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  1. Speaking of bugs, I think I found another one. I hired NPCAmmo again, he attacked a zombie and console showed up with red message. Here's a snippet from log: EDIT: I just noticed that the "follow me" command is not working. It worked before but it doesn't work now. When I hired him, he didn't really follow me even when I clicked "follow me" command. When I clicked "guard here" and then "follow me" again, he started following me, but his animation looked strange, like if something wasn't right, it looked better previously. We broke into the garage of Hotel Ostrich in Navezgane, that's
  2. Thank you for letting me know. I will try.
  3. Checking SDX_EntityAliveSDX for update, there is version, unfortunately I can't remember what was the previous version and I can't compare the files because I decided to wipe the modded game completely and do a new one from scratch. Is this version the updated one? If it's not, I wouldn't mind to download the updated one from repository, I'm just not sure which one should I get. Is it the one in https://github.com/7D2DMods/SDXModsDevelopment/tree/master/Targets/7DaysToDie/Mods?
  4. Well it is weird indeed, because the actual path where this file is located is this: D:\Hry\7D2D\Alpha17\My_Mods\My7d2d_2\Mods\Xyth NPCs\Resources\HarleySounds.unity3d I have no idea why the game couldn't find the file. Did I mess up the settings of Mod launcher? I was trying to follow the tutorial video, but the truth is that I had to change the base path, because the default was on C, I wanted it to be on D. Unfortunately I had to edit the settings file manually to do that, because when I clicked on Settings in Mod launcher itself, it didn't show up anything.
  5. I was just about to inform you that the change didn't seem to have any effect and another NPCAmmo that I hired is also losing his health. I'm glad to hear that you already found the problem. In the meantime, I was standing inside the strip club POI with hired NPCAmmo and there was also HarleyQuinn NPC (not hired) and she was fighting some enemies. As I was watching the console messages to see if the health of NPCAmmo is still getting lower, I received some red error message that I didn't catch before. I think it's related to HarleyQuinn NPC that was near by. I opened the log and I think the
  6. I don't know if he was injured. Is there any indicator that would let me know? And if he loses health, is there any way we can heal him? I would like to help, but I'm not sure what exactly should I do? So, should I just comment out this line for all NPCs? <property name="AITask-6" value="MaslowLevel1SDX, Mods"/> like so? <!-- <property name="AITask-6" value="MaslowLevel1SDX, Mods"/> --> and rewrite the order of AITasks so that there will be no number gap? EDIT: In the meantime, I made a backup file and started editing the original xml file according to the
  7. This is something I would love to know too, I just lost my new friend Bill the NPCAmmo
  8. I just checked the log and if I was to guess, it looks like he was actually losing health, but I have no idea why. How can we keep them alive besides giving them food and water?
  9. Xyth, Bill the NPCAmmo just died. I don't know what happened, he had food and water. I lost the things I stored in his inventory. Are their lives time limited? EDIT: Here is the log. The time of death of Bill the NPCAmmo should be at the end of the log, because I closed the game soon after his death.
  10. Xyth, couple of things: - When I talk to an NPC and ask them if they have any jobs, I get a red sea of error messages in console. - I hired Bill the NPCAmmo before finishing the initial quest chain and I was supposed to go to trader Joel and he wasn't in his usual standing place and the cash register next to him was missing as well. Is it because I hired Bill the NPCAmmo? - Is there any chance for me to turn off friendly fire between me and my hired companion? Bill the NPCAmmo has pretty strong weapon (which was kinda why I wanted to hire him), but when we were fighting zombies, his
  11. In the meantime, I started a new game and after playing a little bit, this red message showed up in console (might be the same one from the log that I posted in previous post - 2019-04-26T20:28:37 8269.662 I immediately checked the map and I saw BanditEve in the area. Could it be her causing both errors? I would hate to lose her!
  12. Ok, here's the log. I'm sorry, it's longer than standard text sharing websites allow to send, so I had to use a real file sharing service for this. I think the interesting parts start at these times: 2019-04-26T19:00:16 2968.090 and 2019-04-26T20:28:37 8269.662
  13. Well, it was single player game, no zombie around, just BanditEve, I came close to her because I only had a bow and arrows, so I probably wouldn't stand a chance at distance, but when I came close to her, she started attacking me in melee combat and that's when this problem occured. I will look up the log, but it may be longer one because I was playing for quite a while after that and I got some new error message since then, so hopefully you will see that one too.
  14. Xyth, I was attacked by BanditEve, I was bleeding and suddenly this showed up in console: Due to this message I was killed, because even when I closed it, it showed again.
  15. Try this set: Security guard with riot shield and baton Soldier with rifle Cop with a shotgun Cop with a small gun Last but not least... Crazy John wearing a dirty white tank top with blood stains on it (which of course isn't his blood), he's a badass ex-cop who always happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, always saving unfortunate innocent people from whole armies of terrorists with just his smg that seems to never run out of ammo, but this time since he'd be late to spend time with family on Christmas eve anyway, he must save whoever is still alive in the zombie apocaly
  16. It would be awesome if you could share with others, you know? Just saying!
  17. I wouldn't really mind RGW, but I hate to wait for it to generate only to find out it's not exactly what I expected lol Well, I guess I will try Navezgane first and maybe I will look for some nice seeds for RGW.
  18. Nope, I meant really riding on the back of zombies lol but that can wait, I'm more interested in your vehicles mod, because I was looking for a mod that would do exactly what you wanted - to be able to find a working car randomly in the world! Does it work in Navezgane?
  19. I challenge you to make a mod that lets players to ride piggyback on zombies!
  20. I just refreshed modlets in Mod launcher to find that new Patch_Entity, but unfortunately I can't see it anywhere (checked both default and SDX). I'm trying to refresh the list again. EDIT: This time it was there, downloading the update right now!
  21. Does this update need a new world to take effect?
  22. Thank you! I downloaded them all through Mod launcher. Does it automatically download the update when it's available or will I have to download the mods again manually?
  23. Xyth, I'm sorry if this doesn't belong here, but I'm posting it here just in case it has something to do with this particular mod. So I installed all of them: Bandits, Wandering traders and this NPCs mod. I encountered BanditArcher but it was killed by a zombie in the snow biome and just when that happened, console showed up with this message:
  24. More missing dependencies in mod launcher: SDX_EAITasks SDX_Quests SDX_Buffs
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