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  1. Hello. We have a word for this in France : "you're smashing down open doors". They wrote it clear and loud : Without TTG, this bugged console version would simply never have existed. So choose your scapegoat for blaming : - TFP for being a PC only developer - TTG for lack of debugging an alpha version before shipping the product as "final" to consoles.
  2. Topic already answered in TFP official statement :
  3. Hello. No way. They were clear on this : Do you want have so much money to spend ? Do you have console-skilled programmers in your friend list ? -> TFP wrote it clear, no hope from them. Period.
  4. Hello. Greetings from France, so please excuse me formy bad English. Well said. Very emotional post and nice to read. Tu put it realistically and in a very crude way : In short TFP is waiting for a publisher approaching them saying "Hello. I'm ready to publish your game on console, I will support all costs, and give you a x% fee on each sale, you just have to give me the source code" as TellTales did. TFP made it clear : they dont't have the cash nor the programmers to support console version. So unless there is a publisher interested with a 3-year old game, nothing will change.
  5. Only a written contract is a legal promise and can be enforced by a judge. Everything else is pure chit-chat.
  6. Hello. Here is my personal point of view, hopes & worries included ! What I read in TFP news : Great news !!! Bad news, but not unexpected. TFP is neither Electronic Arts nor Activision in size and resources. It seems very logical and expected. They have a way to "evaluate the risk" : open a poll topic on this forum asking who will be interested in buying a future version of 7DTD. Although incomplete, full of lost promises, they would have a gross idea of their future customers. Err, with Electronic Arts as a porting company perhaps, but there are plenty cheaper console companies doing ports. Anyway, using 3rd party partners is always very expensive, and there are right to be cautious. They forgot Nintendo with the Switch, but a zombie-survival game is more fit for Sony/Microsoft consoles and customers. Anyway, there are 100% right, those two are pityless on QA testing. In summary as I personally see this news : For TFP --> It's good news, at least TFP bring their baby back home. Now they have to decide what's next. For 7DTD players --> Just sit (err, play current 7DTD) and wait, something will eventually emerge now FTP owns the rights back. Thank you for having read my post.
  7. Hello. In 7DTD, landmines are as deadly as real ones. Do as in real life minefields, avoid any unchecked areas and check any area centimeter by centimeter. In 7DTD, there are no red strips so I usually use wooden frames in order to mark checked areas. It has an useful bug : if there is a landmine on the square you are trying to put the wooden frame, the wooden frame will refuse to go down and will stay like afloat. --> it usually means there is an invisible or small-sized object here, usually a clipped landmine. Have fun with landmines, since they disabled that players could pick them, I disabled zombies, as I consider landmines more dangerous than zombies.
  8. Agreed, also now a legendary publisher would be welcomed !
  9. Precedent : Electronic Arts bought a ton of x86 games licences just to throw them at garbage can 15-20 years later. So they were less competitors to their own games.
  10. As for me, this is "yes" without hesitation. I bought previous toons DLC skins even as I didn't liked them, so developers could eat. [Cynical point of view] My two cents "super money maker" proposal : a paying DLC with full toon nudity (sex == sales) rated "AO" so the base game can stay "Mature" rated. Of course with third person view enabled even in single play like in Conan Exiles. Don't be fooled, the ones who will be crying "scandal" will be the first ones to buy the DLC. On the other hand, it wouldn't be off-lore in this game as in the introduction movie the man starts naked and also your toon in (censored for no AO rating) the start of a new game.
  11. Hello. Just as SONY published Demon Souls in Japan, and licenced it to Bandai and Atlus in NA and Europe. Just as Blizzard published Diablo 3 in NA and Europe and licenced it to Square Enix for Japan. This list goes on endlessly ... In short, game developers who don't believe in strong sales for a specific region or platform are used to licence their game for publishing. The publisher takes all financial risks, In case of the publisher bankruptcy, as in 7DTD console, this can lead to unexpected side effects. This just means TFP strongly believed (they were right or not, that's not the point here) 7DTD on console was to be a financial loss as they licensed it.
  12. Hello. If it can help I found a way to play the game without most crashes. --> On my PS4, I play (legit, no cheats or glitchs used) on pure solo game, and I experienced no crashes on several 170+ hours games. I strongly suspect most of crashes (on PS4) are due to the game network layer. Perhaps not the best way to play this game, but the most sure one.
  13. Hello. You cannot have any analytics as : - People on this forum are not representative of 7DTD players. --> most console players don't lurk forums - In order to analyze 7DTD Xbox and PS4 players numbers you need to have the info from Xbox Live and PSN. --> Neither Microsoft nor Sony will give this info.
  14. Hello. Just a personal thought on your sentence. In video games, alas we customers control nothing. We bought a licence to use the software AS IS and nothing more. Read any game EULA for proof. That's why I call this "the dark side" of video games.
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