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  1. What a great story. I have shared it with the dev team. One of the goals was to create a game that would bring friends and families together in a way that would build comradery and make people feel that they were surviving together rather than always competing against each other like so many other games do. I think you agree that this game transcends simple co-op as it has been thought of before and you actually build relationships working together to mine, build, defend, and as it sounds from your description-- just do wild and funny and silly things together and create memories.


    Deepest condolences for your loss.

  2. 10 minutes ago, bachgaman said:

    The problem of the trader is not only in the early game, but also in the late one, because he literally chains you to the nearest 5th tier building and you go crazy visiting it over and over again and you can't help but do it because it has incredibly higher efficiency than any other activity.

    He doesn't literally or figuratively chain me to anything. Playing for incredibly high efficiency makes me gag...


    If YOU are chained then by all means remove that trader and more power to you. I'm not addicted nor am I susceptible to efficiency by a long shot.

  3. Here is the current list of Streamers.


    WanchanPlay --> Argentina, Spanish


    AzzaFortysix --> Australia, English

    JaWoodle --> Australia, English

    Patrol Gaming --> Australia, English


    Danu Thuata --> Austria, German


    Lhynns Gaming --> Belgium, French


    2HandGaming --> Bosnia, English


    Andarilho --> Brazil, Portuguese

    Josepher Survivor --> Brazil, Portuguese

    Medusa Geek --> Brazil, Portuguese

    O Abel Joga --> Brazil, Portuguese

    TellesGeek --> Brazil, Portuguese


    AllFunNGamez --> Canada, English

    CrypticFox --> Canada East, English

    GameEdged --> Canada, English

    Skippy0330 --> Canada, English

    Team Ryan --> Canada, English

    xSgtPepperx --> Canada, English


    J.C.'s Channel --> Chile, English


    Lin Xiaotian --> China, Simplified Chinese


    El Gui Gui --> France, French

    Hardstyler --> France, French

    JackPlay --> France, French

    Ludum Fabula --> France, French

    Staf_52 --> France, French


    Asrac_tv --> Germany, German

    Coyaletsplay --> Germany, German

    DerValiser --> Germany, German

    Edes Lets Plays-> Germany, German

    Gerrit --> Germany, German

    Hirnsturz --> Germany, German

    Jack Fleischhammer --> Germany, German

    Mr Helm --> Germany, German

    RoLaBeKa --> Germany, German

    Strong Company --> Germany, German

    Walker10474 --> Germany, English

    Wautscher --> Germany, German

    Zombyra --> Germany, German


    Games4kickz --> Ireland, English


    Gameplay Channel --> Italy, Italian


    Aki Piyo --> Japan, Japanese

    iihito jyanai--> Japan, Japanese

    Isoroku --> Japan, Japanese

    Matthew --> Japan, Japanese

    Merci Games --> Japan, Japanese

    Play Without Study --> Japan, Japanese

    Rabi William --> Japan, Japanese

    Rokugen san --> Japan, Japanese

    ryo1 game --> Japan, Japanese

    Sesika --> Japan, Japanese

    TQQ 999 --> Japan, Japanese

    Urakage --> Japan, Japanese

    Yukkuri com san --> Japan, Japanese


    Squal --> Kasakhstan, Russian


    Kornelius Briedis --> Latvia, English


    Qb1Junkie ==> Mexico, English


    Shinydo --> Moldova, Russian


    Vechs --> New Zealand, English


    KermitTFrog14 --> Norway, English

    Lokbatch --> Norway, English

    SparkleGG --> Norway, English


    Kagaminium --> Poland, Polish

    MarekMoowi --> Poland, Polish

    Rizzer --> Poland, Polish

    Stalker --> Poland, Polish


    Cisternocefal --> Russia, Russian

    FoxMurderPlay --> Russia, Russian

    Games'n'Grumble --> Russia, Russian

    Kaktyc --> Russia, Russian

    Knock-Knock --> Russia, Russian

    Krabo Land Games --> Russia, Russian

    Vedui —> Singapore, English


    Reach Gaming --> South Africa, English

    Zaffa Geek --> South Africa, English


    Buck Ferndandez --> Spain, Spanish

    Krino Games --> Spain, Spanish

    JaviLeeYou --> Spain, Spanish

    Menos Trece --> Spain, Spanish

    Psiko 9000 --> Spain, Spanish

    R4pela Games --> Spain, Spanish

    Tekja Gameplays --> Spain, Spanish

    Xacbert 00 --> Spain, Spanish


    Jonah Birch --> Sweden, English


    2G Review --> Thailand, Thai


    BoredGamer --> UK, English

    DatFailGamur --> UK, English

    DreadHeadEd --> UK, English

    FuzzyFreaks --> UK, English

    Grumbul --> UK, English

    H3dsh0t --> UK, English

    HixxyDubz --> UK, English

    Jennyverse --> UK, English

    Matrixis --> UK, English

    Quagmire1428 --> UK, English

    Reninsane --> UK, English

    Max Fox --> UK, English

    W92Baj --> UK, English

    ZippyTurnip --> UK, English


    Alex_D20 --> Ukraine, Ukrainian

    Fresh Games --> Ukraine, Russian

    Germanarih Games --> Ukraine, Russian

    Slavik Odessit --> Ukraine, Russian

    Survager --> Ukraine, Russian

    Teror2 --> Ukraine, Russian


    Anthony_B1 --> USA West, English

    Aungelecette --> USA East, English

    AviaryLaw --> USA East, English

    Ayreframer --> USA Central, English

    Bacon Creepy --> USA, English

    Banlish --> USA, English

    BeardedGuysGaming --> USA East, English

    Blitzfire911 --> USA, English

    Capp00 --> USA Central, English

    Casketman20 --> USA Central, English

    Cbthagreat --> USA East, English

    Chiefy --> USA West, English

    Copendub--> USA East, English

    Cuda87 --> USA, English

    dasMEHDI --> USA East, English

    DeamonMachine --> USA, English

    Descender --> USA, English

    Dragoness_ --> USA Central, English

    EvanAndKatelyn --> USA Central, English

    F1recrackr --> USA Central, English

    Flip_Switch --> USA West, English

    Galucia081 --> USA, English

    Game Society --> USA, English

    Glock9 --> USA, English

    Grand Spartan --> USA, English

    Grizzly_Ben --> USA, Central

    GunninGamerz --> USA, English

    Headwound --> USA West, English

    IAnthonyD --> USA East, English

    iJevin --> USA, English

    iluvatar_402 --> USA Central, English

    JadedzUzi --> USA Central, English

    JBMagic --> USA East, English

    Jermanfu --> USA East, English

    Justin Dion --> USA, English

    Kage848 --> USA, English

    kic Gaming --> USA West, English

    Kismet --> USA EAST, English

    KyleDempsterStudios --> USA, West

    LaurenTheShort --> USA West, English

    Legendary_Qstor --> USA East, English

    LMG --> USA, English

    Loafy Molasses --> USA, English

    Midnight Designer --> USA East, English

    Mistermoose --> USA Central, English

    MistrFister --> USA, English

    Mountain Man --> USA West, English

    MyUsualMe --> USA East, English

    One_shot_Gurl --> USA East, English

    Orangesherbet --> USA West, English

    PapaNox --> USA East, English

    PartiallyRoyal --> USA, English

    Pokketninja --> USA Central, English

    Rhinocrunch --> USA West, English

    Salty Zombies --> USA Central, English

    Savage Gaming -->  USA, English

    ShadowFox --> USA, English

    SippyTango --> USA Central, English

    Starsnipe --> USA Central, English

    SunBunnie888 --> USA East, English

    TacticalFriedRice --> USA, English

    TexCubSF --> USA West, English

    TomGirlGamer --> USA, English

    uss_sully --> USA, English

    Venttex --> USA Central, English

    xBCrafted --> USA Central, English

    Xray_Blacksmith --> USA West, English

    Zanthyst Gaming --> USA West, English

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  4. Hey Survivalists,


    Alpha 20 is getting close and we are looking ahead at the impending experimental release. That said we are recruiting more qualifying streamers for our Alpha 20 pre-release weekend streamer event. We know that there are many streamers out there who have played our game for their audiences and who would love to be a part of the pre-release streaming weekend. There were several hopeful streamers who did not quite qualify for the A19 event who hopefully have been able to grow their audience and can join us this time for A20. 


    Here are the details:


    1. In order to qualify you must have as a minimum, 5000 followers or subscribers on a single site. That can be Twitch, YouTube, or another site. 

    If you are a partnered Twitch streamer then that automatically qualifies you regardless of followers. 


    2. You must record an announcement to your viewers on your channel that you will be showing early footage of A20. It can be its own video or part of one of your regular episodes. We don't have a firm date yet but you can just tell them it is going to be happening soon.


    3. You must sign up for this forum and send me a message that includes the official business email address of your channel and a link to the announcement video you made.


    4. Once we have verified that you are a content creator that qualifies I will give you access to our stream team subforum where all announcement regarding the event will be made including the password to access A20 on the first day of the event.


    5. If you are already on the list because you qualified for A19 last time, you don't need to do anything except hype up your viewers. You are already qualified for the A20 event. If for some reason you don't want to be part of the event this time please let me know and I will remove you from the list.




    1) The announcement must be a video or a recorded clip from a stream that is posted on your channel. This is part of our verification that the video is really from the channel it claims to be from and it is also for marketing and hype.


    2) PLEASE have the link cued up to where you make the announcement if part of a larger episodic video.


    3) I want to emphasize that this is NOT a contest. If you meet the requirements, you qualify. So go ahead and do the announcement and release it if you qualify.


    4 IMPORTANT: The password you will be given is to download the A20 update. It is not a steam key for the game itself. We are not giving the game away for free for this event. We actually want people who have played before and know what they're doing when they show A20. Get the game and play for a few weeks on A19 if you wish to stream during the event but have never played 7 Days to Die.



    Streaming FAQ


    Q: When is Alpha 20 coming out and when do the streamers get access to it?

    A: When its ready. Don't claim specific dates. Some streamers did this last time and it makes everyone look bad. We are shooting for before the end of October provided all goes well but things sometimes do not go well and delays happen. The public release of Alpha 20 will happen on a Monday. Our team of streamers will get it the Friday/Saturday preceding that. (2-3 days)


    Q: If I’m approved by TFP to stream Alpha 20 how do I get access?

    A: We plan to send out the password to the qualifying streamers on the Friday before the Monday that we will release A20-experimental allowing a full weekend prior to the public release. You will go to the Beta Opt-in screen in Steam and enter the password which will make the A20 experimental version appear in the list of betas you can opt into.


    Q: What if I don’t have 5000 but I’m super loyal and really want to stream A20 early?

    A: We encourage you to do all you can to hype up and advertise your channel to get your followers/ subscriptions up to the minimum amount. If you don’t reach the goal for A20, we plan to do this again for A21 and we’ll welcome your participation for that event.


    Q: If I'm a partnered Twitch streamer can I still qualify if I have fewer than 5000 subscribers?

    A: Yes. A Twitch partnership is all you need if you have one.


    Q: Do you have to have a presence on both Youtube and Twitch? What if I use a different provider?

    A: You only have to have a presence on one site where we can go to your channel via your link and see your announcement as well as your viewership numbers. We chose followers on Twitch because that is the most easily publicly viewable measure. Same with subscribers on Youtube. If your alternate streaming/video publishing site has a measure of your viewership we will look at that.


    Q: What if I’m a well known personality, I was in the event last time, and you know I qualify. Do I still have to do the enrollment video?

    A: No. You don't have to do anything since you are already on our list. We figure you will want to hype it up but you don't need to send a link to us to verify who you are.


    Q: If the game is good enough for streamers to show it, isn’t it good enough for players to play it?

    A: The version the streamers will be playing will be the same release candidate we plan for the whole community (who wish to test experimental). But we have found that releasing an experimental version on a Monday is much better for us to be able to respond quickly and effectively with hotfixes and get new builds out to you that play better. The whole team isn’t always available on the weekend to address showstoppers but on that Monday we’ll be ready. In the meantime, we hope you will post your feedback on what you see and help us catch things that might be simple to fix before the general release on Monday.


    Q: Why are streamers getting special treatment? Didn’t I pay for early access?

    A: All of our customers who have paid for early access are getting the early access that they paid for. At the same time we have to acknowledge that streamers provide a huge media benefit to the industry in today’s world. Being able to reach potentially hundreds of thousands of viewers over the weekend to get the word out that A20 is finally here is a powerful and amazing tool we wish to use. At the same time allowing the streamers to show early footage of an update is something of great value to us and them. We love all of our fans and we hope you all will love the A20 update when you get to play it. Plus, for those who enjoy this sort of media it is a great deal of fun that we wish to Pimp out to y'all.


    Q: What if I usually stream with a partner? Can my partner get access as well?

    A: Yes. We will allow qualifying streamers to include anyone they wish to join them in their stream. We want teams to be able to stream together. All those who receive access this way only have permission to have their gameplay shown on the qualifying streamer's channel. They cannot go and stream it themselves on their own channel.

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  5. 16 hours ago, Viktoriusiii said:

    They are grown ups and know that these places exist and that there is nothing bad about them.


    Well that's not completely true. :) While most people (male or female) accept as a reality of life that strip clubs exist somewhere-- even within their own city, most would probably not want one to open up in or too near to their own neighborhood. So there is probably at least a little bit bad about them in the minds of most people. 


    But...even though I wouldn't want one in or near my own neighborhood in real life, I have no problem with them being in the game. I mean they are not even depicted as being in business but are instead closed and boarded up like everything else in the post apocalypse except for the Trader stations. But even if the Duke's casino gets added and if there is a currently operating stripper club in that casino, I wouldn't be against that being in the game. Just like life, we simply avoid places we don't want to go if we feel that it is wrong to go there. I think the game is better for presenting moral dilemmas and choices-- not just to the character but to the player. If a person has a moral code that prohibits them from going to a strip club then there should be no problem with one being in the game. They just need to follow their moral code. If they are afraid they might be weak willed in keeping to their code then they can mod out the POI or just move on to a game that doesn't make them face their inner demons. Everyone is different. I have a friend who is an alcoholic and he won't everr enter a bar again for the rest of his life because he doesn't want to walk the edge of the cliff and feels more secure staying well back and away from the temptation to break his promise. Others with a stronger will could probably sit in a bar easily and stick to their vow to never drink again. 

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  6. 1 hour ago, TurtleJ said:

    I've been reading over 49 pages since seeing the twitch stream and finally coming to the forums I think that death animation should also be an option I died 1 too many times watching my arm sweep my face unable to move til it completes

    This issue was discussed recently by the team and the plan is to only have that arm wiping brow animation for the very first spawn of the game and not for respawning after death. I’m not sure exactly when they will get to that though. 

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  7. Just to clarify, you can clean all registry information like maps and saved games using the clean tool in the launcher and you do not have to uninstall the game and then reinstall it. So my question to you would be did you use the clean tool or just use the launcher to uninstall the game? If you just uninstalled the game from the launcher then you will still have data from older versions on your computer and if you generate a new save game with a new map and reuse the same name or seed that you used for a previous version it can cause some issues.


    Personally, I have never uninstalled the game. I simply clean all the data using the clean tool in the launcher and then verify my files and I have never had problems with previous version data gumming up my current game. 

  8. 6 hours ago, hotpoon said:


    As I understand it, the pimps are working towards having better loot in more dangerous areas? That makes more sense to me than tying it to game stage.

    In A20 are we still going to find stone and wood weapons and tools in locked gun safes?  That for me was absurd. Total waste of lockpicks.

    I can’t promise there is no more of that but I can say that there has definitely been a loot overhaul in A20 and it feels much better. There are more specific container types for specific categories of POIs so the feeling that any location pretty much has the same loot as any other location is greatly diminished. They’ve begun the variable game staging for biomes that affect loot and enemies and the primitive stage loot tables have a greater variety of items meaning you don’t find stone and wood tools everywhere. I’m not going to guarantee that you won’t find them somewhere though. :)

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  9. Loot progression feels much better in A20. You are not going to be able to find an AK-47 or  SMG on day one but you might find a pipe machine gun and that feels really good-- much better than the blunderbuss.


    I would agree with you that finding anything at any time would be fun IF there was permanent degradation in the game. But since whatever you find is going to be with you for the rest of the game it consequently takes the excitement and fun out of looting much too early. Once you have  purple steel tools and purple tier 3 weapons, you have now invalidated a lot of future containers and it would be a pity for that state to be achieved by the end of the first week--not to mention the fact that you become way too OP for the bloodmoons and never fall behind that progression curve ever making for boring horde nights.


    In my most recent play, I only had a pipe rifle and a pipe shotgun for the first bloodmoon. That was a much more interesting experience than it would have been with regular machine gun for use.

  10. TFP knows what lines they can't cross in order to keep international markets open to them. Everyone can just settle down. What's in the game isn't going to cause a problem and what is not in the game that would cause a problem won't be added. Going forward, if a major market were to change policies that might cause the game to be banned then the developers would make their decision on whether to keep the content or cut it.

  11. 14 hours ago, Listening said:


    Note, I am the father of young women who love this kind of game.


    Perhaps you can use the game as a teaching moment and a show of your commitment to your values. Just as you would not patronize a stripper club in the real world, you could show your young daughters your values by not ever going into the stripper club in the game. By foregoing whatever loot might be in there and canceling any quest that might take you inside you could show your kids that even though such places exist, we don't have to take part in them.


    If you are religious as well you could even take the view that the proliferation of strip clubs in the pre-apocalyptic world brought down the judgement of the Almighty with a plague and punishment equal to the Flood in its devastation. In that case you would need to see the evidence of wickedness in the world that justified the wrath and that could justify their inclusion.


    Removing the strip clubs from the game as well as the stripper zombies wouldn't really do anything to lessen the objectification of women in the world. But YOU boycotting them by either removing them from the game, or refusing to interact with them, or even uninstalling 7 Days to Die and removing it from your household all together and letting your daughters witness your actions could be a powerful way to fight the objectification of women in your own sphere and set the example for the values you hold dear.


    The real lesson of import is that we cannot often control what the world and our environment throws at us that may violate our values. All we can control is what we do in response. To that end I applaud your feedback because you are doing something in reaction. As it is unlikely that there will be any change, you will have to choose next how you will react.


    Also....seeing as I quoted the part of your OP that gives people the faintest idea of why you are letting young children play an M-rated game in the first place....why are you?

    29 minutes ago, Kyonshi said:

    The Pimps said they dont wanna put kid zombies because they themselves dont feel good about doing so, not because of the fear of potential outrage it could cause.


    Actually the reason is because they want this game to be an international hit and some countries would ban a game in which children (even zombie children) are being killed. I don't think the devs are against it, themselves, as The Walking Dead was a major source of inspiration and it is infamous for depicting children being killed. Zombie Girl shot by Rick in the pilot episode and "look at the yellow flowers" being the two big examples I can think of.


    No, there is no reticence about including it in the game in and of itself. It comes down to what markets would we lose if we did it.

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  12. 2 hours ago, bdubyah said:

    Has there been any thought to tweak the status effect area of the hud? Maybe lock it so it'll only show maybe 3-5 effects at once? As it is currently the whole left side of the screen can easily turn into icons and timers pretty easily.

    Got hit that badly huh?

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  13. 8 hours ago, secateurs said:

    Why was endgame content never developed?

    Because the game isn't finished yet.  They are still developing stuff.

    On 9/19/2021 at 6:10 PM, Guppycur said:

    The replacematerial XML property no longer works correctly due to a simple arrangement of children on *some* of the zombies, are there plans for uniformity in bone set up so things like the old system for radiating a zed will still work?

    I would tag faatal and ask this in the dev diary since your agenda didn't pan out last night. 

  14. 7 hours ago, secateurs said:

    Then why is survival not very hard, or rewarding?


    Why then is there no real penalty for dying?


    This game is a looter shooter without the challenges that make finding loot great.


    Delete all on death is a pretty good optional penalty for dying. Try it out.  The game can be a looter shooter if you play it that way. But it can also be played otherwise.

    On 9/19/2021 at 9:12 PM, 7daystodierocks said:

    all i want roland is a massively improved RWG because right now it looks like someone drunk threw up on a blank canvas XD



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