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Creating Item__Modifiers that are visible in game


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I made a video tutorial on how to create your own hand held item modifiers which will magically appear attached to your base hand item in game. The tutorial video can be found at:



The reference xml can be found in the Salvaged bats modlet on my github repo at:




If you have any questions, feel free to ask here or on Guppy's Discord Server.


I look forward to seeing what you all can come up with!

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To add on to that:



How an item display is made




unique identifier


display_infos of the same display_group can be compared to eachother






Checked against EnumPassiveEffects.

If valid, automatically localized and gets value from item stats.

If if not, assigned as Custom display stat and needs extra tag in item or passive_effects to get value

method 1 <display_value name="dRecoil" value="0" />

method 2 ONLY IN trigger="onSelf{Primary|Secondary}ActionEnd" action="ModifyCVar"

name="str" will match against cvar="str


For blocks, the following names are handled automatically:



localized label


Can be Integer, Decimal, Bool, Percent. Default here is Integer.

Decimal is 2 decimal places.


Works differently depending on display type:

Decimal:1-value, Percent:100%-value, Bool:??, Integer:?? Code is kind of messed up here.


Normally, higher is indicated better. If this is set to false, lower is indicated better.


Relates to name(stats) that apply differently in different situations e.g.

movement speed in different stances,

damage resistance against different types

primary or secondary damage.

Defaults to "primary"


I am also writing a python util to append and sync localization.txt with those found in mods.

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