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  1. Yes, I might have to make my own groups. But not sure if I could add my own groups with gamestages. Yes wasteland have those birds spawn with a 0.02 chance. Updated Nerfthemall. It gave errors around trader area because I had removed the quest id's, but didn't remove them from the quest list. Now that is fixed.
  2. Thank you! He was a very cute budgie that learned to talk. He passed away in summer 2013. Thank you! Guess I was not thinking of removing them from the questlist also. So now it seems to work well. <remove xpath="/quests/quest[@id='tier2_nexttrader']" /> <remove xpath="/quests/quest[@id='tier3_nexttrader']" /> <remove xpath="/quests/quest[@id='tier4_nexttrader']" /> <remove xpath="/quests/quest[@id='tier5_nexttrader']" /> <remove xpath="/quests/quest_list[@id='trader_quests']/quest[@id='tier2_nexttrader']" /> <remove xpath="/quests/quest_list[@id='trader_quests']/quest[@id='tier3_nexttrader']" /> <remove xpath="/quests/quest_list[@id='trader_quests']/quest[@id='tier4_nexttrader']" /> <remove xpath="/quests/quest_list[@id='trader_quests']/quest[@id='tier5_nexttrader']" />
  3. In my Nerf them all mod I wanted to remove some of the quest rewards that were just too good. Edit: I was wrong. It was not the groupquest rewards but this : Tier *_nexttrader quests. <remove xpath="/quests/quest[@id='tier2_nexttrader']" /> <remove xpath="/quests/quest[@id='tier3_nexttrader']" /> <remove xpath="/quests/quest[@id='tier4_nexttrader']" /> <remove xpath="/quests/quest[@id='tier5_nexttrader']" /> And this will create a red Nullreference error when near the trader. I cannot really understand why. Maybe I am missing something here. The code is right and there is no errors when starting up, but the error will spawn as soon I enter the trader area.
  4. I am about to give up. I really cannot enjoy playing this game anymore. It stutters and stutters and stutters and I cannot seem to come up with any solution. I use a custom DNS to bypass. I have tried with the ISP dns, but it is the same. Turns out it cannot be the network as 1 other player does not experience any lag on my server whatsoever. This is what my PC scored in benchmark. https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/49733990 My monitor is an 2560x1440p 144hz g-sync. I use direct connection now, but it is the same unfortunately. And atm I just do not have any motivation, nor time to find out what really is the problem. Thanks for your input.
  5. Thanks for the reply. Problem is if I add them to the vulturegroup, they will always have a chance too spawn. Tried setting it really really low, but seems they will appear by some chance anyway. I want the gameplay for my mod to be fair at the start, but it really is hard to make it fair. xD Maybe I have to remove them from the vulturegroup also. And then they will prob only appear at scout and bloodmoon horde.
  6. my loot-respawn is set to day 5000. So I guess I won't ever see them again.
  7. That is great. One thing I hated was the sleepers respawning after some time. But now I wont have to worry anymore. But if you do not fully clear a poi of zeds, they will respawn, right? I have played some in a20 and I was happy to see cleared POIs stayed clear. Except for one or two houses we thought we cleared had respawned. So maybe we had some zombie left and they all came back?
  8. Hey, thank you so much. Yea I am very sorry for that. I was going to make a SirenHead zombie. Odetta was asking for one, or something similiar. Snufkin loved the idea and made his own one. I actually made one too, but it looked a lot (if not exactly) like the one Snufkin made, so it kinda felt I was just making a copy. I also wanted the Sirenhead to be really tall like the original was, but with archetypes I cannot make tall enough ones and to make just the head invisible I had to use archetypes. Maybe that was an addition to the loss of my motivation. And, I was going to make a pyramid head also. And I tried and tried to make it look like pyramid head, but I failed. It looked absolutely nothing like pyramidhead. Maybe I can try now and see if there is any new objects or anything I could use in A20. If you or anyone has any ideas for me you are more than welcome with them. Thanks My next projects atm is, more custom sounds, some new zombies and custom prefabs and I really hope to finish them. I have so many ideas, but sometimes there isn't enough time or motivation sadly.
  9. I don't know about dropping more than one. But it is easy to make a custom lootbag. The giant already drops loot from the boss lootcontainer. I could make my own custom lootcontainer to drop from the hardest zombies in my mod. Edit: Btw. Do you also feel like my fire and thunder birds needs to be nerfed or to be removed from the animals, and to be set to higher gamestages only? Was playing now with a couple friends. And a couple minutes before the first bloodmoon, 2 burningphoenix and 2 thunderbirds spawned. I felt like they destroyed our fun a bit. No one so far has complained on them, but I would understand if someone want them to only appear at higher gamestages and not at the start when you only have bow and melee weapons.
  10. You are doin a great job. Can't imagine how much work it is. I am so looking forward to the release. Take your time and don't rush!
  11. I remember that hehe I have become interested in making prefabs now. I made a prefab that you start inside when you spawn the first time in the world. And at the start it is like a glass cube with bulletproof glass with several hidden doors and hidden codes. For example, one code you have to climb outside the prefab, it is bulletproof glass and steel around, so you cannot get out that way, but when you have climbed up, you can see the code through the glass from afar. And then you can type that code in to a door that makes you progress. And some zombies, bosses, snakes are around in the dungeon that will make your escape harder. It is like a labyrinth with puzzles. However, when I made the prefab, I was in a live world, so I cannot save it lol. Before you could just press K when you were in debug mode and save the base. Maybe someone will make a mod for A20 that allows you to do just that. I know there is a mod for A19 atleast. Anyway, it was fun building. Played it with some friends and they seemed to really enjoy it. So when I get some more time I will start making real prefabs using the editor, and not in a live game lol.
  12. Damn, when I check my gpu usage it is at 90% sometimes. Same GPU. Gets laggy everytime zombies are spawning. Never had this trouble in A19. Maybe my GPU is dying lol.
  13. So this command won't work? repairchunkdensity repairchunkdensity [x z] ['fix'] This command will check for mismatches within a chunk (specified by coordinates). If you specify 'fix' (without quotes) at the end of this command, the game will attempt to repair any mismatches found within the specified chunk. https://commands.gg/7dtd
  14. Not that I know of. As the 'menu_music_long_lp' is not added or used in the xmls. You would need the Unity Asset Bundle Extractor tool and with that you can do it, but only up to Alpha 19. The UABE will not work for Alpha 20, and I do not know if anyone will update it. It is a great tool for sure.
  15. I am glad you like! And Permadeath is so harsh. I would never reach day 11. ______________________________ My Custom Zombie Mod and Nerf them all has been updated. Check here
  16. I am also wondering about this. Hope he will!
  17. Yeah my first reaction for looting the old one was: 'This needs to be nerfed'. For me it is far more exciting to loot stuff when it's not easy to get good stuff right away. And vertical dungeons aka skyscrapers is the funniest and the most interesting to explore imo. I do agree that all the dungeons/pois needs to be balanced. More loot containers on higher tier dungeons is a nobrainer. ^^
  18. Update again. * Was a typo so IronMan got a too high spawnchance. Fixed. * Also lowered RadRobots HP. He has a chance to knock you down with his hard robotic arms. Might make 2 different robots. 1 that is easy and one that is a bit harder than the first one.
  19. Haha, yeah! I have updated the mod now to 2.84. Both the xml and the original version. Reworked entitygroups and added several new groups and gamestages. Now the harder zombies will have a higher chance to appear at higher gamestages. More likely to encountering easy zombies in the start at low gamestage. Let me know if someone want a version with higher spawn chance. Also added 2 versions, one with only animals and one version that will make every tough zombie only appear at higher gamestages and easier only at the start. Almost same as the original entitygroups, But groups like ZombiesDownTown, Wasteland, Forest, ZombiesNight only have easy zombies here with no chance to see a tough one. Also, no collide anymore with Snufkins server side Zombies
  20. Sorry. I was gonna rename the physicsbodies - nolegsuma , so it would not collide with snufkins, but I forgot. Gonna do that later today. In the meantime you can just remove the xml like razorfsy said.
  21. Buffchance is what I use, set it to 1 <passive_effect name="BuffProcChance" operation="base_set" value="1"tags="buffInfectionCatch"/>
  22. Haha. It is the same here with swedish. Many english words with W I pronounce with a V also. Das is gut. I like it. I remember the "soup nazi" for sure lol. Hey, nice idea about using the feral zombie eyes. Seems many of the feral mesh cannot be used for materials, they just show the original mesh. Before I could just the eye color, but does not seem to work anymore. I am gonna try a bit more. The cop feral mesh seems to work alright with materials. What do you think about this? The problem with this vomit is that it is a bit glitchy. At first you see the vomit come from above the zombie to the left and later it "teleports" to the mouth. I think it looks cooler, but maybe that glitch kinda makes it weird.
  23. Thank you so much for noticing! In the XML version. You are right. I missed magazine_items! Fixed now!
  24. It is very easy to make. However, there are some yellow errors. 'Could not parse float'. But it works! https://github.com/Robeloto/7D2D_A20_Modlets/tree/master/Robeloto_Slowzombies <configs> <set xpath="/entity_classes/entity_class[contains(@name, 'zombie')]/property[@name='MoveSpeed']/@value">.05</set> <set xpath="/entity_classes/entity_class[contains(@name, 'zombie')]/property[@name='MoveSpeedAggro']/@value">.08, .09</set> <set xpath="/entity_classes/entity_class[contains(@name, 'zombie')]/property[@name='MoveSpeedRand']/@value">-.2, -.1</set> <set xpath="/entity_classes/entity_class[contains(@name, 'zombie')]/property[@name='MoveSpeedPanic']/@value">.09, .1</set> <set xpath="/entity_classes/entity_class[contains(@name, 'zombie')]/property[@name='SwimSpeed']/@value">.1</set> </configs> Edit: Oh I think the yellow error is because the MoveSpeed only has one value and not 2 values. I thought it had both Day and Night. So if I remove one value, there should not be any more errors.
  25. This have probably been requested many times. It can probably not be done with pure xpath scripting. Maybe it's DMT and C# and I am not too familiar with that. I know someone made a push lawnmower in starvation mod. Think it was Paco? That was pretty cool. God rest his soul. I know there is a grass cutter mod (hand-held grass cutter). But would like to have a vehicle that can cut the grass. I am not searching for a 3D model or anything, but rather the solution to make any vehicle into a grass cutter in the game. If anyone knows how or can offer any help it would be much appreciated.
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