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  1. Try choosing city grid "wide"
  2. Hey so I tried to raise the height of terrain in the config to have a deeper ocean and also more room underground to work with for an underground base. thats my config.txt And the result is this: What am I doing wrong? While it looks interesting ... but with the swimming mechanics in 7d2d i'll pass
  3. Can't wait for the next Update with custom zones & compopack 40
  4. The amount of cities doesnt seem to affect the size and the "large" ones are not as big as I'd like them to be. Anyway to get a huge city in the center and have like smaller town's/settlements around it ? Is there a way like changing something in the config.txt where I can set city amount to 1 and increase the size or something like that?
  5. Yeah I mean like bigger than that like atleast 4 times bigger than the biggest setting
  6. Is there a way to make bigger cities?
  7. Thats awesome! But I think it should glide faster? I'm excited for this
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