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Localization.txt (and quest) Appender batch file


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Since Xpath doesn't support regular text files, I threw this together so my Brother-in-law didn't need to be trusted to edit files on his own. I figured I'd share it here as well since, imo, it's kind of spiffy. I don't need nor desire credit; use it as you will. Source code available by dropping it into notepad.


This is just a simple batch file for Windows OS users to easily add localizations to the vanilla files. The zip file contains a .bat file and both localization.txt and localization - quest.txt.




All you do is add your custom localizations to the files (leaving the top line blank for safety) and place all 3 files in the same folder as your "ModInfo.xml" file.



The end user needs simply run the .bat file and follow the directions (mainly just press 1) and your custom localizations will be added to the bottom of the proper .txt files in the vanilla config folder and back up the pre-modified files. It is just a simple append to EOF so this can not be used to edit existing entries.




It is pretty much Plug and Play so you shouldn't need to edit the batch file itself. It reads the directory name of your mod and uses dynamic folder tracking so the installation location of 7D2D shouldn't affect it working.


I figured I'd post this here instead of Modding tools since it's less a tool and more in addition to mods and people have been asking here about Xpath and text files so it seems like a good place for those people to see it. Hope it helps someone out until that time something 100x better is made.


Special thanks to my Brother-in-law for me needing to do this crap for him.

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where do I fined the source code at for notepad?



Most Windows I have ever used, just right click the ".bat" file and chose EDIT. It will open in notepad. "IT WILL NOT RUN BUT WILL OPEN"


For that matter a batch file can be opened with most any notepad type replacement

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