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  1. Hi @ocbMaurice, Have done some more testing with dedicated server and seems to work but there were only two of us. I should be able to test with 4 or 5 players tomorrow. If everything continues to work well, I would guess that the strange behaviour we encountered was due to either the peer-to-peer play we were using or corruption in the server game save files. I'll post back either way.
  2. Hi @Tallman Brad, I've been playing with this mod as well and love it. I'm learning how to mod the UI and made an attempt to reskin the pinned recipes. I've rearranged the icons a bit, separated the checkmark from the numbers, and tried to add more contrast to the text. I also have the background opacity working (matches UI) but haven't figured out the foreground opacity yet. If you want to give it a try, just replace the existing mods Config/XUi as they are designed to work with the existing mods files. @ocbMaurice, I hope you don't mind my sharing these files. If so let me know and I'll take them down. Config/XUi files for Pinned Recipes https://www.dropbox.com/s/gprl8dg5tiktez3/XUi.zip?dl=0 (Edit: I'm new to Dropbox, if this link doesn't work let me know) You can have the pins on the left or right side, just edit the Config/XUi/windows.xml file and change the anchor and pos attributes (currently set to right side).
  3. Hi @ocbMaurice, been busy the last couple of days, but here is the log for our last play session. https://www.dropbox.com/s/qifuruuktx11842/output_log__2022-01-05__20-00-36.zip?dl=0 (Edit: I'm new to dropbox, if this link doesn't work let me know). I do not see any errors in the log for the 3+ hour session. I'm starting my 7 Days to Die, loading our game and allowing other players to join me, so I am effectively the server and failing client at the same time. What I am seeing is when other open their crafting menu, the recipes they tag show up on my screen. Sometimes I can close them, other times clicking the X does nothing. Others are also seeing recipes on their screen that they have not added as well. This is not consistent though. I'm going to try and migrate our game save to a separate install of 7D2D to run as a dedicated server and give that a try on Sunday and see if that makes a difference. Edit: If no one joins my game, the pinned recipes work perfectly fine.
  4. Tried this with one of clients also running the server and the pinned recipes were messed up between players. Does this require a dedicated server for multiplayer use?
  5. Great mod!! Been looking for something like Undead Legacy's pins since my modding skills stop at xml/xpath While doing some reskinning (resizing to allow for player bars, and fixing opacity/number placement so I can use this with my friends in our private game) I ran into a recipe error when testing the minibike recipe. I rolled back to the original 0.3.4 to verified this was an issue when the hammer icon of the pin is used to craft the minibike in the workbench and not something to do with the reskin. Possible my game file might be corrupt though. Clicking on pin hammer to craft minibike and crafting proceeds as expected but the following appears in the log. I checked a few other recipes but they all appeared to work fine. Don't have a github account (will have to get one) or I would of posted this there.
  6. After reinstalling ModLauncher in custom location on D: for all users, with game and mod in custom location on D:, I'm back to launching only starting vanilla game. So deleted the mod and will try default location on C: for game and mod. Log Files https://pastebin.com/9h1eStjw AppData https://pastebin.com/ULYquwzJ OK, custom location for ModLauncher good, custom location for game bad. The third try with the ModLauncher installed to D: and the game/mod to default C: location again works (DF still crashes itself but this appears to be mod related). Log Files https://pastebin.com/P4prjdGX AppData https://pastebin.com/bQHDrtSu Hope that helps isolate the issue
  7. OK, uninstalled the prior ModLauncher and installed the Beta in custom location for all users. Changed the destination folder to the previously installed Darkness Falls and still ended up with the vanilla version. I then deleted Darkness Falls, uninstalled the ModLauncher, cleaned out all the old folders (ModLauncher had left a lock on the Darkness Falls TempMods folder though so needed a reboot as well), then installed everything with the defaults to C: drive for just myself and downloaded Darkness Falls again. Log Files https://pastebin.com/72nbJWvi AppData https://pastebin.com/dbNNjKhb Good news is Darkness Falls started this time but the game then locked up with constant stream of console errors on starting. This has been noted in the Darkness Falls forum and I believe unrelated to the mod launcher. I'm going to uninstall all and try the custom location again and follow-up this post with the results.
  8. Thanks for fixing the "Access Denied..." issue! However, still having mod issues. Running Verified 7D2D is running Alpha 17.0 (b240), I've installed and pre-synced Darkness Falls. Upon starting the game, I am greeted with the vanilla version, not the mod. The launcher show's DarknessFalls as an installed modlet. The output to the left shows it copied the master.zip mods, prefas, and data folders and launched the game with -logfile 7DaysToDie_Data\output_log.txt -configfile=\SaveConfig.xml. The save files showed up under "C:\7D2D\Alpha17" and not "D:\Mods\7D2D\Alpha17" that I had set as the destination folder and where the game copy and mod are (since moving to the new Alpha17 mod launcher, the destination folder has never remembered the folder I've set). Also I installed the mod launcher under "D:\Mods\7D2D\ModLauncher" but that has worked in the past. Is there something I'm missing. I've uploaded the log file. https://pastebin.com/ZPMZ0NgC Is there anything I can try or provided to help with this issue? Thanks, Todd
  9. I just updated to the same version (edit: and I too can't get my modded games to launch. Keep getting the same kind of error... "Access to the path 'Saves\Darkness Falls\Darkness Falls' is denied." I've reinstalled Alpha 17, ModLauncher, and Darknesss Falls all clean but that was of no help. As my C: is limited for space, I have my Steam library on D: and set the ModLauncher to use D:\Mods\7D2D\Alpha17 folder as well. The ModLauncher seems incapable of remembering this and I have to re-enter it every time (the ModLauncher for Alpha16 only versions had no issue with remembering my install location). Tried with "Save All Games Local to Mod" checked and unchecked... same error either way. Tried using the default mod location of "C:\7D2D\Alpha17"... again same error with or without local save checked. Tried selecting and playing mod from splash screen (just play without hitting go to first), get a "mod is not downloaded yet, download now", launcher locks up completely whether I select yes or no. Can't get Insert Image to work but the error on lockup is... Could not load favourite: System.ArgumentException: Path cannot be empty string or all whitespace. at System.IO.Directory.CreateDirectory(String path) at _7D2DLauncher.frmMain.RefreshMods() in C:\Users\Jeff\Documents\GitHub\7D2DModLauncher\7D2DLauncher\7D2DLauncher\7D2DLauncher.cs:line 846 at _7D2DLauncher.frmMain.UpdateAndPlay() in C:\Users\Jeff\Documents\GitHub\7D2DModLauncher\7D2DLauncher\7D2DLauncher\7D2DLauncher.cs:line 1296 at _7D2DLauncher.frmMain.dataGridView1_CellContentClick(Object sender, DataGridViewCellEventArgs e) in C:\Users\Jeff\Documents\GitHub\7D2DModLauncher\7D2DLauncher\7D2DLauncher\7D2DLauncher.cs:line 4439 So it appears back to Vanilla for now until this sorted out. Disappointing, was really looking forward to spending the storm day tomorrow playing Darkness Falls
  10. Love the Mod for A16. Been trying out your experimental A17 using the ModLauncher and have run into an old but extremely annoying bug. On death, if your backpack is rather full then items will be deleted/lost. I just died to a pack of burned victims. When I reclaimed my bad, half the items on my belt (my best iron and steel tools with the only modes I had found) and the last few items in my bag (newly minted minibike and mastery book I just found) were gone. Needless to say I didn't have the heart to continue playing. On a different topic... do any of the recipe books work? Every book I have found seem to the read option grayed out. Is there any plans to make the simplest class abilities to be more generic? Playing solo bites when you are dirt poor because your barter sucks or have to live on a diet of grilled meat. I love how a lot of the skills are organized under particular classes but if there are 5 levels, it would be nice if level 1 can be learned by all but you have to have the class to learn the more advanced levels. Everyone could make bacon and eggs or coffee, but only the farmer could make meat stews or red teas, etc. Thanks!
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