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  1. Im having issues with the forge. not sure about other stations yet. there is no option to turn the forge on and start smelting. also you have to shift click to put the crucible, anvil and stuff in because the spot you place them in is unseen for some reason. Any help is appreciated.
  2. Where do you change the MaxSpawnedZombies?I tried to do it in same area of the xml files that you change in vanilla, but im still getting constant spawns around my base.
  3. I had to reinstall the mod because of an update, and now I have crappy UI, like my toolbelt is white with a big red question mark and I cant see any of the items. Any idea how to fix this? Ok , so I fixed the UI problem, somehow the mods folder didnt get transferred over. So now the UI is working but the load screen has no options like new game, continue game etc. It just sits there.
  4. Does anyone know which xml needs to be edited to edit the amount of loot in say loot chests for example? I dont mean loot abundance which gives you say 20 rounds of ammo instead of 10. I mean the xml that would say put 3 pistols in a loot box instead of 1. Thanks in advance!
  5. I try to start the game and get a null reference error. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game, and deleting everything 7 days to die on my pc and cannot seem to fix it. output_log__2020-09-25__20-06-54.txt
  6. Can you please tell me what xml files for Ravenhearst need to be changed to change the backpack size? I can get it to work with vanilla, but I am missing something with RH.
  7. What files need to be changed to make a bigger backpack for single player with this mod? I have been successful with vanilla, but cant seem to get it right with this mod.
  8. Diamonds Where are diamonds found? Been playing this mod for some time, and have yet to find any.
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