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  1. Place it in your hand and click on the plant
  2. Thanks for your work and especially for your time, it was solved by deleting everything and reinstalling, all ok, again a thousand thanks
  3. Sphereii, hello, sorry for my google english, I do not know what I've played but I get the following error: "No SDX Scripts found" when I run Mod Ravenhearst, and it does not start. Warn: "The entry point of the ReleaseSemaphore procedure in the dynamic link library api-ms-win-core-synch-l1-2-0.dll can not be found" Thank you very much for your time, greetings.
  4. Once again I wanted to thank you for so much work, SphereII. With the latest update everything works perfectly (no longer manual updates). Excellent is the word that best defines it. My sincere thanks. Greetings.
  5. I have also tried it, same result. As I said, many thanks, my regards.
  6. I have tried everything mentioned and it did not work either, I have to download it completely directly every time, copy, etc., etc., and thus start it. Same thank you very much for so much work, and so much dedication, great greetings.
  7. Thanks for so much work, an excellent job, do not be so hard on you, we believe in you. Greetings.
  8. Subquake, good. I have 16 GB of memory and I have the same problem, it has even reset the pc, the saved game has a reset time (starts on day 1, at 0:00 hours) keeping the base and others. It also changes from SP to MP. Greetings.
  9. Of course they have done a great job, congratulations !!
  10. Hello, I agree on almost everything, and I join the suggestions. Congratulations for all the work, Jax, you're really getting to something very good, regards.
  11. Apamax

    True Survival

    I found in the loot.
  12. Apamax

    True Survival

    It is made in the furnace that melts steel, it is the advanced forge
  13. Apamax

    True Survival

    Spider, hello, after this update something happens with the battery of the minibike, it is downloaded immediately. This never happened before. Is it something done on purpose? Cheers.
  14. Apamax

    True Survival

    Spider, hello. There is some problem with the carrots. I got some in the loot (after 40 days), I made the seeds, and planted them. There was no representation, they were as clear, but they were there. Once they were grown they were hardly seen, as the scale is very small. Greetings.
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