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  1. 1. Wellness - nope 2. Meat smell - nope 3. Parts for increase quality - nope. But there is more others things why we prefer to play here.
  2. And BTW, in vanilla I use zombie-mod Bragado's Zombie Fiesta https://www.nexusmods.com/7daystodie/mods/1614?tab=description and it works fine with A20. When I add this mod in UL - many zombies turns to feral and radioactive at day 1. I like hardcore, but not such hardcore! xD
  3. Is Experimental enough stable for move to it?
  4. Soooo... Uhmmmm... 2.5.49?
  5. In description of the UL there is a good reason why we cannot use a water from open sources. Through development of researching you can obtain the well and AFAIK the water pump.
  6. Suggestion: thirst and hunger starts to affect on 30% but not 50% as for now
  7. Hi! How to turn off zombie's helthbars?
  8. BTW! In TA assault rifles there can be installed vanilla barrel extender. In vanilla extender description says "increase damage", but TA guns do not affect this.
  9. @ Tristam: I cannot find any of TA ammo in loot - this is intended?
  10. @Tristam: First of all - thank you for your work with mods! I using TA and ReQuest and found that ReQuest throwing some warnings in console: "WRN XML patch for "blocks.xml" from mod "ReQuests" did not apply: <remove xpath="/Successfully_Loaded[@modname='ReQuests'][@version='1.0.3'][@filename='\Config\blocks.xml']" (line 4 at pos 3) WRN XML patch for "items.xml" from mod "ReQuests" did not apply: <remove xpath="/Successfully_Loaded[@modname='ReQuests'][@version='1.0.3'][@filename='\Config\items.xml']" (line 4 at pos 3) XML patch for "recipes.xml" from mod "ReQuests" did not apply: <remove xpath="/Successfully_Loaded[@modname='ReQuests'][@version='1.0.3'][@filename='\Config\recipes.xml']" (line 4 at pos 3) WRN XML patch for "quests.xml" from mod "ReQuests" did not apply: <remove xpath="/Successfully_Loaded[@modname='ReQuests'][@version='1.0.3'][@filename='\Config\quests.xml']" (line 4 at pos 3) WRN XML patch for "traders.xml" from mod "ReQuests" did not apply: <remove xpath="/Successfully_Loaded[@modname='ReQuests'][@version='1.0.3'][@filename='\Config\traders.xml']" (line 4 at pos 3)"
  11. 7d2d - last version enZombies - last version solo game existed save
  12. Deleting of that lines removed GREEN test zombies but RED test zombies still intact - only at night. No any zombimodifications in my game. UPD: There is no any enZombies in the wilderness. UPD_2: In the night POIs have enZombies (REDs too)
  13. 1) what biome did the test zombie spawn in? Forest - this is only biome I have 2) was it day or night when the test zombie spawned? Any 3) was it outside in the wilderness? or inside a POI? Wilderness 4) if inside a POI, let me know the name of the POI. * ------------- Oh! I forgot delete lines. Try and replay
  14. Still green models all over the world! enZombies only installed
  15. try to build a workbench from this modlet. "Ammo workbench" AFAIR. Its with green logo on icon.
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