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  1. I downloaded the newer version 2.1 can somebody tell me if I'm supposed to do something with the prefab folder or does it do it on its own? Thanks
  2. I know you've been working on this like crazy but would it be possible to get larger capacity secure storage boxes? edit I figured out how to increase the storage size of the secure chest and give myself a bigger bag to boot. So help is no longer required. thank you
  3. Lol Lol that's where I got it, I will put it back in but the game locks up when the red text comes plus I have to weigh until I get a quest for a buried treasure so I might be a while.
  4. The same one msan was talking about two columns up from mine the no zombie digging.
  5. For me this is not been fixed and I am talking about the alpha 19 version. When the mod is installed and there's a buried treasure quest as soon as I start digging this error comes up and I have to shut the game down, with the mod removed I have no problems. It's too bad I was looking forward to this.
  6. Jax in your download folder you have 2 wondering hordes one regular and one bigger are we supposed to use both?
  7. just asking is anyone having issues with the mod( trader never closes)? All my traders close.
  8. I have an old request if you're willing ( charcoal) : )
  9. if you change the old setting(S420windowLooting" width="378" height="378") two name="S420windowLooting" width="1078" height="1078" they don't overlap and work fine.
  10. I'm using the 120 backpack plus player build storage on alpha 19 and it's working fine. Also the vehicle storage is also working.
  11. Can I ask for the charcoal mod again or is this too many times?
  12. Too bad to my version of 3.09 is fine but the other versions including 3.11 never start no mods but his own so it can't be a conflict. It's sad because I've used his mods for a long time now.
  13. I just made a vault and i cant open it.
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