here. I know you want it to be exclusively about existing content but that just seems rediciulous. TFP shouldn't have shared anything about it then if they didn't want to allow any reactions to it. A concerns tops being a concern once it exists, because either something is or isn't so nothing to be concerned over. A concern fits logically into worrying about upcoming features and the direction of the game which you seem in favor of not really wanting that type of discussion at all. And I would definitely say my post fit perfectly inline with a concern for the outfit system. And I have definitely not tried to play a popularity contest about suggestions, some things a playerbase will hate but need for the gameplay to work better. Xcom 2 introduced the timers because the developers didn't like that in the first game players would move slowly and overwatch every turn. It ended up making for a more intense gameplay experience which forced a wider range of strategies. A system that is annoying but beneficial. I truely do not see the tossed around idea for possible outfit system fitting into this because of previously mentioned reasons throughout the post. I really really want to end the paragraph war now.
  8. Again. Part of the concerns is that it does take a few Alphas until it isn't bad if it turns out bad. That means waiting a few years for A21/22/23 or whenever it comes out if it does. And I feel like if you still aren't understanding the concerns then you just won't ever understand it, that's fine, we all play video games differently.
  9. Yeah I wouldn't wear that nerd outfit even if it was overpowered. An armored lab coat or something might look more natural. Or go a blacksmith route or general carpenter look.
  10. Not all stats, specifically the yield/loot stats. Armor values, Cold/Heat resist, noise, speed while wearing etc. Are all valid stats to have. A healthy balance doesn't exist for something that is either impactful or not.
  11. Right so they should scrap the stat portion entirely because that doesn't exist in a way where the system adds anything to the game as a whole. At least a radiation suit and a gas mask would mean going to new areas with better potential loot, new enemies and so on. Actual gameplay improvement.
  12. When I asked how the developers envision this system working I wasn't asking as obvious as how you'd literally use the outfit system. I was asking how they envisioned the players interacting with it. If they pictured them doing the same thing as before or changing there behaviors at all. Then see the part where I mentioned the best and worst case scenarios of this system coming out. Either it's a imbalanced nightmare and you'd be an idiot for not changing your outfits constantly depending on the task or it comes out with incredibly light stat adjustments and then really impacts nothing and seems ultimately pointless to have even bothered in the first place. I get genuinely frustrated by this need to constantly try putting people in boxes right now and I want it to stop. If you feel the need to tell anyone they are a minority opinion or part of a SOME crowd or anything remotely of this nature then you need to knock that off. It's really hard to stay rational and calm when 1 side is trying to belittle the other over a disagreement. It happens constantly here. I've already had patronizing replies to my comments here. Open mindedness does not contradict expressing concerns. I will use it when it comes out and I will try to adjust before forming any strong feeling towards it. Open mindedness does not mean shutting your mouth of any negativity or worries or asking questions. As I explained in my comment you replied to, if the system actually is terrible and awful then my worries aren't just with that system and more that I am going to be stuck with that system until the next Alpha or possibly longer. It should also be said I'm not "mad" right now. So don't get the tone from my text as being mad.
  13. I mean that seems like a logical series of events to me. Obviously radiation suits being useful, gas masks and all that jazz are good ideas and allow for more interested locations. It'd be fun. For gas masks I'd like a hotkey to take it on and off similar to the helmet flashlights. The current ballpark numbers and concepts for those stats though still warrant a real concern to me though.
  14. Nope I'm plenty interested. Of course I'd rather more official things but I'm open to ideas.
  15. So more under the hood changes. Doesn't explain the other half of the Outfit/class system concept though.
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