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  1. I hope in A20 they expand upon the weird noises at night. That deep pounding/fluttering sound is terrifying, and it's hard to describe what it is, which makes it even more disturbing. I'd like to see more random noises at night that are difficult to make sense of. Maybe even some 20-23hz ambience. For some reason this sound frequency gives a really uneasy feeling. Here's a sample
  2. How do I opt into 19.5 Experimental? The betas tab in Steam doesn't show a "latest_experimental - unstable build". Was the build removed? Edit: nevermind
  3. I really like the prefabs in A19. Back in the day the prefabs weren't all that impressive; stores were generic brick buildings with a sign out front and crates inside. But now if I walk into a sporting goods store it actually looks like a real sporting goods store. The trashed up shelves are a nice touch, and with the new lighting everything really comes together and it feels like you're really there.
  4. I really love the new music. The night time music is pretty awesome. Is there a way to turn off the combat music? Sometimes it alerts me that something is after me before I even realize. The directional audio is really useful in combat, but sometimes the combat music prevents me from hearing my surroundings. Great job with this game and the dedication from the developers. I bought this game in Alpha 8, and right now I can say I'm proud that this game has more hours than anything else in my library.
  5. Whelp, I got to day 7 before realizing that I was playing a screwed up A18 map and needed to clear my files. I love the amount of buildings in A19. I have no idea how many days it will take to clear every building in the town I found. Some of these prefabs are stupidly big, which is cool. My only problem was spawning out in the map's far corner in a wasteland with dogs and land mines.
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