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  1. Generally, hitting level 20 by around day 14ish seems to be about the general pace-mark if you're aggressive with zombies and spawned hordes. That means I've already sunk 14 hours into a single game, and by then you should be far and away well into the starting strides of anything resembling a 'build'. Day 14 doesn't pull punches and the blows don't come any softer after that point and it's far too late to be half-assed at anything. From a solo perspective, surviving the first week is a quick nut-punch to be sure you have the basics down, but not dying in the second wave comes down to supply and having spent on genuine must-have skills: Advanced engineering 1 & 2 (forge & workbench), Healing Factor 1 (core self-healing), Pack Mule 1, Master Chef 1 (because charred meat can be fatal), Miner 69'er 1 (Q1 tools are ass!). That's a MINIMUM amount of early-game functionality, not counting the need for a chem station, sustainable farming, advanced defenses, and medical supplies that are needed later down the road. A solo Melee is MAD (multiple attribute dependency), particularly spears. You're talking heavy investment in Fortitude (HFactor, Tolerance), with a weapon choice very likely diverging into Strength (blunts & stamina management) and Agility (light armor, slashing). You certainly end up strapped for points for 'fun' takes like Lucky Looter, Hunting perks (Tracker/Hunter), Daring Adventurer. My last run with heavy armor and a spear in a 2-player coop ended horribly. Heavy armor really doesn't progress (everything is ~10 armor val), doesn't significantly differ from light armor, and is crippling when you need to lug it in your inventory to a POI mission or travel on foot while wearing it. I gave up on the spear as anything but a backup melee weapon (where literally anything could have served that purpose) in favor of any gun I had, as the spears' poor damage, swing speed, and tendency to simply 'go missing' on accident proved it to be a gross liability, and that's saying something when the most historically advantageous weapon ranks worse than a jar of beer and two fists and the fireaxe which magically lost its weapon status in A18. By level 20, I couldn't tank for ♥♥♥♥, I couldn't melee for ♥♥♥♥, couldn't so much as build a forge, I was constantly dying of starvation and thirst, and was 'that guy' that was 200m behind everyone else because of the armor penalties and hunger-inspired stamina drain.
  2. What I want to know is how viable is it to spec melee as a single player. Points are so scarce that I'm having trouble NOT turning into an engineer-harvester with a major dump in Intelligence just for the core technology to keep up with the horde nights. Melee spec is very MAD (Multiple Attribute Dependancy) when in single player. You need strength for stamina management, you need Fortitude out the wazoo if you stand a chance of staying alive in clutch situations, and a massive dump in Intelligence is needed. YOu can't make armor out of steel with the armor skills if you can't make steel, or workbenches. If you want a motorbike, be ready to sink more points. This starts to immediately limit you to blunt weapons, machine guns, and shotguns (i'm not going to take 'brawler' seriously for a melee spec). You can almost immediately rule out spears and slashing weapons, as now that's a fourth attribute. If you want to water it all down, Perception isn't a bad way to go with scavenger and lucky looter.
  3. There aren't enough points to be a melee solo. Everything's so spread out now and points are rediculously scarce. I used to be able to at least have a half-decent build by L20, but now I'm lucky if I can scrape enough materials together, advance through tech, AND still qualify as a 'melee spec'. You actually NEED to blow a point just to grill meat. Seriously, that's stupid. That's like needing an instruction manual for grilled cheese. Single player peeps can only be one thing: engineer-harvesters. Good luck getting points to spare for anything else.
  4. I have to agree here. When going out at night to harvest roadkill is a priority, they're pretty damn rare.
  5. It's not a good thing when you open a fridge, loot an apocalypse-old chunk of meat, and IMMEDIATELY ALL ZOMBIES IN THE POI ARE COMING FOR YOU. That's why smell got removed. You could actually cheese the ♥♥♥♥ out of POI's by walking in with stew on your belt to wake the whole building up and bring them outside. Human scent isn't good enough to do that. Zombies probably stink to hell and back and shouldn't be able to smell a damn thing over their own BO.
  6. It's probably a lot cheaper to just have a dart trap & tripwire covering the door. They're remarkably effective if you're just going to shoot down a fixed lane. I use them to cover garage doors. Dart traps and electric fencing are lethal.
  7. I just got a barn POI that has a garage door pre-installed, and the interior space is ideal to garage a motorcycle. The problem: It's locked, so.. worthless.
  8. Hopefully they come soon. I can't exactly say smashing safes is particularly riveting gameplay.
  9. Pretty much this. I would add that the gyrocopter isn't a vtol aircraft. It needs runway to take off. If you're good, you can do a vertical landing, but you'll still need room to take off again. Forward to accelerate, space to nose up, C to nose down, shift to 'boost' (?)
  10. I don't know about the 4x4, but the motorcycle is ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ awesome. Funny, I like the bicycle too since it's a quiet little bugger that's good for night travel. the minibike is.. a horrid creature born of distilled desperation and rust.
  11. If you are in a running gunfight, don't be in a running gunfight. Once you 'go loud' because ♥♥♥♥ hit the fan, it's 1000% better to swap to a melee weapon and back the ♥♥♥♥ out to someplace where you can control turf. Without Run and Gun and Archery, crossbows are a death wish. You need a melee weapon to POI raid, and usually a back-up shotgun for ferals and irradiated. It goes without saying: ARMOR: YOU NEED IT. You don't outrun a feral, not with the ♥♥♥♥ty stamina system in play.
  12. The crossbow is terrible. 1. Its reload is SLOW. REALLY SLOW! It's absolutely worthless if you need a follow up shot or twenty. 2. You practically can't move while you reload. This is a fatal problem, similar to the hunting rifle. 3. It's LOUD. Your stealth can boost into the 40s or 50's with just one shot, which is like banging a pickaxe on a safe. 4. You have to completely remake your entire ammo arsenal just for this weapon. You probably have hundreds of arrows by now, but maybe a few dozen steel bolts from loot. The bow offers faster fire rates and better foot speed when either are critical, such as horde nights. The crossbow IS stronger, but only on paper. You can easily get OHK's on most normal zombies with the compound bow and iron/steel arrows, but the crossbow doesn't offer you anything the bow doesn't.. it won't one-hit a feral or cop. Even if you take it to make sure you kill in one shot, it's loud enough to wake up every zombie in the room.
  13. They are EXPENSIVE with the trader. A bottle of oil runs 300 Dukes a peice. I don't even think steel is that pricey. You'd need to have found a working chem station, get lucky on a shale mine, and have at least a bicycle for the commute.. that's a big ask solo when you need a LOT of time for other high priority jobs. I didn't get a bicycle until my third week, hopped down to the desert, dug a hole and came up with nothing.. so horde night is a wash. I spent all my dukes renting a vending machine so I could sell all the guns he wouldn't buy.
  14. The armor pieces in Item.xml are also missing related perk tags. Unsure if this is related.
  15. Its standard operating procedure when dealing with a physically and numerically superior hostile to exploit flaws and lapses in intelligence. Players can't outdamage a horde. In fact, they can't outdamage a horde to the point where they can't outtank them, thanks to the tantrum bonus and 250-block-damage workers and cops. There really isn't even anything in the players arsenal that compares with zombie supermans punching holes through steel and jumping short buildings. So we seek to be smarter, and that involves exploitation. We exploit intelligence constantly when we bait, hunt, and hide from animals that outshine us in both physical strength and sensory perception. Pest control is an exploitation of intelligence. Construction and architecture is an exploitation of physics. So yeah. No matter how the rules change, if there's a way to win, it's going to be some kind of exploitation, intended or not.
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