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Quick PSA's/FYI's [a17x] on diseases.


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- Infection now kills in minutes, not days, and each stage progressively drains your maximum stamina by about 1/3rd, on top of the food cap. Stage 2 can drop your stamina too low to use tools and hits within about five minutes.


- Each stage of a disease such as dysentery or infection become progressively harder to cure the more advanced it is. Medicines do not always immediately relieve the affliction, if at all.


- Remedies have a chance to cure afflictions over time, but may not cure it before it advances. This is a risk with items like Honey or Goldenrod Tea. The good news is that this involves an invisible 'buff' that works to cure the affliction until it is cured or becomes incurable, so only one application seems to be required (no benefit to chugging honey for stage 1 infection or Goldenrod Tea for early dysentery)


- Afflictions have a 'stage 0' where they are unidentified, but easily cured if you know the cause. This is the "You feel something coming on..." icon you see. There also seems to be a 'fake-out' stage-0 that results in no affliction which is hard to pin down in the xml's.


- For now, herbal antibiotics are bugged and do not work due to an xml typo. I've reported this.


That pretty much concludes an entire hour of repeatedly giving myself dysentery.


Also. Armor perks appear broken. Also reported.

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That pretty much concludes an entire hour of repeatedly giving myself dysentery..


Thank you for your sacrifice.


True infection is no joke indeed. Aside from air drops, it's hard to find antibiotics, but honey is manageable so I tend to just chug that as soon as I get that "something coming on" pop up.


I guess it's a fitting mechanic for a world in which all medical professionals that could've helped with diagnosis seem to have developed a taste for brains.

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Hallelujah!! Diseases now have impact, at long f***ing last!

Thanks Zourin!


I assume the infection is not the zombie virus but its like a infected wound, if it was the zombie virus and it was curable with generic antibiotics the world of 7dtd wouldn't be what it is. Last I checked infected wounds can take days sometimes weeks to kill irl assuming the body doesn't just fight it off on its own before then. You can craft antibiotics as a lv 1 char if you can find a working chem station and the mats, of the mats only the moldy bread seems much rarer in a17. I get a moldy bread I covet that junk now, as its so hard to find. Its the preciousssss~

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