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  1. 1 hour ago, MechanicalLens said:


    So how are you finding traders in A20? Do their quest rewards seem balanced? Not asking for details, just general feedback. Also, I believe it was Madmole who said that traders will have slightly better stock than your current lootstage level can give you in loot. If this is the case, does this adjust depending on what biome you're in? (ie Will Trader Joel in the forest biome have "inferior stock" compared to Trader Joel in the wasteland?)


    I don't think they have touched this yet. Game balance stuff like this doesn't happen until the last month or so when Joel starts playing monster sessions to test balance for himself. RIght now with all the RWG changes it is off and on whether traders even spawn in a given A20 build. Its not really possible at this point to play a long term or real game of A20. You can get on to try out different things like the new pipe weapons, or explore a newly added POI, or travel around to see the world generation and town layouts. I've tried the buried supply quest to see the changes they made but I haven't done a lot of questing yet in A20 because that takes time and you don't want to invest that while there are good odds your save will break because something isn't working because of some other change that was made.


    Now that I downloaded A19, I'm actually feeling like playing a longterm game of that. My honeymoon with Valheim is about over. It is fun but lately when I sign on and remember that I quit because I knew I had to do a bunch of grinding, I tend to sign off again right away instead of playing, thinking I'll wait until another day to see if the mood hits me again to do all the chores I need to do.

    29 minutes ago, SnowDog1942 said:

    Maybe the zombies can be streamlined into 3 versions, because 3 is magic, and more is too complex.  


    Normal zombie, fat zombie (slow/strong), and skinny zombie (fast/weak).  



    How about you streamline your posts into three versions: Streamline Snark, Porn Inuendo, and MMA References...



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  2. 3 hours ago, Khalagar said:

    I don't really understand the logic of why Int isn't supposed to be a full build. Yes you can use the two turrets + hold a gun too if you want to spend the points and resources to do so. . . and doing that should definitely beat out someone who spent far less resources to do the same thing


    Its because of how you are defining a full build. You seem to be defining a build solely by what you spend points in. So the fact that you could find a purple tier auto shotty and use that alongside your turrets doesn't count to you as being part of the intellect build because you are narrowly defining the build as only what you spend points in. Logically, the intellect build includes all unperked weapons no matter what weapon type they are-- the advantage being that when using those weapons in tandem with the turrets you have a great advantage over what the game can throw at you. No other build lets you use other weapons in tandem with the weapons you perk into. You have to choose the M60 you are fully perked in OR the auto-shotty you are not. Intellect lets you use the fully perked turrets AND the auto-shotty you are not. That is the endgame advantage of the intellect build.


    3 hours ago, Khalagar said:

    If you don't want Junk Turrets to equal a real gun, then Int . . . needs a real gun that stands on it own end game.


    You have your pick of any of the tier 3 top quality real guns in the game to use with your turrets. Junk Turrets should only equal other real guns in a mathematical thought exercise exempt of any actual gameplay context because the real truth is that players don't just watch their turrets take care of the zombies for them. Actually, just watching the turrets do the work or going AFK while they do the work is pretty much against Madmole's whole "get off your ass" philosophy...


    4 hours ago, Khalagar said:

    Their only real use or role is basically just as an afk type defense weapon, which a lot of players like myself love.


    No. That might be how you want to use them but that isn't the intention nor what they are balanced towards. They are balanced towards their owner also participating in the fight. If they were balanced the way you want then they would be massively OP whenever the player chose to also participate-- and I think most players do choose to participate with their turrets.


    Finally, IMO, not every build needs to be created equal. Assymetrical builds are way more exciting and good for replay value than builds that have weapons that have symmetrical DPS values and are just differently themed and skinned. There can be builds that are challenge builds and perhaps not quite as efficient or overtly powerful as others but rewarding in other ways. You talk a lot about efficiency and point cost and I think that that focus is what limits your ability to play intellect as its own build.

  3. I'm not talking about the stun baton. I'm talking about the pipe baton which is one of the new primitive pipe weapons coming in A20. 


    3 hours ago, doughphunghus said:

    and maybe treat the blunderbuss ammo the same ;).just throwing that out there.


    The blunderbuss and its ammo are coming to an end with A19. It might show up in a future game but the pipe shotgun will replace it in A20 and uses regular shotgun shells.

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  4. 2 minutes ago, MechanicalLens said:

    It was just an observation that Intellect, above all other attributes, requires backup in order to guarantee a possibility of survival during a BM horde. Hence I see it as a more of a mid-game build vs an early game one, due to the lack of a firearm within the tree, and again, I'm not saying it needs one.


    More often than not, observations and opinions are going to lead to discussion whether you intended it or not. For example, I still disagree with your observation. There is no lack of a firearm in the intelligence branch. As an intellect player you can use any firearm or a melee weapon in combination with the turret to devastating effect even if that weapon is unperked. It is essentially dual wielding which no other weapon has. I can't use an AK 47 and a shotgun at the same time. I can't use a pistol and an SMG at the same time. I can use a turret and anything else I want at the same time.


    Saying that a turret alone cannot beat a BM horde is moot because nobody would ever do that. You might not be perked into the weapon you are holding and using along with the turret you are perked into but the combination is definitely lethal and can be effective even in the early game. In fact, I would say that it is best for the turret to be more of a midgame weapon precisely because it is too OP in the early game and not because of any lack.


    Just now, MechanicalLens said:

    And I completely agree, Intellect does not need a buff, nor does it need a nerf. It's perfectly balanced the way it is. Nonetheless, due to the nature of things, I label it as a support build rather than a purely offensive one like the other four attributes. I'm confident that's a reasonable assessment.


    That is absolutely reasonable if that is the way you play it and see it. I think one way of looking at it is that it is a support build for other builds. Another way you could look at it is that the other builds are the support for the Intellect player. Its just a point of view. If you see the intellect build only being a viable independent build on its own if you are restricted to placing turrets and watching them kill and never using another weapon in combination, then I can see how you might look at it as a support build. But I think that is an overly strict definition because nobody would ever choose to play that way even if the turrets could mow down 50 demolishers without letting them get close. People would still want to actively kill alongside the turrets,


    8 hours ago, MechanicalLens said:


    So basically, despite the fact this is where balance was not focused, the four other attributes could hold their own solo, to varying degrees (depending on the type of weapon), but the Intellect built would have the most trouble in this regard. M60 vs horde? Easy. Shotgun vs horde? No problem. Sniper + explosives vs horde? Doable. Pistols + SMG against horde? A cakewalk. Turrets vs horde? Obscenely difficult.


    Not complaining, just making an observation. :)


    You can use any weapon unperked along with the turret and have a significant advantage. It is an error to think that the turret by itself should be on equal ground with the other weapons because as Gazz said, nobody just stands and watches the turrets fire. The turrets add to your own firepower and just because you are doing an intellect build and so have no perks in an an AK-47, an AK-47 plus a couple of turrets is great. An AK-47 plus a couple of turrets that are each equally powerful as an AK-47 would be grossly OP.


    People need to stop asking for more powerful intellect weapons because the developers are not stupid enough to fall for it...


    I can throw a bone to all the intellect build fans who hate their weapons being less powerful than the other build counterparts:  Once you use the new pipe baton you may never use the wooden club again. (That's assuming, of course, @Gazz doesn't reconfigure the numbers on the pipe baton....)

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  6. 8 minutes ago, MechanicalLens said:


    My solution? Copy and paste your A20 files onto an external SSD, then delete the original files on your set-up and reinstall A19. When you wish to go back to A20, repeat the same process. You wouldn't believe how few people connect the dots I presented here, so there you go. ;) Hope I helped. :) If you have a better method though, good show.

    That won't really work because A20 is in flux. Every few days there is a new build number. However, I could use the mod launcher to download 19.4 and then I could have both versions available at the same time. Blessings to @sphereii

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  7. 1 hour ago, Blake_ said:

    @Roland , how is performance doing from a19.4 to 20 (b98 ish) on your particular rig ?


    I'd like to know specifically the [v-sync off and occluder off ] fps of 100 entities on screen performance and general gameplay/POI gameplay.  


    I bother you with this because I wouldn't dare to waste any of the main Pimp's time these days, sorry about that, lol.

    It is a bother because it means I have to download 19.4 and play it in order to compare... I'll do it sometime this week.

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  8. I think another factor in why POI exploration is easier over A17 is that the AI has gone through a few iterations of dumbing down the zombie knowledge of pathways to you.  In A17 you’d have half a dozen zombies relentlessly on your trail and they all knew exactly how to get to you including busting a wall walking around the roof and then coming back in behind you. Now you have three zombies and one or two of those might start pounding on a wall instead of walking through the open doorway to get you. 

  9. Welcome to the forum. Glad you found this game by watching a streamer. This game will eventually leave early access when its development warrants that action. Developers do not email individuals but might respond to you here in the forums.

  10. That can still be a bit wonky but they are still working on it. I did find one POI that was partially glitched into a mountain side and I saw a report from a QA guy that found a few completely underground so definitely not perfect but much improved already. The flat area was vast. In fact I thought a city must be coming up but it was just wilderness.


    I guess it could just be that a city was intended there but failed to spawn. I'm trying to think positive... ;)

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  11. 45 minutes ago, MechanicalLens said:

    It's taking TFP so long because they're trying to fix roads


    I'm not going to say that there are no wonky roads in A20 but I'm having a tough time finding them. When they show the world that A20 generates you all are going to be very happy. Right now, I would say that the forest almost feels like two separate biomes: Mountain Forest and Flatland Forest and the roads mostly stay in the flatlands going around the mountainous regions. It makes the roads quite nice. The mountainous regions really feel like wilderness areas now. It is such a difference that they could probably thin the trees out in the flat regions and call it plains or...ahem...meadows...


    The city layouts have been vastly improved as well and a ton of work has been done adding new POI's-- mostly to the Wasteland. The Wasteland Biome might just be star of the show for A20 at least for the exploration game. There is one particular landmark feature of wasteland cities that was recently shown that is just awesome. These are things that I can't wait for them to show on a future dev stream once they feel they are ready to show them.


    But like I said the Wasteland biome is going to--  I've probably said too much....

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  12. 22 minutes ago, Numberz said:


    Roland, while I would agree that your compromise sounds reasonable, you and I both know that it will be ridiculed as a sharp stick and will never, ever be allowed to happen.


    Well...they HAVE been playing a lot of Valheim so you never know. They might be open to pumping out a smelter and simplifying the forge as a pure crafting station. It all depends upon time and resources. 


    Even if they don't, I think a mod that adds a smelter and changes recipes to use ingot versions of iron, brass, and lead would not be too long in coming. I'd use a mod like that.

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  13. 7 hours ago, Jost Amman said:

    Why don't they just remove wood, stone iron, coal, lead, KNO3 and shale and make ONE generic blob we can collect called "Material"?

    It'd streamline the game and make every recipe so simple after all.


    On a serious note... I'm all for streamlining "the process", but what about maintaining some "flavor" in the game?

    @madmole Don't you think you've gone too far with this simplification process? :suspicious:

    I understand your fear but in this case I think aligning the forge with the other workstations is a good thing. Imo, the flavor comes from having various workstations that manage specific recipes more than how complex a process it is to use those workstations. 

    Valheim workstations are very simplistic in use. The complexity is in adding mods to them and the fact that there is a large variety of workstations to build. Valheim’s forge is a simple crafting station but is still very flavorful. 

    I do like processing raw ore into refined ingots which Valheim also does with a separate smelter. I would be all for that although I think just fueling it with wood or coal would be fine instead of requiring an additional process of making charcoal. 

    So anyway, I think in this instance simplifying the forge to being a workstation would be fine but I would love for a simple and separate smelter to be added and then bring back ingots for the raw iron, brass, and lead that we mine and scavenge. As was brought up, the smelting process is a reason to harvest and use wood. Remove that and a major reason for the existence of wood would be gone. Smelting keeps us needing wood beyond the early game when we build with wood. 

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  14. Everytime they introduce a radar, players want to play the radar instead of the world. This was true when they had the minimap and radar blips and now we are back to it again quests.  I agree that the radar blips should just be done away with and people should interact with the world in order to finish the quest. Maybe you actually fail a quest at times. I know that nobody likes to fail a quest but if the helpers are adjusted to guarantee success every time then it isn't much of a quest.


    "Dang it! I couldn't find them all. I failed."



    They should remove the blips and add a timer. Now THAT'S a quest...

  15. So I inquired about this and what I was told was that Sony and Microsoft have responsibility for the descriptions of what they sell in their store. TFP does not maintain those store pages. The feature descriptions and screenshots that the respective stores provide for the product they sell, would show it to be a different product. If there was a problem, Sony and Microsoft would be in contact with TFP-- but that hasn't happened.


    Really, if you think about it, when you buy something from a store that wasn't what you expected, you go back to the store and complain/return/seek refund etc. That communicates to the store that there is a problem when they start getting a lot of similar complaints. Complaining to the artist or creative team can give them feedback that is worthwhile but it isn't going to change the store policies of where you bought the product. Sometimes you are directed to handle problems with the manufacturer. But in this case the manufacturer (publisher) was Telltale. When they went out of business the manufacturing role was never re-filled. No physical cases and discs have been made since Telltale went under. The game is now exclusively sold as a digital download that is handled by those stores.


    These complaints that the console version is different than the PC version and should be stated as such on the store page need to be made to Sony and Microsoft who will then decide if a change is warranted. However, if most people are happy with the version they got and don't really care how it compares to a platform they don't play on, then neither Sony nor Microsoft is going to change anything because as far as they know people are satisfied with their purchase.

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  16. On 3/11/2021 at 7:31 AM, kish123 said:

    i will honestly never purchase a title that TFP release ever again, you have partitions that your supporters fought for you to take back control of the game, now a year or so later they voice their frustration with you and instead of hearing it, understanding it and apologising they feel this way your moderators across many threads attack customers and attempt to rip apart their statements. 


    The petitions had zero effect on getting the rights back. Why would Telltale care about petitions when it was going out of business anyway. Those petitions had zero leverage. It was plain old money that got the rights back-- a lot of it.


    What you call "ripping apart their statements" is simply us telling you guys the truth-- albeit a truth you don't want to hear. What attacks have we made against anyone? We understand your frustration. I hope you understand ours and TFPs. You must know that what happened is not something any of us wanted or planned. They were caught be surprise as much as anyone. They were working on updating the console version again right up until day the announcement was made. When Iron Galaxy was told they would not get paid for their work, they stopped. Trust me, that there is no customer anywhere who feels any more burned by the fiasco than TFP. 


    This particular thread was started by someone incredulous that TFP would start two new PC projects before updating the console version at all. My answer to them is that there was never again going to be an update to the 2016 console version regardless of anything that was going to happen in the future. That's just simple truth.


    I do agree that an indication of some kind that the PC version is different from the console version would help to avoid the type of confusion you suffered. Even something as simple as 7 Days to Die (Console Edition) would work.

  17. 22 minutes ago, madmole said:

    You can build steel tables if you want or cloth tables


    Insane, always Nightmare speed, 10 minute days, 25% loot, no respawn, build your base only out of cloth is the new ultimate difficulty!

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  18. 3 hours ago, archergod said:

    Are there really plan for those or already drop for A20? I think we should have details by now?


    The heading on the first page reads A20/A21 at the top of the feature list. Whatever they don't get to for A20 will be in A21.


    2 hours ago, MechanicalLens said:

    A20 won't be out for at least several more months


    Maybe...maybe not. They can ship anything on that list in A21. Could be sooner than you may think. "It's done when it's done" doesn't always mean it is going to take longer. :)


    4 hours ago, archergod said:

    I am not asking for release date, but it is been 3-4 month


    Even though fans don't like to count the smaller updates, the developers do and so as far as they're concerned the clock just started again yesterday. It has only been one day since the last update. Could be that 3-4 months from today isn't a bad estimate....


    5 hours ago, SnowDog1942 said:

    Interesting, Im curious now.  Can I ask why? 


    People always want what they can't have. :)

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