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Way of thinking shift (skill point)


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I used to focus too much on putting skill points in Sexual T-Rex and the food/water ones. I would only put poins in Tool Smithing (or others) as needed to unlock Steel Smithing or Concrete. For example, I am sitting at 38 point but need 40 to unlock...put two in it to reach the unlock requirement.


I have noticed two things with that thought process:


1. I am not as hungry/thirsty as often. That is a good thing from the hunting/harvesting point of view. It is a bad thing from trying to increase my overall Wellness. Let’s be honest, food is only an issue on the first few days once you learn the game.


2. I am spending the lower levels with really crappy tools. I am using a crappy tool to get minimum resources to make another crappy tool to hopefully do a combine at the workbench. Doing this really chews up resources.


Sexual T-Rex is still a priority. Having it regen quicker at the early levels is king.


I now put more points in Tool Smithing. I can stay mining for longer with better results and my resources are a better bang for the buck. I am not having to make a new tool as often for the eventual combine.


Anyone else have different approaches?

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You have several tips for levelling up quickly and earn skill points early in the game.

- Level up your tool crafting skill by cutting all grass you see, getting some stones and wood. Then spam craft stones axes and disassemble them.

- Same for your tailoring skill, just spam craft cowboy hats (grass needed) and disassemble them.

- Level up your athletics skill by cutting grass with your fists.

- Level up your construction tools skills by cutting grass with a stone axe.

- Level up your weapons crafting skills by spamming arrow crafting (feathers needed).

- Early firearms are too low quality to be of any use, use them to shoot a trader (or better, a zombie if available), most of firearms (but not all) give you exp if used on a trader for that.


And yes, Sexual T-Rex is mandatory, at least the 2-3 first levels.

Investing skill points into food and water are not needed as :

- yucca fruits from cactus are numerous for early food

- empty water cans can be found in large quantities for water. Just fill them with contaminated water and boil it on a campfire.


One word of additional advice : items you find tend to be in quality similar those you could have crafted.

Saying your tailoring makes you crafting some 250 quality hats, most of clothes you will find will be around 250 quality.

(BEWARE, there is also a huge random bonus/malus, so you will also find 1 and 515 quality, but not so often than 250s ones).

So you want to up you skill first, and look for loot later.


Have fun !

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- I never put any points in sexual t-rexual at ALL, even on our current always running zombies playthrough. Instead the first points go straight to scavenging and quality joe.

- I am one of those weirdos who loves spam crafting and will have yellow by day 2-3, usually green by day 3-4. I do weapons, and hubby does tools. While I craft all night I also upgrade whatever POI we holed up in, or I build and upgrade a shack on a rock.

- By the time I have quality joe 3 its usually time to pump pummel pete a couple of levels, unless I have built enough to be close to concrete or steel. (From all that random shack building etc that was done.)

- I will put some into the food one only, because the increase in wellness it gives you seems to outweigh the not being hungry factor. (this is a recent change for me)

- I only put points into mining when I have extra or found/ bought good gear. I really miss being able to one shot regular stone something fierce. The change made it not important to max out miner69 for me.

- Then its just scavenge and sell until you have a good enough gear setup to get serious


Seriously though, if you want a change of pace try the feral zombie setting. It is great to have normal zombs then there will be a random running horde charging at you in broad daylight. Keeps a person on their toes, and always looking for the escape route.

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I do the sexual t-rex once as soon as I can. Then I focus on Quality Joe/Scavenging and banking points to get to cement making/steel smithing. I don't even worry about the food or water bit till I have cement, steel smithing, and gun smithing set up. Food is pretty easy to find and grow. Water is pretty easy too unless you're in the desert.

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I only put 1 point in each of the food water skills and find its enough imo. Sexy Tran first 2 levels i get fairly early maybe the third but the last 2 much later because i think other things are more important. bad mechanic and miner 69 have lowered stam use built into the skill which i think is more useful, to not lose the stam in the first place to need higher regen but honestly ive never tried it your way.

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If you want to get hungry and thirsty, reverse your hot/cold outfits. Being hot makes you thirsty and being cold makes you hungry.


It's not a great idea to get so hot or cold that it effects your stamina, but you can let yourself get a bit more hot or cold before changing outfit and take advantage of the faster hunger and thirst. Use those mechanics to increase your wellness.

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