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  1.   The Fun Pimps have been busy not only working to go Gold on 7 Days and port it but to ramp up teams for 2 new exciting unannounced projects that are in early development. Join the team that started the Survival RPG genre.

    ‘7 Days to Die’ a Steam all time top 100 seller has sold over 12 million copies. Navezgane awaits!


    For details on the job descriptions please visit: https://thefunpimps.com/

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  2. 9 hours ago, roughgalaxy said:

    are we doomed to be teased with coffee every time we go to visit Trader Joel?


    Trader Jen teases us with a lot more than coffee every time we visit her and I doubt there will be an action assigned to E in order to tap that.


    Unless, of course, 7 Days to Die has some kind of "Hot Coffee" going on....

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  3. 2 hours ago, Star69 said:

    Oh, I thought he meant the mods would be replicated.....my mistake. If that's the case, then I'd have no issue however there's really no reason for that function since you can just remove the mod from the weapon then use if for creating a new weapon then add the mod to that. /shrugs


    It's more a quality of life plus protection measure. Quality of Life for not having to transfer mods out and in. Protection for not losing your mods if you unthinkingly use your modded weapon as an ingredient and the disappear.

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  4. 6 hours ago, CypherTodd said:

    Velhiem 3 million in 3 weeks, why?

    The developers are aware of and impressed by Valheim. There is definitely some inspiration to be found there for them to possibly think about for a sequel-- but 7 Days to Die is what it is. It's practically done. There are some additional features still in the works including an over-arching goal regarding Noah vs the Duke. But no matter how cool Valheim is or what amazing innovative features emerge in the next few months in some other new release, it isn't going to affect this game very much. But Valheim definitely is inspirational in what it does well and any development studio should take notice and spend time talking about why it has skyrocketed like it has.

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  5. 4 hours ago, Lumpus said:

    7d2d does need a console command to complete a current quest


    On 12/25/2020 at 10:15 AM, PinkLed5 said:


    Is there a way to complete the quest using the console?  I'm running my own dedicated server and have access to all commands.


    But....you failed it. There is already a user interface command to cancel a quest and/or you can just leave to fail it. Why does there need to be a console command to complete the quest you didn't.....complete? In almost all cases, yes, it is because something hasn't spawned yet but if you search through you often find it. OP is case in point. What is the benefit of having a console command that completes it anyway? Are you wanting it to then send you back to the trader to get your reward?

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  6. 5 minutes ago, khzmusik said:


    In addition to code changes, they have to do an entirely new set of character models, clothing models, textures, etc. and put it all together into something that is going to replace the current (third-party) UMA system. So, even leaving programming aside, it's a hell of a lot of work. My guess is probably 10x the work that the new weapons require.


    p.s. Pretty sure MechanicalLens is messing with you. That's hard to recognize if you aren't a native English speaker.


    I'm not convinced and I'm a native speaker. WIth the downvote on the guy's mea culpa added into the mix I'm pretty sure Mech was not "just joking".


    Who downvotes an obviously sincere apology....?

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    1 hour ago, Xtracker said:

    So basic what i learned of 26 pages is that character overhaul won't be in A20 but why.. is so much to re-code ? or something is not on top priority ?

    @faatal or @madmole can you say something why it is canceled for now i will appreciate every info.



    That is the only thing you were able to learn in 26 pages? The pipe weapons alone are a huge improvement to the game. They have a lot of things in the works that they aren't ready to show yet. A lot of time is going into polishing and optimizing and cleaning up old code as well. It isn't sexy (except for @faatal) but it is necessary at this stage of development and it doesn't make for very exciting television.


    Look at the heading on the first page and notice that it says 20/21 roadmap. Now look at the note Madmole left after Character Overhaul. WIP means "Work in progress". The character overhaul is not cancelled. They are working on it and projections are that it won't be finished in time for Alpha 20. Since it was not removed and still resides under the main header it means that they hope to finish it up by Alpha 21.


    On 10/28/2020 at 6:49 PM, madmole said:

    Alpha 20/21 Roadmap


    13) Character Overhaul - WIP will not ship in A20.

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  8. Good to hear. You came on strong but I can see that you probably felt defensive given the circumstances. I was joking back at you about the ADHD thing since you brought it up yourself. I'm glad you came over to our forums from Steam and hope you stay on. Don't let this initial tiff and downvoting by some of the community put you off. This place is pretty chill in general. :)

  9. 9 minutes ago, Boidster said:

    You jest


    Always....but....given your good points, MY point was that in video games players take LBD to such ridiculous extremes all in the name of power leveling that any semblence of reality is destroyed. The joke was only partially about doing simple tasks like making a stone axe 1000 times in order to suddenly be able to craft high quality steel axes as well. That would be like Elon Musk setting off 1000 plastic water rockets over the course of a week and then his first actual rocket using rocket fuel operating perfectly because of all his LBD with the simple water rocket.


    The joke was also about the incentive gamers feel to spend the first game week simply doing LBD activities before they start playing because they only want to actually play the game with skills that are already high instead of playing and naturally building up those skills over time in an organic way. That is the weakness of every LBD game out there. They are all exploitable and tempt the player to play in an unnatural way. Even Valheim (Which I played for the first time last night) allows you to just spam jump around in place or run in circles in order to pump up those LBD skills and that is a new game with the benefit of seeing how all past LBD mechanics have been abused and still not doing anything about it.


    I think LBD is fun but I also enjoy the point system. The weakness in LBD that apparently can't be plugged by any development studio is having constraints in place so that unnatural spam leveling of skills doesn't work. Please keep in mind, that I am talking purely from a game design perspective. If someone out there LIKES spam leveling LBD skills and is feeling like I shouldn't care how others play the game, relax. Play how you want and have fun. I just see a weakness in the LBD design and am giving my opinion of that perceived weakness.


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  10. 6 hours ago, Atrimislegnacra said:

    And yet they were suggesting the possibility of going gold back in 2019.


    Wait...you only started playing at the end of Alpha 18 and you're posting snippily about how long the game is taking to go Gold?


    Oh yeah.....ADHD....


    6 hours ago, Atrimislegnacra said:

    It's funny that I find the above post, as I was the one that "claimed" it, again, as I said, going by second had information. I would like to see said "once and for all" post though, because as it reads, and the fact that it was deleted does make one question things.


    You can take me as a first-hand source. 7 Days to Die will remain a voxel game with block-by-block building. There will always be specialized blocks that the developers use to create POI's that are not meant to be available to players in the game. Players who want the specialized blocks can edit the game files to include those blocks. The default exclusion of those blocks should not be taken as a sign that The Fun Pimps don't care about builders or don't place an emphasis on building as an essential aspect of the game. 


    The conversation that you referenced was Madmole musing about how he might have done things differently if they were able to go back in time. It was simply a statement of how difficult it has been to develop the game as a voxel world but it was not a letter of intention for actually making the world static or removing block-by-block building from the game.


    There were a lot of posts deleted when we switched over to the new forum platform. There was no cover-up trying to remove evidence that TFP secretly plans to switch to a static non-voxel world. The way the game is now is about 95% how it will always be and changing the entire way the world is rendered is not in the road map. 


    Now, if my statement still does not satisfy your anxiety about the future of building in this game then you will just have to continue to worry about it until the game goes Gold eventually and you finally have the physical proof in front of you of a finished and complete game AND voxels and block-by-block building are still intact and functional.


    I just hope the anxiety won't return for you whenever a DLC is announced that maybe THIS time will be the time it all gets taken away....

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  11. 1 hour ago, Ornias said:


    Yeah but we would get LBD back though....

    lol...THAT'S how you would die. You'd be too sore and tired to get away from the zombies after spending three days solid of no sleep doing dozens of simple actions repetitively in order to somehow "learn" complex skills through "doing"....

  12. Perhaps another way to go about it is to have two (or more) "Schematic Remnants" be found in loot and together they are the components for a recipe to craft a single full schematic that unlocks the recipe you want.


    So Iron Bunker Buster Remnant 1 and Iron Bunker Buster Remnant 2 can be crafted together to create Iron Bunker Buster Schematic which, when read, unlocks the recipe.

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