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    Been playing online games since my college days back in 98. Really big into shooter games and strategy games which is why I love 7D2D so much.
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    Music and video games
  1. It's only $50 now if I remember correctly. It does require a lot of resources to build a good base so you want to have friends helping with it. There are some lag spikes in the heavily congested areas but the claim is it is because of all the players exploiting a duplication glitch which is going to be fixed with the 1.04 update. I actually only run into the lag on the north military base. But I agree you could wait till the update and see how that addresses the lag. The server hoping is supposed to be fixed as well by making you spawn random instead of in the exact place you left in the previous server.
  2. Actually with this next update this week or next they are adding the ability to have a private server. They are also trying to bring some modding to it later in the year.
  3. So I found myself wanting something that would give me the same 7 days to die feel and experience and was still getting updates. I purchased DayZ and it is fantastic. Graphics are great. Similar gameplay to 7 Days. Can't dig underground or destroy buildings though but you can build bases and take bases down. The map is huge too. It is online all the time so even if you are not online people can come take your stuff at your base or tear it down. When you die you respawn at the beach with nothing. Everything you had on you is gone. You can pick which server you are on and switch servers anytime but you keep only what you have on you. Everything at the base stays on the server you built it on. The game feels a lot like playing a simulation of The Walking Dead. Trust no one. You can tie people up, kill them, steal from them, hold them for ransom, even eat them after you kill them if you really want. And there's of course zombies. Highly recommend the game if you liked the looting, survival, scavenging, and hunting part of 7 days. Now is the perfect time to pick it up and learn it since by the end of this month they are completely wiping everyone's characters and servers to fix the duping glitch which is supposed to fix the lag spike issues.
  4. Since there hasn't been an update in a couple years I believe for Playstation you should be fine on the version. Are you playing Random Gen or Nave? Have you been keeping up on grabbing all the air drops? Might be some parts in there. Have you read the auger book yet (at least I think there is one, been a while since I found one)? If you can make some of the parts at the tool bench try carrying that part with you while you are out scavenging/ going to trader joes. If you have the secret stash boosted up and scavenging up sometimes it helps to have one of the parts on you for the game to generate what you need. At least it seemed to work that way for me on Navegame map.
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