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  1. 15 hours ago, Adam the Waster said:

    wait no i like how they are doing....


    What you like someone else will hate and vice versa. At least you were around to play things before they changed so have fond memories of those playthroughs. That's what I do, remember the old versions fondly but take the new version on its own merits and most of the time it still is a lot of fun.

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  2. 59 minutes ago, Faolan said:

    For starters, did tfp ever make it so the voxel you create from dirt fragments, (or is it all just clay now?) Do they match up to blocks? As they used to leave a triangular gap from land to block. This was suggested to them when i played but no idea if it happened.


    Everything is either clay or sand. Soil no longer exists. Terrain blocks do not match up with building blocks. That gap still exists and likely always will. They've talked about it but the amount of work needed to redo POI's is pretty prohibitive. This may just be one of those improvements we will see in the sequel when they can tackle it from the beginning. Or....they may come up with a solution that isn't too time and resource heavy and deem it worthwhile.


    59 minutes ago, Faolan said:

    Second, how does upgrading concrete work exactly? I know you can make wet concrete blocks, which dry and need upgrades, and rebar frames still upgrade to reinforced, but i heard these now have a wooden form stage first? Am i anywhere near correct?


    Who can say? This is one of those things that is currently in flux and it doesn't matter how it is done now because it will likely change before gold and then won't be part of the next console version. You will just need to follow the development in order to see-- just like us. There is a new shape menu and a simpler upgrade path that is being introduced in A20 which will change the current way of building. I'm sure there will be a dev stream on it at some point that you can watch to see what the changes will be. Whatever they are for PC will be what they will be for future console port.


    59 minutes ago, Faolan said:

    Third, how do you gain more max HP and Stamina? I know its not by wellness anymore. But how do you do it now? Do you still lose max HP and stamina when you die?


    Time. You go up each time you level up. Period. You do not ever lose your max hp or stamina. Injuries will reduce your temporary max and cannot be increased by food or medicine. Only by employing the correct treatment will you greatly reduce the timer on the injury. Once your injury heals, the temporary max reduction goes away and you can heal up again with food and meds. But your overall max progresses as you level and never goes down.


    59 minutes ago, Faolan said:

    Farming, I know farm plots replaced the hoe tool, is fertilizer still a thing or was that removed as well? I know there's farming perks, but do you still get two crops base without perks so you can replant? Or do you only get one without perks? 


    The recipe for farm plots includes what was used for fertilizer in the past so in that sense there is still fertilizer but it is all included in the farm plot recipe. You don't apply it to the ground afterward. Plants don't need to be replanted. Once you plant it whenever you harvest it returns to its stage one form and starts growing again. So you only get one fruit unperked since you don't need two to replant. But you will need to save up fruit in order to craft seeds if you want to grow your crop. Perks allow you to harvest more fruit and craft seeds out of less fruit. Seed crafting recipes can be found in the world as well as the seeds themselves.


    59 minutes ago, Faolan said:

    Question about the upcoming black destroys to air. More specifically iron blocks. Currently the fram upgrades to two diffrent black cks, but they both each have 1k hp. Currently they down grade for a combined total of 2k health. Will this block upgrade to 2k health when this gets implemented?


    Nobody knows yet. Follow the A20 development to find out along with us. It is assumed that the block HPs will be adjusted to balance the loss of downgrading but we will have to wait and see what they come up with.


    59 minutes ago, Faolan said:

    If I can get answers to those questions then id have a decent idea on what it would entail. Assuming it doesn't change.

    Does anyone have any idea when 7dtd is supposed to go gold?


    Four years ago I would have said, "In about a year". So.....in about a year.


    Like I said above, at this point all PC development towards gold is ALSO development towards the new console version. So if you've been disinterested in what is going for PC up until now, just consider all development at this point development for the next console version and keep an eye on the developer diary thread.


  3. This isn’t a solution, unfortunately, but try starting a fresh game and see if that works. I wonder if a day 112 save might have accumulated too much of a memory requirement for the platform. You might be at the limit as the game doesn’t have any scripted “The End” moment and people typically start over at some point to do the journey again. 

  4. 2 hours ago, Spatch said:

    Is there a place to watch the stream post-streaming?  I checked TFP's youtube page and nothing.


    Working on it. Thanks!




    I updated the first page with this link. Please note that the build that is being played is A19.5 and not A20 but the twitch integration is relevant to A20 as well. From the video, the news is that Twitch integration will go into A19.5 in April!!


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  5. 41 minutes ago, Ramethzer0 said:

    I think Neebs has read this thread.  lol 


    In the past, I've tried to fix it with disastrous results.   I simply gave up out of material hunger.  It's just not worth the time and energy to me anymore.

    I also mused that perhaps the devs at the time had a similar issue, and then once it finally settled into its final form the devs were like.. "okay this sucks,

    and i don't like it, but I'm on a deadline and it's not like this isn't within genre!"  lol

    The devs could have sculpted that part of the gulch to be narrower by four blocks if they ran into a similar issue while "trying" to span the bridge. It was never designed as a full bridge and then scaled back as a partial bridge because it couldn't be done and they had no idea what to do.  It was created as it is right now from the concept drawings before it was even put into the game and I doubt one thought went into whether players would be able to repair it fully without a support column. In the designer's mind the game is not a renovate and restore game-- even though it is fun to renovate and restore. It is definitely one of those things that players want proven by years and years of asking for clean windows and pristine paint but it is also proof that the devs aren't interested in developing that possibility in the game.

  6. I think periodic self-checks are good for how we behave on the forums. I know I’ve had to make corrections over the years. My only objection to this whole conversation was that it started on the A20 dev diary. That shouldn’t have happened. 

    As for new members, I think the onus is on them for how they choose to post the first couple of times if they want to be accepted into the community. It doesn’t have to be a gushing expression of love toward the game and can even be a critical post. The key is to not be insulting, raging, profane, and accusatory as your first impression. That’s not how you make friends in any sphere. It is almost always the case that a newcomer needs to figure out the community dynamics and adjust to that culture if they wish to become a member rather than expect the community to change to suit them. That’s just common sense— not toxicity. 

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  7. 10 minutes ago, Guppycur said:

    Who's being toxic?  Example?


    ...my guess is you're just not familiar with the historical context of some of these discussions, which have been going on between some of us, for... Crap, years.


    Roland, you're one of my oldest friends.  Congrats. 😉


    Lean on me, my friend. Just not in the game. It was never implemented. ;)

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  8. 11 minutes ago, dahkdm said:

    There's a big difference between a chill community and a "Kumbaya Narnia." Yeah, you're going to have a bit of crappiness online no matter what, but the thing is that the crappiness is not a broad trend in a chill community.

    Well I don’t see a broad trend around here. I think people are pretty chill most of the time especially when helping people learn how to play so it must really come down to your own perception. I have to say that the post that demanded A19 to be done before A20 was pretty innocuous and to my surprise the developers answered that there WOULD be additional fixes coming to A19. If you are sensitive to that level of toxicity then this community might not be your cup of gluten...

    This is a site for fans of a gritty irreverent gory zombie game after all. Most of us probably like to trash talk and razz while we play and so there is going to be some of that attitude carried over into the community. This place is unlikely ever to be one of those chill places you like. 


    It’s just too snappy. 

  9. 28 minutes ago, dahkdm said:

    In my experience, this isn't true for every community. There are cool, chill places to hang out online -- even places with thousands of active users. They aren't common, but they certainly exist.

    I guess it’s as possible as Narnia but I’d be willing to bet that even these other chill places could go toxic in an instant depending on what was posted. But maybe not... maybe there are some places where the ultimate degree of Kumbaya has been achieved and creating a ripple in those ponds is impossible....

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  10. Recently, when asked about news regarding porting the finished PC game to PS5 and the new Xbox, this answer was given by one of the owners. 



    Well we are in the process of looking for a partner to help but it will happen at some point.

    I just wanted to update the last press release with this assurance that TFP does intend to bring the full game to the newest generation of consoles provided they can find a partner to do it. There is likely to be no official announcement of this until they do find that partner. 

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  11. Everyone has different levels of sensitivity to negativity and sarcasm. Any time you post something with a bite to it you run the risk of offending someone else who is sensitive to that sort of thing. That doesn't mean we can't be sarcastic or negative but if we are going to post on the more provocative end of the spectrum, we should also be willing to apologize for any unintended hurt feelings we caused (if that ends up happening) as well as be willing to back off on our tone and focus on the point of our post. Really, it just makes sense that if our tone and way of delivering our message is getting in the way of our point then we ought to make a change if we care at all about our point getting through.


    Everyone has a bad day at times and may post more roughly than they might otherwise and dry sarcastic humor doesn't always translate well. I think any message board on the internet is always just one post away from going toxic because that is just the nature of anonymity paired with egos. If someone crosses the line, in your opinion, report the post and do nothing else. People who post toxic messages religiously check for responses to see who they might have provoked. Giving them crickets until their post is hidden by a moderator is the best troll you can send back to them.


    Finally, the poop reaction emoji carries no negative forum penalties. There is no negative reputation associated with it. 

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  12. 5 hours ago, dahkdm said:

    From this thread, wow this community is acting toxic. I think the game is great and I'm excited for A20 and all future Alphas. Especially for bandits.

     A worse problem is derailing the developer's diary from discussion with the developer about A20 to a bunch of people arguing about the meaning and levels of toxicity in the overall forums. This is why there is a rule to simply report offending posts and otherwise ignore them. In the future, if you find a post toxic, report it and don't respond to it. If you want to discuss ways to make the forums a better place start a thread in general discussions for that purpose instead of trying to do it in the official developer diary thread. This goes for everyone. Please don't just post whatever non-A20 development topics that come to your mind in that thread. They are off topic.

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  13. Just now, Urban Blackbear said:

    Are we really just going to be making concrete blocks and putting them down in a finished state in the future?

    Not if you don't want to. There will still be an upgrade path to it albeit a shorter path than we now have.

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