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  1. It looks like only a schematic at this point. You can always search an item. It will tell you it's unlock. Plus it's needed apparatus. I have the schematic, but I never use it. Looting is better. Never have need to craft anything really. Got great tools from looting. Plus you can't craft the best items. Maybe in A20 crafting will be worth it again.
  2. I remember my first mods on this game. People said we couldn't do it. TFP had the XML's encrypted. In the assets file. Things were tough back then. A lot of people have made it easier.
  3. Exit the game. It will restart the quest. I've had those quests that spawned an unreachable zed.
  4. I play ultra wide. 5260x1080. It causes some stuff to disappear. Resolution and FOV could be an issue.
  5. Last I remember, haven't modded this game in years, height was in a single byte. That only allows 256 spaces. The game is still 256 levels from absolute bottom to top. Lets have fun and up that to a DWORD. That would give us 4,294,967,295 levels from bottom to top. In scale, that wouldn't even get us into orbit. A QWORD might get orbit, but not to the moon. The closest planet would be further than any number native to a computer. In this voxel scale. You could warp to another planet. Forget the distance between. Then it's just another Navezgane.
  6. Does water not flow anymore? Been ages since I tried. Used to dig trenches for my garden. That's not needed anymore. Kind of miss that. Used to make water falls into my bedrock lair to water my garden. One open block for light. A lot has changed.
  7. I usually loot quests twice. Once before activating. Once after. I have found the logout bug. Mostly because of the clear area bug. How much can you carry though? How bored will you get?
  8. I typically get more engines than I need. Trying to get springs and @%$#. How many engines do you need in one game?
  9. Awesome work DerPopo. Thanks for looking into this for me. Would you mind if I post a link in some other forums? I'll make sure you get full credit.
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