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  1. Oh, this is what is generated, but the road is not always above the water, sometimes it goes below the water level and creates those walls of water on the sides of the road. Even that wouldn't be bad if the water itself filled that space above the road which would simulate a sunken road. If you're absolutely sure that these roads should always be above the water level, I will try to download the latest version then. EDIT: It looks like I already had the last version available.
  2. Interesting. I have version 0.251 alpha. Is this the one you were talking about? I created one map yesterday and it had similar result in this aspect like version 0.241 that I tried before. What kind of ramps we are talking about? Could you give me a screenshot? I would like to see one, so that I know what I should be looking for in the final result.
  3. Hey, Nitrogen is a nice tool and produces decent results pretty fast, but there are also some weak parts. I would like to know if we will ever see some bridges across the water between two parts of the land? Right now it tends to produce some pretty weird and unrealistic results as it draws roads across the water and the roads are very often below the water level and when you cross the road you are literally surrounded by walls of water. What I would like to see instead are bridges or at least roads that go above the water level instead of under it.
  4. I had exactly the same bug. Could you please share your output_log.txt from that particular game session? You can use website such as pastebin.com or if the output_log.txt is too big, archive it using zip or rar and upload it to Mediafire (or other similar file sharing website). The more logs with this bug, the better, because I was told that the origin of this problem is still unknown, thanks. EDIT: So you're saying that this happens with farmer NPC. In my case it was NPCAmmo and I thought that I might be missing something, perhaps other NPCs don't have that issue, I was about to try the o
  5. That would be awesome. Also if we could just take some aspects of one overhaul and add it to another one or just use it in our favorite set of mods, that would be cool.
  6. I thought that a clean copy of the game + manual installation of the mod files using SDX can do the trick?
  7. Yes, it's normal, those are messages from NPCs mod for debugging purposes.
  8. You're welcome. If you need something else, please let me know. Personally I can't wait for the issues to be resolved so I will help with testing as much as I can.
  9. Ok, so I just finished testing on a fresh copy of the game with only the following mods installed: I started a new game with pre-generated world from Nitrogen. I played the initial quest until the point when I was supposed to locate the trader. Still with the active quest "locate the trader", I started looting random POIs and sold as much as I could to get 1000 Casino tokens from wandering traders. I found NPCAmmo in the world and hired him. I went into the main menu and then I loaded the game again. NPCAmmo was gone. I'm uploading the log, but please note that for some reason it's a
  10. Funny. I thought that questing ability was already fixed because it didn't give me errors anymore. Unfortunately I had a bigger issue, because when I hired an NPC, they wouldn't keep following me no matter what I did and when I restarted the game, they were gone. Right now I am doing a clean copy of the game, with only Wandering traders, NPCs and Bandits to see if there's any difference because I had other mods installed as well. I hope we can find a way to make these mods compatible, because I mostly pick mods that add new stuff, so I would guess these things have no reason to be incompatible
  11. Where are you getting these NPC models from and how do you import them to this mod?
  12. How about my suggestion above? Once you get in a vehicle, your companion will despawn and once you get out of vehicle, your companion will spawn near you again? It would simulate that they are travelling with you. Well, let's be honest, when we drive, we focus on the road and surrounding anyway, no time to keep checking the passenger seat if the actual passenger is there. Or maybe walkie-talkie to call them and they would effectively spawn somewhere in distance and run to you? Mafia III had it that way.
  13. Well, in Fallout 4, your companion is a little bit more autonomous than it was in previous versions, but generally, when they see an enemy nearby, they attack them and once they kill them, they quickly run back to you. When you tell them it's time for you to separate, you can set which base you want them to go and they go there. Once there, they never really wander off too far even when the base is under attack, they always return back to base after chasing and killing the enemy. Maybe it could work similarly here. Your companion could stay with you for as long as you need them and if you tell
  14. Well, I don't know how that could be done, but on the other hand, wouldn't it distract our hired NPCs from the task we give them? I mean, it would be cool if wandering (non-hired) NPCs were able to go investigate the sounds of shooting, but in the same time, I wouldn't like hired NPCs go to do the same thing if I wanted them to stay with me or guard some specific spot.
  15. Xyth, I just had a perfect situation in which I went into Pass-N-Gas, I attacked a zombie, but I only had a stone axe and suddenly a nurse NPC came from behind and finished that zombie for me. Soon after that, I looted the room, found a shotgun, went to the second room / garage, door was open and even before I reached it, a zombie that was inside went straight to me. I shot him and suddenly I had two bandits on my back, BanditEve and BanditArcher who both attacked me. That was probably a random rare coincidence, but it was pretty intense and very cool and it made me think that maybe it woul
  16. Thanks for reassurance that it might be added eventually. This mod is already awesome and it will be even better with that option. With bandits, wandering traders and NPCs you can hire, you get long hours of solo roleplay without getting bored. Companions give you that "we're in this together" feeling, wandering traders give you that "I'm not alone in this apocalypse" feeling and bandits give you that restless feeling that you can get shot at any time and you have to act fast if you want to stay alive - "Oh sh** who's shooting at me?" or "Damn, I have to try a different way, because this one i
  17. It would be cool if that was an option, it would allow more flexibility for mod creators too. I mean, there are pros and cons and one of the cons is definitely that they can hurt you by accident, close quarter situations may be lethal and sometimes it doesn't really depend on your own skills. Don't get me wrong, NPC companions are very useful, for example when you are facing a horde somewhere outside, they can really take care of some of them for you, but once inside, they can actually do more harm than good depending on the situation. I would love to confidently take them into any POI without
  18. I'm confused. Does this mean that NPCs that can be hired already have the option to turn off friendly fire? If so, how do we use it? As for the traders and bandits, I can't recall the last time I got hit by wandering traders, if at all. I'm actually happy when bandits find me and attack me, because it's a nice change to the game and zombies are no longer the only threat. I was hit by my own follower though and that can be lethal sometimes, so if there is an option that would simply prevent our followers from killing us and maybe prevent us from killing them by accident, that would be awe
  19. Their weapons are fine, we just need to be able to turn off friendly fire, so that your own NPCs will not kill you if you get between them and their real target. Perhaps it should check the server option which controls friendly fire, if you turn it off, your friendly NPCs should never hurt you and you should never hurt them.
  20. I can't even keep up updating to the latest versions, I just finished updating one version, testing right now and now I see two new updates lol. Of course I'm NOT complaining, in fact I love this mod so much that it's hard to force myself to go to sleep in real life.
  21. I'm working on a Fallout 4 map and in the huge flat place where you would expect a city, Nitrogen didn't place anything except road. When I tried to generate again, it placed a city there but it was small one so the huge free space around it was still unused, but it's still pretty cool. It looks much more realistic than what we get in standard RWG.
  22. Yeah, it's good, but it could be better if it allowed us to mark places on the map to place cities and stuff like that. I want to recreate Fallout 4 map, just for fun.
  23. I wish we had some app that would let us place cities where we want them and then it would generate roads.
  24. Xyth, that red NRE showed up again, a while after hiring Bill the NPCAmmo and I hate to say that, but he seems to be stuck again, he's unable to follow me. Do you think it might have something to do with that red error message in the console? Also, I didn't spawn him this time, I just wanted to play and meet him randomly in the world. It's interesting because previously, when I spawned him two times using F6, this problem didn't happen. Also, I was on my way to the trader (initial quest) when I hired him, I hope this can help to isolate the bug. Here is the log. NRE should be a litt
  25. That's why this is strange, because I deleted everything and started all over again, so this is a new game, but I will look into Mod launcher to see if I have some missing files or files that need to be updated. EDIT: Ok, this is weird. I looked in Mod launcher, clicked "Pre-Sync Mod" button, started the game again and I started a new world and "follow me" seems to work again. So far no errors.
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