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  1. This looks sick! Awesome job! Looking forward to checking it out when you finish.
  2. In other news, I was having sleeper volume issues with my first prefab, so I ran some pretty extensive tests and here is how things (seem to) work as far as I could determine. Group ID: A group ID of 0 is neutral. A newly created sleeper volume has a group ID of 0 by default (unless it is a copy of a volume that had been given a different ID). Volumes with a group ID of 0 not related to one another, and operate individually under the normal rules. Sometimes they seem to get mucked up if they are touching one another, overlapping with other volumes, etc. but I haven't figured out yet anything consistent that makes this nonsense happen. Volumes with a group ID that is a number greater than 0 (1 or higher) are distinct from volumes with any other number ID or 0, and any other volumes with the same number ID are treated as part of the same volume. Entering the proximity of any of the volumes spawns the zombies in all of the volumes that have the same group ID. This is very handy if you have an awkward shaped area or sleepers on different elevations but you want them all to operate as if they were in the same volume. Sleeper volume spawning rules: Zombies spawn when you enter an area within 8 blocks HORIZONTALLY of the volume or another volume of the same group ID. Vertically (from above or below) it seems you have to enter the same horizontal plane as a volume (or another volume of the same group ID) before zombies will spawn. Priority volume setting: As far as I can tell, this is used when one volume is inside of or overlapping another volume. It gives the volume with priority turned on control over any zombies inside of it. If this is not turned on, which zombies belong to which volume in an overlapping area appears to be roughly dependent upon which volume was created first (but not reliably). Boss volume setting: I STILL don't know what this does. So, that's everything I've managed to figure out about sleeper volumes (or THINK I've figured out, anyway), I hope its helpful.
  3. I'm not sure what's up with that stuff, Andy! I've been wondering about some of that myself. Hopefully somebody here knows how all that works.
  4. I've fixed the sleeper volume issues (assigning group IDs seems to have made everything run much more smoothly) and updated the file link in the original post with the new version.
  5. So, I tried what you suggested and had no more big areas of vanished zombies. But I ran into some new problems. The zombies in the drop ceiling don't seem to spawn unless you actually physically enter their volume, which means even if I shrink the bottom floor sleeper volumes as short as I can and make the top floor volume taller downward, I still have to jump to make the ceiling zombs spawn when i enter the room. Which is pretty silly. Also, when i used a gun to kill some of the drop ceiling zombies in playtesting, it woke up the attic zombies and they came through the wall. Back to the old drawing board I guess.
  6. My problem is I need to hide the trap floor from both the bottom and the top! And since there doesn't seem to be a sheet that breaks when you step on it, I'm think that isn't going to be possible. I may just have to let the trap be visible
  7. Does anyone have any ideas for disguising loose floorboards? The ones that you fall through? I was putting fake cabinet doors over them and painting them to match the floor, but after tweaking the floor further they stopped breaking when the boards underneath did. I probably made them too stable or something. I know there is that big breakable section of floor you can place down, but it's a bit large for what I wanted. I might just have to use it anyway, I suppose, unless I want people to see the trap coming.
  8. Ah, so it's a bug! Guess there's nothing I can do about that until they fix it, then. It just gonna have to be ugly in the meantime! Lol Okay thanks! I'll give it a try! I was using separate volumes so I could add more zombie variety, but I'm fine with losing some of that if it makes things work more consistently. P.S. I'd love to see your prefab with the pet store when you are done with it!
  9. I've been playing 7DtD on and off for a few months now and having loads of fun (sure, there are things I wish were different/better, but all in all this game is great). But then I discovered the prefab creator, and as has happened in every other game I have ever played that had a world editor/scenario creator/etc. I immediately had to start messing with it. Being an animal person, it has been low-key bugging me the complete absence of pet-related buildings like pet stores and vet clinics in the game. So I decided to make a veterinarian's office roughly modeled off my own friendly neighborhood rural vet. I normally don't post personal projects online, but I found this prefabs section of the forum and saw some of the other cool stuff on here, so I thought it might be fun to share so you guys can enjoy it too. Plus I'd love some feedback. I went online to find some info about how to get things up and running (huge shoutout to Genosis from Not a Gamer Gaming. He made a nice little prefab creation tutorial series that really helped me out). I also gleaned some handy info off this forum. Ultimately, though, I am still super new at this and almost certainly made some mistakes/mucked something up. Hopefully not too badly, but... ahem. I'd love some constructive feedback on what I got wrong, and what I can do better. I tried to test it out to the best of my ability, and troubleshoot any issues, and for the most part got things resolved, but there are a few things that still aren't quite working how they should where I've been unable to figure out the problem. Firstly, the zombies in the attic don't consistently show up during playtesting. Sometimes they are there and sometimes they aren't. They have their own sleeper volume (I have that volume set to spawn 6-7 zombies zombies) but it seems half the time nothing shows up. I've wondered if it isn't an issue with sleeper volumes touching other sleeper volumes, but I've been unable to figure out a consistent pattern. The other problem I've been having is that when I spawned the building into an actual world in world editor mode, the asphalt in the parking lot consistently appeared with the texture of the surrounding ground from the biome, rather than the asphalt texture. (No it isn't terrain filler, it is asphalt, I double checked!) And placing/replacing asphalt blocks doesn't fix this. If anybody knows what's up with either of these issues, I'd love to know the explanations! I'd also like to know what you guys think of the design in general. Too many zombies? Too much loot? The opposite? What do you guys think of the layout/decor/etc.? Anyhow, here's a few screenshots: And here's a link to the dropbox zip file with the prefab content in it. (Edit: Updated version)https://www.dropbox.com/s/mqh8ip9kmyp9jvg/Vet%20Clinic%20by%20Firecat.zip?dl=0
  10. There are some really helpful posts/tutorials out there on using the game's inbuilt prefab editor (All hail Genosis' concise series of youtube tutorials! You saved me more time, man. Thanks.) But there are still some things that haven't been covered (that I could find) and I was curious about. So I thought I'd start a thread where I (or anyone else) could post questions about the prefab editor and hopefully someone with more experience will know the answer. Or if not, we can all scratch ours heads together asking"now what DOES that do??" (If there is already a thread like this and I just missed it, sorry! Feel free to move/delete this one!I did see the "getting started prefabbing" thread sticky but that seems mostly centered around the player-made 2D prefab creator, not the ingame one, and some of it is out of date). So to start: most recently I've been testing out sleeper volumes. I went through and figured out what kind of zombies spawn based on what type of group you set the volume to be (some of them are obvious, "group soldier zombie" is a no-brainer for example, others I had to manually test to know for sure). But I couldn't figure out what "boss volume" and "priority volume" in the sleeper volume settings do. I tried setting a volume to boss volume, for instance, and I saw no noticeable difference in the zombies that spawned in it. Also does anyone know what those "arrow helper", "cross helper", "missing block", and "imposter filler" blocks in the creative menu are? (they are on the first page if you click the "all blocks" filter). A lot of the creative menu blocks are self explanatory (loot helper blocks seem to spawn in a random version of the loot container that may or may not be lootable, for example, and the exclamation mark lets you pick where the quest activation marker for the building shows up. Etc.) but I was at a loss as to what those four do. Anybody know? Thanks guys! I a relatively new player and I've been having a lot of fun playing with 7 days to die (and the prefab editor since I discovered it) I'm really excited to meet you all.
  11. That's what I wanted to know! Thanks!
  12. How do I do it if I want to install most of the compo pack but not necessarily everything? If I delete the prefabs I don't want from the prefabs folders before replacing the vanilla one, will that do it? Or do I also need to go in and edit the rwg xml file to prevent issues? Sorry if this is a dumb question, I'm new to this. (also sorry if someone asked this somewhere in this thread already. There are over 200 hundred pages... I couldn't find it. )
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