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  1. Will there in A20 new POI of 4-5 tiers? In middlegame its too boring make quests in same 4 buildings.
  2. In Dead Space was zombie-child. It's was creepy. And in DooM 3 was child-fly mutants. BZZZZZZZZZ!
  3. I think icons of hidden fetch quest containers and terrain circle on buried treasure quest is step to casualing game. Is anyhow to off this laizy @%$*#!?
  4. Hi, bdubyah! Can you describe quantity of seats, gas, speed and cargospace for all of your vehicle? There are many of them without describes. Sorry for bad english.
  5. As it was - I've outdated mod with same name. Update it and work! Thanks!
  6. "Has a toggle to the right of the water bar to toggle the food and water display" - How to?
  7. Distant terrain works for me very well with this CP. But! I have another issue: I'd destroyed a prefab, but when I walk away and turn around, I see it on its place. I walk to it, and prefab dissappear to the rumbles. Sorry for bad english
  8. Mag, how to increase you rep on forum for your great job? Thanx, Mag!
  9. More Goldenrod for Goldenrod God!
  10. with 13.6 " RWG random world generation has a whole new algorithm" Compopack v12 is obsolete?
  11. where are you, mag! Three days no any posts from you.
  12. Yep! We use it right now. Mag make great work!
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