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  1. Awesome work DerPopo. Thanks for looking into this for me. Would you mind if I post a link in some other forums? I'll make sure you get full credit.
  2. I don't use Unity at all. I downloaded it, but I really haven't messed with it, so I can't really comment. That said, I don't think it would be a good investment for modding. It may facilitate some things, but much of that I think can be done with the free version. Unity won't extract or import assets files. It will create new ones, but trying to make Unity create an assets file for 7 Days 2 Die would be impossible. Unless you work for TFP, and have access to the entire build. Most of the C# scripting is done with 3rd party tools like Visual C# which you can get the Express edition from Microsoft for free. I personally do all my core mods in CIL (Common Intermediate Language) which is similar to assembly style coding. Most Windows machines already have the utilities need to do it, and it produces identical files to the original except the parts that are edited. It's really all about what you want to do. I wouldn't recommend buying anything to mod Unity Games at the moment. Most of us are using free tools.
  3. There's no reason it wont work for items. I've made seeds while working on some new plants. The only hard stuff to get at right now is the textures and models. The biggest thing is you need to have unique IDs, and all the links must reflect the proper ID. You'd also have to add the items to the loot list, or use creative mode to get the new items.
  4. You can add prefabs to a map pretty much the same way I added labels, and regions to the maps. Extract the DDS file with UAE, make your edit with a DDS image editor, and import it back in.
  5. Sorry, but this is not a good idea. Any update that changes the xml would be rendered useless or even cause a crash by doing this. The best way to keep you changes is to add your recipes to the end of the xml, and keep a back up. Then when a new game version comes out you append only your edited recipes to the xml. Even then if something changes your recipe may not work, but using the old file in the new build would have caused you to have no armor recipes. Always append your additional recipes to a new recipes.xml.
  6. That is possible. That's the way recipes.xml works. I'm not a server side expert, but basically you just replace the recipes.xml in your server with the edited one. If I create a game on my PC with an edited recipes file, it would load to anyone joining my game. Same is true for a server. I'm not sure of the exact file architecture of your server, so I can't give you a total layout. It should be something like "7 Days To Die\Data\Config\recipes.xml". It's a common edit people make. If that doesn't get you there, I'm sure someone with more server knowledge will comment.
  7. Mods at their most basic replace files already in game. Other than that basic idea it depends on the type of mod you want to add. A DLL mod simply replaces an existing DLL. A resource mod requires either replacing an entire file, or injecting a file into a particular resource. Any of the mods may be server based or client based, and once again it will come down to what kind of mod you're trying to install. Give an example of the mods you want, and I'll run down more details on how to install them.
  8. Nice. I'll give it a look. I don't know that it ever can cover all "I" want to do, but I commend you for your work. (Note: You'll never be able to cover everything I want to do, but that's just cause I'm crazy like that.)
  9. Just do like I've done with UAE. Keep a general post with updated links on the first post. I have some minor releases, and bug fixes throughout the thread, but final releases are always on the first post. You can make a post with your revisions if you want, but it doesn't need to be at the top. I keep my detailed explanation in the readme file. It's really not too bad if you plan for it. I didn't with UAE, and now I wish I could change some of the description and title to reflect the new v0.2, but it's not a big deal, and if I were remaking it I'd write it generic enough that it didn't need to be changed.
  10. Sweet we have a modding section now. I wonder if the moderators are going to move some of our existing threads. Anyway, it really depends on what you're trying to mod. A good place to start would be my Unity Asset Editor. It will allow modding things inside the .assets files. If you want to do code mods you'll need ILSPY or another .NET Managed Assembly viewer. Plus you would want to start learning C# and MSIL. Let me know what you want to do, and I'll try to answer your questions.
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