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Command blocks, pre-gened characters, starting gear etc for mission type challenges


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Having done a number of videos on fighting blood moon hordes, I was thinking how could this be expanded in an mission type of setup for people to try and do as well. There are a few challenges to this.


1) Need starting gear.


This one I "sort of" managed to solve by a modlet with a supply crate to spawn/pick/place and loot. Works "ok" but would be nice to have an easy way to modify XML to include all starting gear. (Maybe there is?)


2) Need a starting character.


The next part was to have a premade character. I can set the level through giveselfxp, but it's fairly tedious to go through and perk up 50 or 100 levels.. A way to distribute a character/pre-set skills would be great. That would allow for a much easier way to have mission type games.


3) Need a location.


While I believe there are some ways to import POI's into the game... a smooth way to import a POI though a modlet or similar (ie, minimal user input) would be nice. Ie, specify a seed, a coordinate, and include the POI file and it gets imported in the specified location of a specific seed). Right now I'm doing navezgane only, as at least the map is static. A dynamic "super small" map would also be good, as ultimately it doesn't need to be bigger than say 500x500 for a small mission. No need for a 4kx4 generation :)


My first attempt at --> http://vedui42.com/index.php/2018/12/14/7-days-to-die-a17-challenge-1-horde-battle-at-survivor-camp/ with modlet, rules, suggestions and so on.


I know a number of mod makers make wave defense etc (like GNAMod Horde mode), but I was thinking more missions style.


With say Minecraft there's a command block with code which can be run, which would be awesome, being able to set that up which could auto level auto perk auto buff/teleport and set things up with a simple click would be nice :)



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I was just thinking the other day the possibilities of making missions or challenges with the new world editor. I think the character one would have to be some command to give xp and such, maybe tied to items. I was looking through the editor and I saw sleeper events and such, not sure about waves, but who knows. Ill be doing some digging.

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Yeah ... well, basically a block upon which you put scripted code that interacts with the world. It really helped Minecraft sandbox mode, as people were creating amazing stuff by manipulating the world from the command block by scripts running.

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