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  1. Is there a way to disable the green witch? She's killing my gameplay and performance and basically ruining the mod for me. Week 2 she spawns in a horde with some mobs with 4k hp and regen, running at nightmare speed. Keeps spawning mobs until the game runs around 20ish fps. Another time i was in the lab poi and the performance of the demons is already really bad (all the dynamic lights they give off i guess) and she spawns on of those hordes on top of the poi.
  2. How do i get hold of the research table?
  3. We need a p90 and mp5 in the mod.
  4. Holy shit, a20 zombies look freaking awesome.
  5. Yea, the files are there. When i play solo there are no errors of missing assets. We have installed the same version from the same source (7daystodiemods). Its only when i connect to my mates server i get this error. He doesn't get any errors when he starts the server. We have tried a few mods (and removed some) and i think something just got messed up during the way. Edit: you asking if the files were actually there made me go check more thorough, and lo and behold some were actually missing. For some reason not all of them got copied from the zip. Ive added them manually now and we will c
  6. Yes of course, sorry about that. I hope you can make sense of anything in there if that's the correct one. I kinda have a hunch a restart of the map is needed, but im hoping perhaps with some luck it can be salvaged. Thanks in advance for the help. output_log__2020-04-23__20-58-43.txt
  7. Wtf, are you snitching on some random dudes opinions. What are you, 12 year old.
  8. Hay Xyth, i have a problem when joining my friends server that's running creature packs. We are using the exact same version of creature pack but when i join the server i get some error that my client cant load x numbers of assets for the mod and after a while i get null ref error spam and cant continue. Playing solo yields no errors when loading and no problems even after hours of playn. Any ideas ?
  9. Any plans to change the death penalty, the reduction to skills was maybe not the best idea imo. But as it is now there's basically no penalty at all, at least as i see it. You could add some reductions that could be offset by pills or medications a player could make from the physicians tree, or higher quality food?
  10. No, i play with my sis. The number of times she's wasted hours of me grinding resources to decorate.. alot .P
  11. Yes please, keep your eyes on the target for now. We can add more spice later.
  12. I used to sell them at my last workplace, if you kept to few together they would be so stressed that they rather took bites of each other before the eating the food given to them. Put your hand in the tank and they would press together tighter then sardines in a corner. I gave them a defect molly fish once to eat and he basically lived with them for days until one finally for some reason ate him. The piranas were around 20 ish cm in size.
  13. Those hornets look disgusting lol. I should be more used to insects since i sell them at work, but these were creepy. Nice work ^^
  14. I just managed to get it from 7 days to die mods page. The download was fast and no problems, no problems ingame so far either. Many thanks again for the work.
  15. Xyth, any chance you could update the nexus link aswell. I simply cant get any download to finish properly, so far ive tried mod launcher, the github client and my browser. I always get some error at the end of the download. I cant remember all of them, but for mod loader its usually a svn error or that the file is locked somehow.
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