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  1. BTW The advanced brass catcher says it gives you 100% of all casings but it sure as hell doesnt. Maybe realistically around 50% on an automatic rifle. maybe even less. But sure as hell not 100%. Is that intended and has just been changed from previous versions so it isnt OP? Or is that a bug?
  2. Okay, cool - I will just keep giving myself the appropriate amount of Gas from the creative menu until then then as soon as aI have a Chemstation. Thanks! Oh and how does Tree Sap work? I never ever found a tree that let me get Sap from it by left clicking it with a jar or bowl in my hand. Does it only work on specific (non dead)-Trees? Or am I missing something?
  3. Hey Khaine! Short question: I can not make gas from Oilshale and there is no perk stating that it teaches me how to do it - what do I need to learn for it to unlock? Is it a book (the gas can schematic from creative menu didnt solve the problem)? I thought it might be Science Crafting - but which level of it? Best, Preak
  4. Hey Khaine! First of all thanks for the great mod! Can you maybe tell me the name of the spiders in the xmls? I would really like to disable them spawning entirely. I met 2 until now, and I have serious arachnophobia and I get sweaty hands and slight panic seeing them in game - that probably sounds about right bc it makes me terrified of an enemy in a horror-survival game - but belive me, it's a really unpleasant experience and would like to turn them off... Thanks! Best Preak
  5. What do I need to make Shotgun Shells? I am at the point in the quest, have the shotgun but no shells and i can not make the shells in the ammo table? I am missing a skill?
  6. - deleted - found the solution myself
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