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  1. But 90% of the game is already done, it all takes only 10% of the game. Because the hardest part of the game is, it's all like a mod. (Correct if I'm wrong.) Minecraft is not loved because it is Minecraft. Minecraft Love for the fact that there is everything and everything can be done thanks to the mods.
  2. See there is a map of Navezgane. You fly away loading. and you see a planet from far away, that's it! You fly to the Mars Arriving at the moon is loading. The Lunar Terrain Map is loading. I do not see a problem. for example c 00:00 - 04:00, see carefully from 3:30-3:41
  3. But in Empyrion - Galactic Survival, the same map as in 7 Days to Die. What for (for what) in 7 Days to Die something rewrite ? Just on other planet remove grass, trees and NPCs. And that’s all! When you get to the edge of the map you will go to the beginning (the other side) of the map.
  4. The problem is that games like: ----------------------- Not realistic (a lot of mysticism). Astroneer No Man’s Sky Satisfactory Occupy Mars: The Game MEMORIES OF MARS ARK: Survival Evolved Subnautica lot of fiction of inappropriate reality. On other planets, fictional animals and plants, this is complete nonsense (this is not interesting!). ----------------------- But there are realistic games. Made more realistic, production process, craft, construction. 7DTD (except for zombies) Stationeers (there are real planets Moon, Mars, Europe, Asteroids) If you make 7DTD + Stationeers, it will be a masterpiece. see for example: ----------------------- good trailer for 7DTD Landing on Moon or Europa Landing on Mars Landing on Asteroid Docking Space Station
  5. Look at a game like Empyrion - Galactic Survival (on Voxel map) example They made an exit to the atmosphere on the same Unity engine. The bottom line is that you fly to the top, and the top Voxel Map is removed from RAM (OZU). and the sphere (s) is loaded into RAM. You fly to another planet, enter the atmosphere, the space map is deleted from RAM, the voxel map loading to RAM of another planet is loaded, you find yourself at the top of the voxel map. When you approach the border of the map, then you go to the coordinates on the other (back) side. Yes, there is a small load of the world during transitions, but this is not critical.
  6. Yes, I understand that this requires resources. Otherwise, I would make such a game alone, if it would be so simple. But 7DTD already has it all! It remains to change this a bit based on what is already there. Something can be simplified than neglected (if it is expensive and difficult). And you get additional content, for example as a DLC. But space does not replace the game !!! Space expands it! After all, someone does not force you to make a rocket and fly to another planet, this is additional content for those who are interested in this. You will also do what you did in the game earlier. No one forces you to raise animals. Personally, I love this game as construction, farming, survival and craft. I’m not even interested in zombies. Just 7DTD did it very well.
  7. But why is there a discussion of this here in this thread? Just iterate over the array, through for. To improve, you need to look at a specific example. Astroneers hacked throughout all time, look carefully. If you did not find it does not mean that it is not present. This does not stop them from selling successfully.
  8. There are animals in the game, I mean farming, mating animals to breed them to get meat and skins from the farm. And do not destroy the last animals on the planet. Farming animals like in the game ARK SE (But easier). So that these animals can be caught and transported to another planet for their breeding there. Growing fish in an aquarium like in Subnautica. To grow fish on another planet in an aquarium. There is a Voxel map, a player (character) , interface, just remove trees and animals, here you have another planet. Add pressure to the atmosphere and the enclosed room. ​​​​By colonization of the planets, I understand how in the game Stationeers, but with less physics. Rockets are only for flights from planet to planet. Simply in a word. Add Stationeers to 7 Days To Die. For example Stationeers is very raw, but it has great potential. It is you 7DTD developers who will be able to realize this potential competently (On based on your game 7DTD.). On real planets of the solar system. p.s. Dean Hall (game designer) New Zealand; Dunedin He created the computer game DayZ for the zombie apocalypse, but he did it poorly. You have made 7DTD better. Now he makes and recruits staff to develop the game Stationeers. If you take it then you will do it better. Just like you made the game 7DTD better. Think about it (to create and combine space and zombie apocalypse into a single goal.)
  9. New content for the game 7 days to die. Add livestock to the game. Grow chicken from an egg in an incubator. An animal trap so that you can catch the animal, load it into the car and bring the captured animal home for breeding and rearing. Rabbit or hare. Wolf or panther. Deer Wild boar Which bear can be fed with berries or faster meat, fish. To breed them, you need two individuals of different sexes. Catch a bird to breed. You can feed them what you grow in the garden or hydroponics. Add an automatic pet feeder. Add a fishing rod so you can catch fish in the river. Add an aquarium so that you can grow fish in this aquarium. Hydroponics, so that plants can be grown underground, if there is a power grid. Add a windmill generator. Add a solar panel. Add a water electro generator, a water mill. Add a nuclear reactor and uranium ore. Add an electric generator on the wood. Add an electric generator on organics. Add a steam boiler. so that some parts such as sheets of iron can be produced in a rolling mill or press. as well as make foil. Add a shredder to recycle the blocks back into the ore. A stove for burning wood into coal, which burns better, and gives higher heat. Add tools to make production harder. for example, such tools: A grinder (angle grinder) for dismantling blocks without destroying them. Drill for dismantling electrical appliances without destroying them. Screwdriver to configure electrical appliances. Welding machine for welding steel blocks. A crowbar or crowbar to remove glass without breaking them and remove doors without destroying them. Add a backpack to carry more cargo. Add modifiers for vehicles that you need to find and which will allow you to carry more cargo. Add to the game: Large cargo truck. for example, if you need to move a large base to a new place for 1 time. Since it is tiresome to drive dozens, transporting trash hundreds of times by car. A crane for construction on which you can build at a height. Excavator for digging in large pits. A tractor for processing large tracts of land, such as planting plants and harvesting large quantities. A truck for transporting animals. A drilling rig for digging ore as a quarry immediately digs all the ore in a given place. Demolition machine. The building disassembling machine is quickly dismantled by the entire building by marks. A car for the construction of a building from a drawing, it creates a drawing by tags. A machine for sawing trees, logs and transporting wood that will go to the fuel of an electric generator. Add a rocket runway. Add a spacesuit creation. Add the ability to make a rocket and fly to the moon or Mars or asteroids space trading station in orbits. On the planets, Mars, the moon, asteroids are all the same but there are none, zombies, no animals, no plants, no buildings. For the furnace to work, it is necessary to produce oxygen in the form of ore. In the presence of carbon dioxide in the room and the right temperature, you can grow plants. carbon dioxide is produced by burning hydrocarbon ores, and the furnace can run on hydrogen in the form of ore and oxygen in the form of ore. Add air conditioning and heater. Add pressure regulator in enclosed space. Animals can be brought with them on a rocket, but they will die without oxygen and the right temperature, pressure in the built room. On these planets, the enemy is asteroids and temperature. also the enemy is solar flares. Make a closed space (atmosphere) so that it does not require a lot of calculations, perhaps a special atmospheric unit that will calculate the isolation on the client so as not to load the server with complex physics. And the client will transmit few numbers to the server. otherwise you may run into problems of productivity. No need to make complex air masses make the atmosphere static the same. Only variable temperature, pressure. And a different atmosphere inside the enclosed space of each player’s building. Also, finding rare abandoned, small buildings or space orbital stations in which there are a lot of zombies and rare precious space things (a laser rifle, an advanced spacesuit, rare plants, an unusual animal, etc.) would be super. Space trading at orbital stations or through a trading station catching signals and sending capsules on small rockets. Ore Required: ice oxygen nitrogen carbon dioxide hydrogen uranium (nuclear elements) hydrocarbon (coal) Desired Ores chemistry periodic table. Gases required: oxygen nitrogen carbon dioxide hydrogen poisons Desired Gases chemistry periodic table. Add planetary transport by analogy. rover cargo rover flying ship on the planet. Please do this in the game. Since this will make the game even better and more beautiful, it is already good, but it will be generally super. You will thus, with minimal effort, actually expand your audience of fans. After all, you already have all the most complex and works great. The space simulator is a new market and a huge number of new people who love space, but they don’t have a 7 days to die game, for example, they are not interested in this game, but you made it beautifully and you will have much more sales, simply because you add space and such planets as Mars, the moon, asteroids, the moons of Jupiter and the moon of Saturn, the lava planet.
  10. These are suggestions to. Game developers 7DTD have done this. Like DLC or like MOD. Really worth adding GregTech 6 (from Minecraft) to the game. So that machines can be made from different ores and they have different qualities. It is also worth paying attention to other advantages of this mod. In the field of mining and ore processing. So that you can make different machines from different materials. So that you can make different tools from different materials. For geology and ore mining to be more realistic and require sophisticated machines for ore production. (I can’t explain this, you need to look at MOD) This addition would make the game much more attractive and more difficult. Greg Tech is not for beginners, but for those who want more realism in the field of geology and ore processing. (In order to understand what I'm talking about, you need to have a strong desire to sort it out and play Greg Tech 6) Namely, to make machines, you need tools. To make blocks for the cars, you need machines. Ore generation is more complex and consists of minerals (not pure ore). And from minerals you can extract ore in a difficult way in machines. I just can’t explain it, you need to install GregTech on Minecraft and play it to appreciate how cool and beautiful it is. Of course Greg Tech 6 in Minecraft is incredibly heavy and incomprehensible. (It is not friendly implemented.) You could make it similar, but simpler and more understandable for people, and this would bring a lot of popularity to the game 7 Days To Die(specifically guides and instructions in the game itself with a detailed description machines and tools). see https://mechaenetia.com/gallery/?page=1 https://ftb.gamepedia.com/Category:GregTech_6 For example youtube channel developer "Bears Den"
  11. And I have a Galactic Empyrion Survival which is much better at times than Space Engineers. And what now? There is a Space Engineers ,There is a NoManSky . But they're not here and they have a different story. The game is not about space. will be on the fact and about other planets, survival!!! In Galactic Empyrion Survival A lot of fiction. And here's 7Days To Die with its sheath and with its Atmosphere would be way under the genre of other planets. But not in space. No need for any spacecraft and other unnecessary. Just rocket fly to be on another planet, and all. It's elementary to make. Well, than it's not Mars. Simply remove the plants and buildings and all. A new game. https://survblog.files.wordpress.com/2017/02/7-days-to-die-desert-biome.jpg Mars without plants and without life (real Mars), along the lines of the Moon, IO, Europa, etc. Mars without monsters and plants. These games with real Planets, There are no, and this appreciate the good. Add science and research (from the game Space Kerbal Program) and Valea NEW cool game. The most important thing is to leave the same atmosphere of the game because it made her very interesting. While I understand that developers tried to do something different and they have failed.
  12. Make a rocket. That I could crafting a rocket from details. https://images.axios.com/815jhxtFPgDB4_7g-RojjZeKmQM=/0x0:4379x2463/1600x900/2018/07/21/1532193758628.jpg And a desert biome without plants. And an opportunity to fly to Mars/Moon/Fobos/Deimos on this rocket. only Mars/Moon/Fobos/Deimos real (without fantasy, without monsters), only science and survival. And survival on Mars/Moon/Fobos/Deimos. Oxygen, garden, ore, etc. Your Enemy only Radiation, Meteorite, Not knowledge of science. More Enemies not present. https://d.ibtimes.co.uk/en/full/1488349/matt-damon-walks-mars-gravity.jpg see https://planetary.s3.amazonaws.com/assets/images/art/20140419_Figure-3.jpg https://i2-prod.mirror.co.uk/incoming/article11232319.ece/ALTERNATES/s810/MAIN-Humans-could-be-living-in-a-lunar-village-on-the-moon-by-2040.jpg And in an orbit the space station which can be visited. https://unnatural.ru/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/o12.jpg Make Under water world. And Europa moon Jupiter. http://light-science.ru/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/europa-surface-696x514.jpg Make Asteroid Field https://blogs.voanews.com/science-world/files/2017/05/4FTY-1000x576.jpg see https://www.worldatlas.com/r/w728-h425-c728x425/upload/b2/b6/94/shutterstock-300203846.jpg As additional DLC. For which it is necessary to buy 7DaysToDay. It will increase sales. Time in space. Remove restriction in 6 images.
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