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Animals having the same IQ as zombies


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I'm loving 97.7552% of A17, but this one issue caught my eye.


Was holed up in the "Forge House" POI. Heard a wolf milling about outside. Went to the porch/overhang of that POI and hit him w/ a few arrows. He completely ignored me, and ran to the total other side of the house, up the outside cobble stairs, and tried to break into the doorway. After he tired of that due to the couple rows of wood frames I used to barricade it, he then went to the front and tried to break in thru the ground level doorway (also barricaded) before I killed him from the roof.


I'm loving the smarter zombie AI pathfinding, even if it seems they all have an M.A. in Structural Engineering. It was a much needed change to give Z's a bit of compensation against how easy it was to exploit them. But a wild, primal animal having the same pathfinding strains my suspension of belief a bit.


I mean my dog knows where all the doors in/out of my house are from muscle memory. But if I call to him from my 2nd floor porch when he's in the yard, he still runs over to the porch and just looks up at me like a dumbs**t. He isn't smart enough to go around the house and sit at the patio door.



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Something is telling me that fixing what you've mentioned here alone will take them at least another year, delaying other stuff they still need to add.

Or you could answer it like every thing else, its just a game, zombies arent real so dont expect realism. Its the answer i got, when I asked, “why is health increase locked behind a skill point”

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Not sure what needs fixing. We've been asking for better AI for a long time. I welcome the change, personally.


I just want more variety.


Zombies should pathfind too me.


Animals should be dumb but chase me across the map and not give up.


Right now the AI for everything seems like the same robot.

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