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  1. Wow... I'd love to see how that looks in 3rd person.
  2. Crispy critters sounds like a cereal:hungry: That quest line opening looks exciting, can't wait to start it:dance:
  3. That's just amazing! I love that creepy voice that the conjure makes:tickled_pink: Can't wait to throw fireballs at those nasty zombie dogs:flame:
  4. Thank you for the EmuGui Khaine! I just started distributing the JP localization for 2.03.
  5. Very pretty! Imagine what a multiplayer bm horde would look like with these:biggrin-new:
  6. Ahh, that's why you had those horse blocks that you loot in the Medieval mod, and not just a stationary horse. Looting and finding driveable vehicles just isn't the same... I hope there's a way around it.
  7. Looks amazing Guppy! Makes perfect sense that you can find driveable vehicles in the world. No bicycles? tricycles?
  8. Thank you for the update! I tried it out with just the main files. I'm going to wait for the modlets to be in the launcher before I test those out.
  9. I can't wait for the update either. You've got a lot of fans, DUST2DEATH!
  10. Great work! I told the designer of the Minion about the theme park and introduced it in my blog. I translated how to download and install it to Japanese.
  11. I've never had the pleasure of meeting those trees! Are those the new trees you were talking about?
  12. Thank you for an amazing mod! I compared the localizations txt and didn't see any changes from vanilla, so I replaced it with my vanilla Japanese translated version of the localizations txt. There weren't any big problems with it that I could see, but there were some small things, like, there were two torches, one had the Japanese name one it, and the other said something else. There were also a bunch of tree seeds that I couldn't find in the localization txt. Is there another way that I should be putting in the translations? Other than just replacing the existing localization and localiza
  13. No, no, 7 Days to Die is the one has a lot of Japanese fans, not me:playful: Yesterday, a Japanese youtuber who has 64000 subs said that he saw my article and was very interested in your vehicles. He said that he is planning on installing and playing it sometime. He and a lot of other people are looking forward to your other vehicles, like the boat. I hope A17 stable comes soon:welcoming:
  14. My blog is all in Japanese, but maybe you can google translate it. I translate and write about 7 days to die vanilla and some mods for it. I hope google does an okay job at translating it. Here's the link to the page that I wrote about your mod. https://ameblo.jp/chikorina0529/entry-12422820994.html
  15. I installed and tried all the vehicles out. They're all amazing, thank you for sharing! I loved them so much, I introduced them on my blog. I now get about 3000 to 5000 views a day on my blog. I hope you don't mind me writing about your modlet.
  16. That's soooooo beautiful! I've never seen flowers that pretty in this game:applause: I'd love to see it in a video:popcorn:
  17. For forged iron, Step 1 - Collect 200 raw iron to complete a quest that unlocks the forged iron recipe. Step 2 - Collect 400 scrap iron to complete a quest that unlocks the anvil recipe. Step 3 - Make bellows and an anvil (in the furnace) to complete a quest that unlocks the ingot press recipe. This quest also gives you the items you need to craft an ingot press. Step 4 - Use the ingot press to make forged iron with smelted iron made in the furnace.
  18. I saw that you can't merge items in the workbench. Any plans on it being able to do so in the future? Or, is there another way to merge things together? If not, is it possible to craft quality 600 items?
  19. Amazing job sorting out the fps issue! Thank you thank you! Looking forward to playing and making a video on this mod:love_heart:
  20. Goblins and orcs and dragons, oh my:love-struck: Reading all this is making me more and more hyped up every day:excitement: If I knew anything about modding I would have loved to be a part of it. All I can do is try to let as many people know about this mod as I can. As far as I can tell from the videos, this mod deserves attention!
  21. Thank you and the whole team, really thank you for all the hard work you're doing. I'm silently cheering you all on reading the conversation in the discord:cheer2:
  22. Yay! Almost there? I'm so excited! Thank you for all the sneak preview videos on Youtube.
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