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  1. Yay, Lightning is out and I get to try electrocuting some zombies. -gives the creator some cookies-
  2. Thanks Man. I'm enjoying this mod a lot. But then, I've said that about all the mods I've tried from Spherri's launcher. Your wiki also answered a few more of my questions. Yay for knowledge. As for your advice to "ease into Sorcery, playing as normal"... I've kinda done the exact opposite and think I'm doing pretty well. Fire and Ice are fun. Looking forward to what Lightning brings. Hopefully not Thor. I might be able to beat zombie bears, but I don't think I'd do too well against the god of Lightning and Thunder. Thanks for being smart enough to know how to make a mod like this and for being creative enough to think this up in the first place.
  3. Possible bug I've noticed or maybe it's intentional. Trees spawned into the world by the game, no matter if they are 300, 600, 900, or 1200 hp, if they are the correct type of tree, will end up giving essence of whichever type they are. (Granted you need the correct level of essence mastery.) If a player plants an oak, pine, or blue spruce seed, chopping down the tree while it's still growing (300, 600, or 900 hp), will result in no essence being harvested at all. I personally have no issue with you saying it is intentionally done this way. I mean, if I've already taking the game time to make tree farms and I haven't hit day 14 yet, I can take the time to wait for trees to be fully grown.
  4. Thanks Sphereii. It seems that Microsoft has finally gotten .NET to only need the current version, as 4.7.2 was installed and prior versions of 4.# wouldn't install because something more current was installed. However, Microsoft still has 3.5 SP1 still available for download. After installing that and restarting, Sorcery installed and ran without any issue.
  5. My nephew and I just found this mod on the mod launcher ~1 hour ago. I finished eating, got back to my computer, installed, and ran the mod without issue. My nephew keeps running into the same error every time he tries to run the mod on his computer. POP: Build error at stage 2: Compiler executable file csc.exe cannot be found. I have deleted the mod, verified the file integrity of the game files through steam, and downloaded the mod again on his computer and he's still getting the error. This is the first mod from the launcher that we've had an issue with, (other than right after 17.2 came out and mods weren't yet updated.) Any clue what we might need to do to get my nephew's computer playing this mod?
  6. Has anyone else had issues with this mod launcher not quite doing what it should be since the recent update? I'm fairly new to using mods on 7dtd and quickly found this mod launcher. Worked great, letting me download, install, play, and switch between different mods quick and easy. But since the update on 2-24, it's a huge pain to actually get a mod I didn't already have installed to run. It will download the mod, creating the new folder and everything. But it launches the base game instead of the mod. Clicking pre-sync mod button no longer does anything either. Update... I thought I had updated the mod launcher, but it seems that I was still using the prior version Now that I have the updated version... hoping all goes well. =D
  7. So, just started this mod. Had played a bit of valmod, starvation, and war of the walkers, so I'm able to figure out most of the stuff on my own. However, I'm having a huge problem at the moment. I picked the farmer class, read the pamphlet that came with it, but I can't craft any seeds. I have the 10 seed packets and am in the mortar and pestle station, but all the seeds "craft" button is greyed out and says I don't have the required recipe. The description says I'm suppose to be able to craft seeds, but I can't craft any. =(
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