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  1. Cheaper crafting is certainly worth a ton more than speed boosts.
  2. That sounds great. Once you know the game you can challenge yourself early for some better rewards.
  3. Any chance of changing schematic usage so that if we've already learned it, we're notified or something? It's not the most important update but I imagine it's good QoL before gold.
  4. I think certain POIs should have a modifier on certain loot containers to increase the GS of the loot inside. For instance, the top of the hospital POI loot containers. Actually on 2nd thought I'm sure some people exploit that and the devs don't want to deal with that, so I'm not sure the solution after all, my mistake. Still certain containers should be better than other more easily accessible ones.
  5. To be fair in every run I've played (A18) If a weapon needed parts I'd wait to only craft the highest tier because of the scarcity even then. The higher cost you can't afford to take into account because it's not like you have an option of what quality to craft.
  6. What if they tuned down the ammo drops but made it very likely in shotgun messiah crates even at low GS? That would make them feel more gun related at least.
  7. Glad to see you guys stick up for the vision of your game. No wonder it's as great as it is now. The problem is even small bonuses will add up greatly, TFP had a great idea making it mostly just affect headshots with a specific weapon type. Obscure enough that it never feels like you must go into a certain attribute to use a certain weapon. From what I understand the design philosophy is you go into attributes for perks you want, attributes simply buffer the cost and give you a small headshot bonus for certain weapon types as the "small bonus" you mentioned. Having each attribute give universal bonuses will give rise to optimal builds too often.
  8. @Khalagar I see how you want it. Thing is those 15 points are going toward the unlock of more powerful versions of perks under the attribute. Think of it like that instead, it makes it more enjoyable. The attribute bonuses are not supposed to be a primary reward as they are built into the game currently, they are vastly to open up new perk ranks. Your friend is benefiting from those 15 agility points by being able to jump higher than players who are not using those points for those perks.
  9. The problem with this is you'll run into the same issue. What if you want to be faster but don't want any of the perks in agility for instance? Or what if you're interested in whatever requires Int but would much rather have extra block damage? It's basically the same issues any way you paint it.
  10. What is this whole perk argument with mining going on? I had an entire playthrough to nearly 70 days and I only took the lowest level mining perk. Is it just people that want to live underground that feel bad that they have to use certain attributes? I think it really does add replayability as other perks definitely shine elsewhere, I had around 9 deaths at nearly 70days (items deleted on death and nightmare blood moons on the medium difficulty which is whatever is 1 up from default in A18) and I focused hard on Perception with some decent Fortitude and low Strength and Intelligence. I mined any surface nodes but never really dug deep, it sounds like just another way to play and in no way mandatory.
  11. Also I want to add that I enjoy that the game funnels you into certain weapon types based on other things you want to do. Movement speed for any attribute I feel would make it feel quite mandatory. I think the system they are using now is better than this as weapon boosts per perk point. Your ideal weapon type being determined by other things you want to do on the character is fun to me.
  12. Hello new to the form! Just wanted to ask about the looting change in Alpha 19. I am a player that plays with inventory loss on death so the old system felt good since I could loot great equipment only to lose it from a careless mistake. I am wondering about the new progression system because I worry by lategame I will only find high quality strong equipment which may make gameplay feel more samey than I am used to. How do players that play with loss of items on death feel about the new loot changes? Edit: I know that's a very specific playstyle so I understand if changes don't cater to it. I just like when death has high risks and worry those risks will be less felt when I am a higher level due to possibly having an easier time finding strong equipment from everything I loot.
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