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  1. -=TacticalAction=- Hello everyone, I'm from china, and not good as English. About this mod plese see the video : https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV12X4y1M7r6 This mod add a lot of guns and gun mods to the game. Right now, you can use EOTechG33 + AimpointM3 + PVS22 three scopes on one weapon. Or, ACOG_ECOS + PVS22, Or just G33 + PVS22, without Reticle. All those scopes use "C" or "Ctrl"key to change state. There have many other things in this mod. And the best, a huge display of fireworks. Noted LavenderManor : when you planted Lavenders, they have a chance to grow up to LavenderManor, it was more beautiful. TαVirus : when you get hit by zombies, you may infect TαVirus. at first , you feel nothing, then in a while, the symptom will show up. And dont ask again, this virus has no cure. That's why the whole world end. Download link A19.x : DownLoad Old versions : DownLoad Have Fun
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