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  1. Very very beautiful! I love how you made offset versions so you could set them on lower furniture:love:
  2. Sounds great. Can't wait to go sailing in it:fish2:
  3. Very nice! Can you have passengers on it?
  4. Thank you! I'll go update it:applouse:
  5. Thank you for the salvaged bats:tickled_pink: I'm trying it out in A18 stable. Everything works, except when I try crafting the bats. I can only seem to craft quality 1 bats. I have pummel pete maxed out.
  6. A Better Life is one of my favorite:tickled_pink: I can't wait for the fish to come back too.
  7. I had no trouble changing the text to Japanese in the same way as before. If you were able turn it to Chinese before, you shouldn't have any trouble with it. I'm erasing the localization texts from the modlet and adding the sittable furniture's JP localization to the end of my main localization manually though. I should probably be able to do it just by erasing the English localization text.
  8. I ask for just one thing. To be able to change the activation label and the tooltip font to AgencyB without having to mess with dll. Right now, if I wanted to display Japanese in the tooltips, I have to turn EAC off.
  9. Wow... It's not blocked over here in Japan, and all the items were beautiful. I'll be looking forward to the release.
  10. I translated that to [G]ブルーメタルドア(左), [G] is for Guppy. Telric puts [T] in front of his items, so it's easy to search, so I used [G] for your stuff:star: Fireworks!
  11. Spinning door horde defense:hororr: Recipe done done and JP localization made and distributed:strawberry:
  12. Lol! I was going to ask for those rotating glass doors, but thought it wasn't possible, so I didn't ask:clap2:
  13. Convenience store pack! Shelves with a little food left on them, magazine racks:dance:
  14. Yup, already on it, I just need to adjust some of them:strawberry:
  15. Thank you for the update! All the new additions are beautiful:tickled_pink: New kind of interactions coming up! Can't wait:bathbaby:
  16. Amazing update! The toilet...Lol:rofl:
  17. That is amazing! This is a mod that people have been begging for for some time now:clap2:
  18. chikorina

    0XP RolMod A18

    I know that the traders in Darkness Falls take damage, and can be killed. Maybe you can ask there.
  19. Thank you:tickled_pink: I had a mod that I couldn't patch using SDX in 17.3 experimental, but was able to patch it using DMT.
  20. chikorina

    A19 NPCs DMT Mod

    Are the NPCs supposed to lose health when they patrol a set rout? I gave them food, and they eat it, but their healths don't recover. Is there a way that I can recover them?
  21. chikorina

    A19 NPCs DMT Mod

    Thank you for the jars! Running nicely now.
  22. chikorina

    A19 NPCs DMT Mod

    Oh good, it wasn't something I did! Thank you, thank you, I'll be looking forward to the fix.
  23. chikorina

    A19 NPCs DMT Mod

    The NPCs look great:tickled_pink: But, my empty jars have quality and don't stack... If it's only me that's having this problem, I'll go find out what I might have done:cower:
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