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  1. [video=youtube;M8BO-vK6Jno] here is the promissed advanced tutorial, it shows how to get a weapon from the unity store in. Also you will learn how to animate it and make custom sounds for it.
  2. [video=youtube;rfe-EUDnpeE] here is a tutorial how to export the vanilla weapons, retexture them and get them as new ones in again. You could, if you place your own models at the same position, get every weapon mesh in you want. I´ll post an advanced tutorial, with fire and reload animations, soon....
  3. try to put that line: <property name="Shape" value="ModelEntity" /> into your xml please
  4. seems like an xml bug, to me... did you got a line like this one, <property name="Texture" value="282" />, in your custom block xml? if so delete that one please
  5. Pacco

    A16 Valmod Pack

    You could try this proberty to reduce the lag, at least on workstations..... <property name="CraftingAreaRecipes" value="*yourWorkbench*" />
  6. If it's an sdx mod, wouldn't it fit better in the sdx mods section?
  7. Pacco

    True Survival

    sounds to me like you try to copy Starvation.......
  8. Pacco

    True Survival

    Yeah didn't read the last posts...sorry was thinking you Ripped headbangers Appart. I think you now how much time is in such a mod
  9. Pacco

    True Survival

    Hm....So you basicly took all out of headbangers?
  10. Could you send me your Output.log so I could check it's an error with the psg mod?
  11. Hi, nice you like those blocks, all of them could surely be improved...didn´t spend that much time on them. and you could believe me, the possibilities are (almost)endless, you maybe see the simply Npc´s I made?? They are also just deco blocks, with an animation, and that workbench proberty...... I don´t want to force anybody to use a tool wich he don´t want too, but what I would suggess is make the project only with vanilla blocks first, and then if finished, release a vanilla blocks one, and an edited one with deco..... btw if you need anything just yell, got some nice 3d modell sites, a
  12. put a bit time in deco vehicle blocks.... all the models are free avialable and for free use..... think you could get a "bit" life into the city with them
  13. yeah exactly the spot I choose..... but I just played a bit around your work is realy amazing and the way how you get the prefabs in is also very nice was fighting a lifetime with this rwg mixer, now I could just place the prefabs wherever I want into the city. also made a short video to show you what you could do with custom deco blocks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kh7zO7v3lbY&feature=youtu.be so much thx for this awesome mod!!!!
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