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  1. Block versions of constructible vehicles would make it easier to balance vehicle salvage and loot, much less add extra utility to small pois or garages etc. Some suggestions: Bicycle/Minibike/Motorbike = Standing, fallen or crashed. Pre and Post apocalypse versions (spikes). Good to add to wilderness pois with no road and to garages etc Gyrocopter = Burned or crashed helicopters/planes on rooftops or smashed into homes/fields.
  2. Suggestion 1. Riverbank biomes. I regularly wander the bush IRL so something that has bothered me about RWG in 7days is that the land near water is no different to the rest of a biome. I may be remembering wrong, but in an earlier build I think we at least had a basic transition back when clay was a separate thing? There was never anything near what you will see in real life (Yes I know IT IS A VIDEO GAME etc). My suggestion regarding this is that during world gen, after terrain gen and biome placement but before prefab placement, trace each body of water with a strip between
  3. Btw, found why combine return isn't working as intended. It is based off of a player's [passive effect "CraftingTier" + 1]. Since all the crafting skills now have their own levels instead of using CraftingTier, it inevitably stays at '1', giving a max combine of 2. My temp solution was to make a helmet item_modifier that had a quality based off of Int->Engineering crafting skill, that gives <passive_effect name="CraftingTier" operation="base_add" value="1,5"/> A better solution would be to incorporate a new skill (maybe under int?) that boosts CraftingTier. Call it artificer o
  4. The thing about getting them to sit level with the terrain should be <property name="IsTerrainDecoration" value="true"/> Don't bother offsetting them. The only ones I could lock pick in game were half in the ground anyway lol. As for why they can't be lockpicked sometimes... no idea so far. If I think of something, I'll post.
  5. Fix and cleanup for lootable objects Hey Stallionsden. I fixed the problems with your lootable objects. The issue is that if a block with the properties of DisplayType=blockMulti, or MultiBlockDim=x,x,x is used as a block placeholder, then EVERY SINGLE CUBE OF SPACE runs the placeholder replacement. My solution is to remove both these from the original blocks, then add them back to the Full and Empty version. I have also reformatted blocks.txt to make it easier to extend/modify. Feel free to use it. Have confirmed the fix works in several games. blocks.xml
  6. Hi magoli. You know users can add textures now with the modlet system? Instead of removing the textures. How about we add it back in? More texture options are always good. Also, I have switched to using git hub for the modlet. Could you add a link in the front page? https://github.com/Sandy-Beaches/ComboPack My solution was to add two temp blocks that extend washing machine, use the fridges lootlist and texture 267 on all sides.
  7. Use my modlet. He forgot to remove store1 from the rwgmixer. Whoops, looks like they removed the texture I was using. Dayumn.
  8. New version of the modlet that re-adds the fridge blocks so 34 works on b233 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1d040c2IB1LLSVQSSr8rqeMD5IGJNFnr_/view?usp=sharing
  9. Heya! I have converted the rwgmixer portion of the mod into a modlet! This way we can ignore 7d2d's constant changing of terrain features etc and only worry about adding prefabs. Download -> https://drive.google.com/file/d/1k3hPStTFFLhXkPZEHFVvK82uXi94SoMT/view?usp=sharing Current for CompoPack 34 I am now sharing stuff on google drive so people can view it without logging in. Got some more prefabs coming later.
  10. Huh, interesting. I'll take a look but I never messed with the underground so I would say bug. Are the new versions going into the next cp?
  11. The images are not showing up.. On another note, another one done! xvanilla_Trailerhousemix03 this time. I tried to go for just a simple approach... and failed. 1) Again, both houses have a story 2) One is a survivor home turned into a mini dungeon crawl with a boss room. I experimented with damaged blocks a lot on this one. 3) The other is an.... "amateur film studio". Not locked and not special in terms of loot but funny. 4) Prefab is fully questable and is rank 1. Downoad ->[ATTACH]26293[/ATTACH] xvanilla_Trailerhousemix03.zip
  12. 208 was bugged so you couldn't test, but in 221 you can test in the editor. All quests need the questmark to exist on the prefab.(preferably near the edge) 1) Fetch needs one or more questsachels to exist. Excess or if not a quest, they turn into random loot bags/suitcases. 2) Clear requires one or more sleeper volumes 3) Hidden requires? 4) Activate requires what used to be the junction box, now called a fuse box. NOTE activate quests are not coded at the moment, but it is good to be prepared rather than have to redo all prefabs again. Noted on terrain filler. What do you think
  13. Another one updated for 221. Can confirm quests work! Yay! I am pretty proud of this one. Also, a fix for floating prefabs that we can do is so simply expand the terrain blocks downward on our prefabs, and adding a slope to the sides (as long as copyairblocks is false) Pretty proud of this one. 1) Former home of family doing the best they can for their little girl on one side, outpost of the Felon's Union on the other. The babies room took me ages to get how I wanted. 2) Branching minor dungeon path requires going through both houses. 3) Wide variety of enemies 4) Plenty of secre
  14. Yup! It's the courthouse. Just redone the carpark entrance so that it comes from the side and is a gentle slope down. The original building layout is a mess! Exterior is ok but I am going to have to move some floors around.
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