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  1. 3 hours ago, Darklegend222 said:

    When did harder areas offering the same loot as easier areas become the norm for games.. it didn't, which is why the devs are fixing loot tables.


    I was just poking some fun at the title of the thread. OP admits that the harder areas are more fun. That should make it worthwhile playing in those areas regardless of the loot. In fact, if the loot was worse but the game play way more fun then people would want to play there anyway, right?


    I am aware that the loot tables will be changed and I'm not against it. I'd love more fun AND better loot. I'm no communist...

  2. Just some slight points of clarification:


    A17 was when looting zombies was removed and the zombies continue to have names.

    Arlene still roams the countryside of Navezgane-- even in the development builds of Alpha 20.

    Finally, the use of a limited number of models is not an attempt at MMORPG style. It is purely a limitation of current technology.


    I agree with you that it would be better if there was more variation among the different zombies so that the same enemies wouldn't become so repetitive. TFP agrees as well. But they have to strike a balance between performance and visuals. I know for a fact that they have explored options for greater variety and are doing what can be done while preserving the gameplay performance for the greatest number of people. I voted no on the poll because I don't prefer what we have even as a recognize that it may not be able to be changed.

  3. 6 hours ago, bdubyah said:


    What, you got something against 7's now? PTSD from all that math, huh? Tsk tsk.


    Ya know, if you keep a drink on it like you're supposed to, you won't even notice. ;)

    I think it’s mainly that the downward stroke of the seven perfectly aligns with and covers the handle of the stone axe. I would like it better, I think, if the seven were maybe slightly smaller and lowered just a bit so that the handle of the axe it covers could be seen as well. 

    Even if covered with a mason jar of coffee,I would know...lol. Having said that, though, I’m really just trying my best not to get aggressive with myself now over my own slight expression of negativity towards 7DTD. 😉

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  4. 5 minutes ago, Sal said:

    You're reaching with this, man.  You are looking WAYYY too deep into this.


    So you were being thoughtless in your word usage instead of intentional. Gotcha.


    6 minutes ago, Sal said:

    Who decides which phrases are "meant to sting" or not?  The writer or the reader? This is all based on interpretation. We're all on the frigging Internet for Christ sakes lol.


    You can play off your word choices as meaningless and claim innocence but you know and we know why you used the phrases you did. You even gave the keyboard warrior reason for it: we're on the friggin internet. Pretend if you want that misinterpretation is happening. It's not though and you know it.

    10 minutes ago, Sal said:

    Based on how YOU interpreted it.   Just like I interpreted your response.  Which was very condescending and offered nothing to the discussion amd could've been changed with a few choice words itself.


    Sure. But I freely admit that I'm aggressively calling you out on what everyone knows you were doing. Question is, why can't you just admit that you were actually trying to be offensive even though you prefaced your remarks with the old "No offense but...."


    14 minutes ago, Sal said:

    Can we agree to get back on track here.


    I don't like the coaster and some do. That's it lol.


    Well if you would have just led with that statement in the first place there never would have been a derailment. But geez this is the internet right? 


    It's cool that you don't like it. It's cool that some people do like it. If you still think that this convo has all been simply because you don't like it then there is no reaching you. I hope the next series is more to your liking but if not, feel free to express your criticism-- just a bit more respectfully if staying on track is actually something you care about. ;)

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  5. 11 minutes ago, Sal said:

    1) You knew what I meant and if you didn't then learn to internet.


    Of course I knew what you meant. But consider that just as your ommission of the n't was not really laziness nor an attention grab, neither is the coaster a lazy attempt at a money grab. I was drawing a parallelism between how you chose to post your criticism with my obvious joke about your mistake. The only difference is that I didn't use the phrase "No offense but..." to precede word choices that were demonstrably a more offensive choice to use than could otherwise be typed. You begged to give no offense and then used words like "terrible" and "using windows paint" and "put little thought" and "money grab". Pray, tell me in all of these phrases exactly how much mindfulness you put into being inoffensive?


    21 minutes ago, Sal said:

    2) I simply voiced my opinion on a product based on MY opinion.  Nothing more or less, and I see nothing wrong with that.  And you call THAT an "attention grab"?


    The attention grab was not in voicing your dislike for the product. I can respect not liking the aesthetics of some merchandise. The attention grab was in using phrases meant to sting while claiming you don't want to offend anyone. There is definitely a less offensive way to state what you said but--- let me guess... you're just a blunt person who doesn't like to sugar coat and tells it like it is, right? Why are the blunt ones also so easily offended when someone calls them out on what their "bluntness" actually is....?


    28 minutes ago, Sal said:

    If so, it seems like anyone who says anything negative bad about 7DTD falls into this category with you by your own standards.


    It's not about saying ANYTHING negative. You had quite a few choices in phrasing you could have used to be critical without drawing attention to your delivery. You sought to offend with the word choices you composed and the reason you got blowback was because you tried to hide it behind a duplicitous claim of not wanting to offend. That is what bothered people-- not that you don't like the coasters.


    33 minutes ago, Sal said:

    But I digress. I appreciate faatal's response.  He (or she) understands that not everyone is going to like it.  Just like any other product on the market.


    Everyone understands that. You think the negative responses to your post are simply people who don't get that not everyone is going to like everything? No. It was your word choices and the lie of your first three words in your post. Period.


    Check this out: I don't like the coaster either and don't plan to get one. I don't like how the 7 interacts with the stone axes. It seems too flat against them without enough depth between the layers for my taste. See....I can say that without also publicly accusing the artist of being inept or lazy or TFP of making some kind of cash grab.


    It's negative but not a douche move.

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  6. 6 minutes ago, faatal said:

    Maybe someday we will overhaul the UI and get more room in general.


    3/4 of the internet reads "Maybe someday" as "We promise and if we don't, you're entitled to a full refund if you can get an online petition going and spam Twitter with your demands"


    Just FYI

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  7. 41 minutes ago, TheBus4K said:

    Since Alpha 15-16 I have been constantly following updates (previous Alphas just played around a bit, dropped it, came back years later, etc.), when did you try the "small" updates? I was unaware of that 😮


    (I'm not asking for small updates either, if in 1 year we get a big update, 1-2 months would be like a small update, then 6 months would be a medium update, which is what I would like).

    Small updates were tried at around Alpha 6 - 8.


    Alpha 15 was already long after they realized that short updates weren't going to work for them. They obviously realized that many players wanted shorter updates so they would state that they hoped the next one would be shorter but nah.

  8. Thanks for your opinion but after 7 years of doing it their way despite many many threads just like yours pleading for faster updates, it just isn't going to happen. It is just how they operate and it will most likely continue to be so with their next game as well. There is nothing wrong with playing a game twice a year as long as you have other games in your library. The fact that you keep coming back and that with each new update the overall growth of the player base continues to rise shows that the way they are doing it isn't harming them.


    The game is not subscription based so from their perspective whether someone plays it every moment of the past year or only twice-- they get paid the same. And since people keep coming back it is a win anyway.


    Best is to let them just develop the way they have been doing for 7+ years since it works for them. A poll from years ago doesn't matter. Even if the poll had gone the other way in favor of faster updates-- they wouldn't be contractually bound to that for heaven's sake-- so just let the poll mythology go.


    Your thread is just another in a long line of opinions just like it and none of them have changed TFP's minds.

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  9. This is an international forum and as such what passes for humor in one culture will be inexplicable in another. These threads don't break any rules and I see them as light-hearted silliness. If this were the Mayo Clinic forum and we were discussing Meningitis then I could see being against light hearted nonsensical silliness but this is a video game forum for a game about zombies that can be found in a building called "Poopy Pants Daycare"....


    Silliness is allowed-- especially in General Discussions with how strict I'm being in the official A20 thread. Lighten up and relax.


    And the responsibility for what you read and see is ALWAYS up to you. So it is proper and correct to expect YOU to put people on ignore that annoy you and not expect me to stifle the posts of every random user whose sense of humor doesn't somehow match up with yours. 

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  10. I chose option two because I don't feel like it needs to be changed to default even though I do use the advanced rotation more often than the basic rotation whenever I intend to rotate. But that's the thing.... Often, I hit the wrong mouse button when intending to place a block as is and rotate it instead. With the simple rotation being default I can quickly rotate it back to the way I want. If the advanced rotation was default it would be a royal pain. Maybe it's just me though...


    Besides...the option I MOST often choose is "Copy rotation" :)

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