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  1. @Devs, Are there any plans to add a game option to control sleeper respawns? For instance similar to the loot respawn where it could be something like every 3 days, 7 days, 15 days, or never. Many people find the rate at which POIs refill with zombies to be immersion breaking, plus it would add another way of playing the game to be able to set the goal of "clearing" a town... or even the entire map. In addition, it makes sense as a companion setting to loot respawn. If you are worried about folks exploiting the setting so the can have the loot respawn and go reboot thing without having to fight again, you could probably make it so that loot respawn is locked to "never" if zombie respawn is set to the same. Maybe make it so the loot respawn time just cant be set to a shorter period than the zombie respawn. In any case, I feel it's a setting that has been needed for awhile, and it isn't such a niche thing it should just be left to the modders. Thanks for all your hard work, btw, and looking forward to everything going forward! A20 looks pretty cool.
  2. Okay thanks. I knew it was supposed to, but when I was reading forum posts and stuff people were complaining that it was buggy and unreliable. I'm glad to hear if that's fixed now.
  3. We are building our home base from scratch, so shouldn't have to worry about any POI spawns there. So while we want both our bed rolls at home most of the time, since it's just the two of us on the world that leaves both our LCB to try to respawn-proof our horde base/ staging POI. Guess I'll have to make a testing world and see if two LCB is enough to cover the whole Shamway factory. If I turn the LCB range all the way up, hopefully it will do. I dont have access to my 7D2D computer atm, but I'll play around with that when I get back. Just hope that LCB actually do block respawns like they are supposed to, I guess. Good tips for making thing easier to recover in the interim, thanks.
  4. I've been looking all over to try to figure out if there is a way to stop the zeds respawning in a particular POI. So far I have found: Bed rolls blocks zombies from spawning within a certain range of them. But you can only have one...and usually you want it somewhere specific so if you die you can come back where you want to. Player placed non-ground blocks will block random wandering zombie spawns, but not POI spawns. Placing a block on the space where sleeper zeds spawn at SOME point used to keep them from spawning there again, but no recent info on whether this still works, or how reliable it is. My friend and I want to perma-clear a certain POI that is not our main base, because we are build our horde base off it and want to use parts of it for other things, but it's pretty large and would be a LOT of work to do only to discover this method no longer works. Land claim blocks. Most info I could find was from previous alphas. the consensus seemed to be that LCBs didnt prevent random spawns or initial POI spawns, but are supposed to stop POI RESPAWNS if placed when the POI is fully cleared. It seemed they weren't necessarily reliable about this, however, and the only current alpha mention of this I found was a mention of there being a bug right now where any LCB other than the first one you place isnt working in this regard...which implies that you are supposed to be able to put down several LCB to stop POI respawns in a certain area? but even that was a bit vague. Does anyone knows what the best way to respawn proof a large POI without bed rolls in alpha 19 is? If it's even possible? Thanks! BTW, WHY is there no game setting to prevent cleared POIs from respawning zombies? I've always found it a bit immersion-breaking that you can completely clean out a place, put up a wall and lock all the doors, and come back in a few days to find it completely full of zeds again. Doesnt seem natural... Plus, we can turn off loot respawn, so why not the zombies? Whatever, I guess...
  5. In order to use this in 2 person multiplayer, do you just need to put all the prefab files in the game folder for both people and have the person who also has nitrogen and the text files generate the map? Or is it more complicated than that?
  6. Thanks for replying! That's awesome about the ocd scenario, its going to save me a TON of time! Is there a way to quickly view which POI is which while looking at them? There is something with the f# keys, right?
  7. So, I've been gone from 7D2D for a while, and obviously there's been a lot of stuff happening and lots of content here to wade through. Couple quick questions. If I'm decoding this correctly the current compopack version can either be A) Used with the vanilla game world generator when installed as a mod (the modlet version) or B) Used to generate worlds via Nitrogen by replacing the text files in the appropriate Nitrogen folder and adding the prefab files to the game's prefab folder. (In which case I assume any maps generated by the default game generator will still be normal vanilla without the custom POIs unless you also install the modlet). I'm curious if you can switch back and forth between generating worlds in nitrogen with/without the custom POIs. I thought I saw something while scanning this thread about there now being a separate nitrogen setting for the compopack vs vanilla which should allow this? Correct me if I'm wrong. My main question though (something I've been wondering about since I was first playing with this stuff a year or so ago) is whether or not there is a way to quickly preview all the POIs in the pack so I can decide which ones to leave in to match the game aesthetic I'm going for and which ones to take out. I noticed a few people in this thread accidentally left some "scenario" setting on in Nitrogen and got an odd map, which someone replied was for testing purposes... Is it too much to hope that happens to be a map with all the POIs nicely lined up for viewing? If not, is there some other way to do it besides manually opening each POI in the game editor and looking at them one at a time? Because it is an awful LOT of custom pois to wade through! Thanks! And thanks for all your hard work on this, as well! Scanning the thread it's pretty clear you guys have put a lot of effort into streamlining and updating everything. I can't imagine the number of hours you have spent on it! So please have a virtual cookie. Well done guys.
  8. This looks sick! Awesome job! Looking forward to checking it out when you finish.
  9. That's what I wanted to know! Thanks!
  10. How do I do it if I want to install most of the compo pack but not necessarily everything? If I delete the prefabs I don't want from the prefabs folders before replacing the vanilla one, will that do it? Or do I also need to go in and edit the rwg xml file to prevent issues? Sorry if this is a dumb question, I'm new to this. (also sorry if someone asked this somewhere in this thread already. There are over 200 hundred pages... I couldn't find it. )
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