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  1. Yes thanks Paul_j3 that was my problem. that would help out, great idea
  2. When you set a single biome to NONE. why is kinggen ignoring this and renders it into a map ? this is set : snow - NONE in Kingen ! could you please fix this ?
  3. is there any poislist for Kinggen available ? i found the new prefabs but dont now how to set the region settings for kingen. and is there any setting to get car respawn?? we play with 8 to 10 people on a map and the cars are gone in the towns after a few days
  4. think iam weird now..... ok, if its correct for you. then i try checking my settings.. .hmmm... Ah GOT IT ! I have a directory called "backup" with my prefab backups in my "/Data/Prefabs/" dir! i moved this backup dir out of the prefabs dir and kinggen works fine if there is a second directory in the prefabs directory, kinggen generates an empty poislist !
  5. Kinggen 13.1 is generating empty poislists. With Kinggen 13.1 i get this from "Generate custum pois list" : @hubs # A hub is a group of zones. # ***** !!!!! SIZES INDICATE NUMBER OF INTERSECTIONS, NOT NUMBER OF POIS !!!!! ***** # ***** !!!!! DO NOT ABUSE MIN AND MAX, YOU WILL BREAK THE GENERATION !!!!! ***** # name,biomes,townships,zones,small_sizes,medium_sizes,large_sizes,prob,min,max # name: name of the hub # biomes: biomes where the hub can be generated # townships: townships of this hub # zones: zones contained by the hub # small_sizes: sizes the hub can have when users selects "small" # medium_sizes: sizes the hub can have when users selects "medium" # large_sizes: sizes the hub can have when users selects "large" # prob: probability of this hub being generated. A number between 0 and 1 is advisable, but it can be exceeded # min: minimum number of times this hub must be generated # max: maximum number of times this hub can be generated default_city,burnt_forest/snow/pine_forest/desert/wasteland,city,residentialold/residentialnew/downtown/industrial/commercial,10/20,30/40/50,60/70/80,1,, default_single_city,burnt_forest/snow/pine_forest/desert/wasteland,city,residentialold/residentialnew/downtown/industrial/commercial,80/100/120,130/150/170,180/200/220,1,, default_town,burnt_forest/snow/pine_forest/desert/wasteland,town,residentialold/residentialnew/industrial/commercial,5/10,10/15/20,30/40,1,, default_village,burnt_forest/snow/pine_forest/desert/wasteland,village,residentialold/residentialnew/commercial,1/2,1/2/3/4/5,6/8/10,1,, oldwest_village,desert,village,oldwest,2/3,3/4,4/5,0.5,, @zones # A zone is a group of POIs. # ***** !!!!! DO NOT REPEAT THE SAME COLOR MULTIPLE TIMES !!!!! ***** # name,red,green,blue # name: name of the zone # red: red value of rgb color # green: green value of rgb color # blue: blue value of rgb color residentialold,255,100,0 #orange residentialnew,255,255,0 #yellow downtown,0,255,0 #green industrial,0,0,255 #blue commercial,255,0,255 #purple oldwest,161,81,0 #brown @pois after @pois the list is empty ! With Kinggen 12.0 i get this: trader_Shema,43,36,41,-1,0,burnt_forest/snow/pine_forest/desert/wasteland,wilderness/town/rural/city,any,, ShemaShe-Suedstaatenhaus,43,42,41,-1,0,burnt_forest/snow/pine_forest/desert/wasteland,wilderness/town/rural/city,any,, Shemashe-Affenfelsen,43,19,45,-1,2,burnt_forest/snow/pine_forest/desert/wasteland,wilderness/town/rural/city,any,, abandoned_house_01,24,18,26,-1,2,burnt_forest/snow/pine_forest/desert/wasteland,city/rural/town/wilderness,residentialold,, abandoned_house_02,24,17,25,-1,2,burnt_forest/snow/pine_forest/desert/wasteland,city/rural/town/wilderness,residentialold,, abandoned_house_03,21,16,28,-1,2,burnt_forest/snow/pine_forest/desert/wasteland,city/rural/town/wilderness,residentialold,, abandoned_house_04,29,16,30,-1,2,burnt_forest/snow/pine_forest/desert/wasteland,city/rural/town/wilderness,residentialold,, abandoned_house_05,26,22,30,-5,2,burnt_forest/snow/pine_forest/desert/wasteland,city/rural/town/wilderness,residentialold,, abandoned_house_06,30,18,31,-1,2,burnt_forest/snow/pine_forest/desert/wasteland,city/rural/town/wilderness,residentialold,, abandoned_house_07,34,23,29,-1,2,burnt_forest/snow/pine_forest/desert/wasteland,city/rural/town/wilderness,residentialold,, abandoned_house_08,28,29,34,-10,2,burnt_forest/snow/pine_forest/desert/wasteland,city/rural/town/wilderness,residentialold,, apartment_adobe_red_5_flr,49,37,48,-1,2,burnt_forest/snow/pine_forest/desert/wasteland,city/town,residentialnew/downtown,, apartment_brick_6_flr,55,61,57,-7,2,burnt_forest/snow/pine_forest/desert/wasteland,city/town,residentialnew/downtown,, army_barracks_01,51,40,97,-5,2,burnt_forest/snow/pine_forest/desert/wasteland,wilderness,industrial,, army_camp_01,53,23,57,-3,2,burnt_forest/snow/pine_forest/desert/wasteland,wilderness,industrial,, same directory - think you might have a bug in your newest version
  6. Got it. thanks to Boidster ! your screenshot was the solution. its "show facing" on the 3rd tab of the editor and not "show prefab facing" from the 2nd tab the facing of my prefab is correct but my wife had a better idea to fix this problem forever she told me to open my trader-prefab to all 4 sides which i did and the problem is solved now.
  7. oh ... you should change this with a new parameter in the poislist. Hmmm..... Version 19.3.... yesterday i thought that it might be possible that the pimps did some kind of "weird optimization fault" in Version 19.5/19.6 and so the marker is gone. i will try it with an older version ! thank you
  8. How do Kinggen realize that a poi is a trader ? dont tell me it dependps on the filename of a poi ?when i name my prefab "shema_spawnbase" i get it about 30 to 40 times on a map without the trader colour on the preview. if i call it "trader_shema" its only 2 or 3 times on a map and its in cyan colour on the preview as a trader should be. its still the same poi with the same *.xml! and traders inside of it. in the xml "TraderArea" value="True" is set !do you define it only on the filename ?in Nitrogen you could write it into the poislist if a poi is a trader or not. how is it with kinggen ?
  9. too bad... i did the verfying with no errors and it changed nothing
  10. nope ... iam sorry... no blue box on any poi. tried the setting on many pois, vanilla/CP47 or mine but there is no blue box with an arrow if the "show facing" box is clicked or not
  11. rotation ticked ? i dont have this setting in the editor here is what i have: the "show prefab facing" function does nothing. cant see any difference if its on or not How does Kinggen realize that a poi is a trader ? when i name my prefab "shema_spawnbase" i get it about 30 to 40 times on a map without the trader colour on the preview. if i call it "trader_shema" its only 2 or 3 times on a map and its colourd as a trader should be. its still the same poi with the same *.xml! and traders inside of it. do you define it only on the filename ? in Nitrogen you could write it into the poislist if a poi is a trader or not.
  12. yeah i know that. all of my pois are facing north in the editor. north as usual. but some of them are flipped in towns too. you can sse it here: this poi is facing to the street. if you look to the top left corner of this screenshoot you can see the second one. this is the second poi and its facing wrong thats crazy....
  13. Hello Kingslayer, i think i did it all right. to fix it i tried to rotate the pois in the prefab editor, saved them and then i tried to set up 5 new worlds. the first prefab is a self-made mutitrader-base and half of these pois are still facing to the wrong side with no road on all 5 worlds. the other one from the pictures is a normal house and all of them are now facing to the right (!!) side with the entrance on a street. it looks like facing of all other pois in this city is correct. this is the beginning of my poislist: the poi on the first line is my base and half of them are facing wrong, the second entry is the house and all of them are facing right. thats it, any clues ?
  14. Hy guys, i think there must be a problem with the latest version of Kinggen. iam using kinggen 9 and 10 and it worked fine for me. but the newest version 12 seems to have a problem with the "facetonorth" rotation of the prefabs. i have 2 selfmade prefabs. i used them with kinggen before and never had any problems with the rotation. but take a look what kinggen is doing now: (all of the following pictures are from the same world !) This prefab is facing to the right position as it does with the old kinggen versions. the next on was placed with the entrance to the wrong side This one is facing to the road as it should be. But the next one opens up into the grass. i did not change anything to the prefabs or their xml. i used the old prefablist for kinggen 12.0 but this is what i get now. half of the prefabs are facing in the wrong direction. and Kinggen did it with normal prefabs too ! any ideas ?
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