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Alpha 16.4 / Alpha 17 latest patch today


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Right back when the game was in Alpha 16 it would state in game FPS were around the 65 ish mark & everything would feel & look ok, Now to Alpha 17 from start & upto the newest patch it now all seems washed, Crap & like Im running the game in a calculator... Also the game is stating 50 ish fps average but & this is whats spoiling it the game feels in my eyes like its running at around 15 fps...


I suffer from nausea when playing certain games, Dying Light was the worst, Now I cant play this game & havent been able to play since 16.4 ?


Im walking or running the game looks & feels like a pure bag of warmed up ♥♥♥♥.... The GFX look strange, No texture quality, Roads glitch as I walk & feel jerky like a constant judder.....



Ryzen 2700x 4.3ghz (tried stock speed no difference before some boffin spouts off about its cos its OC lmao)

Ram is 3000mhz Gskill DDR4

GFX is Radeon RX580+ LE DDR5 at 8GB

HDD 512GB Evo pro x4 Nmve

Board is MSI 470x pro carbon

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Win 10

i7-3930k clocked at 4.2GHz

16GB RAM @900Mhz (Old DDR3 stuff)

GTX1060 6GB

OS on SSD, game on unltra-fast HDD's in RAID 0



I average 80-95FPS with it more regularly in the 100's. Do have the drops into the 47-60 range when in buildings.



I'm running with basically everything on full at 1920x1080 except V-Sync, SSOA, DOF, and Sun Shafts.

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