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  1. great work!!! but...there are seems some mistakes in your loot.xml. you`d better change your "<append xpath="lootcontainers">" into "<insertBefore xpath="/lootcontainers/lootgroup[@name='booksAllScaled']">" in line2 of loot.xml and the end of this xml node. by the way,i do think 2 skillpoints is a bit too high for players. ah...you`d move the "lootcontainer id='472'" to another "append" node!!! Best Regards
  2. I think you still don’t understand the developer’s words. What they mean is that I know there is a problem with the protocol transmission, but we don’t want to optimize it now. If you want to continue playing, you will spend more money to upgrade your equipment,same as usual
  3. you guys must be professional!!!🙃
  4. but if you want to improve the performance of this game,i do think the ECS will be the important and necessary part in your plan.and the earlier you change to the ECS,the less of rewriting you guys will do. by the way,how about the pathfinding algorithm?will you change the astar to the bstar?
  5. my dear develper!!! why not use unity ECS system to optimize this game,the ecs can prevent the large amount of zombies to break the player`s fps. why not change the astar to the bstar?bstar is much faster than the astar,and i think the players doesn`t want the zombies become too clever.bstar is enough for the zombies. after all,the game is a good work!
  6. Does this change get a better fps,or it just reduce the memory use?
  7. I don`t konw how it works,but I tried,and i success!!! You should change your pic format to jpg,use a tool or a online website,there are plenty of them. Although the developer has comment this function in the serverconfig.xml,but you are the first one i`ve seen who make this comes to true. Great Work!
  8. I found this game is hard to run on a laptop.I think it maybe the cpu frequency which limit the server to run faster,but you know,there are few laptop which has a high cpu frequency.So I take the Liesel Weppen`s advice,upgrade my machine.🤣🤣🤣 I think maybe the game developer can do something to make it`s easy to have fun in mutiplayer,especially the dedicated server.But it`s the alpha version,maybe they prefer add functions and foods and cloths and zombies and traders and other stuffs into the game rather than optimize this game to a stable and low-machine friendly version.
  9. I`m having a dedicated server for myself and my friends.Normally,we are about 4-6 people playing the same time on the server.When there are few zombies in the server or in player`s view, we`ll have a good fps value about 40-120 with different machines. But!!! When the days come to about 20th or later,every horde time we are both sufferring from the low fps count,in the good machine,it`s about 40-60,others only can get 0-30 fps. So, can I get some solutions to solve this problem? Or,is there a way to impove every player`s fps count when the bloodmoon comes. Also,I really want to
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