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  1. Hello. We have a word for this in France : "you're smashing down open doors". They wrote it clear and loud : Without TTG, this bugged console version would simply never have existed. So choose your scapegoat for blaming : - TFP for being a PC only developer - TTG for lack of debugging an alpha version before shipping the product as "final" to consoles.
  2. Hello. No way. They were clear on this : Do you want have so much money to spend ? Do you have console-skilled programmers in your friend list ? -> TFP wrote it clear, no hope from them. Period.
  3. Hello. Greetings from France, so please excuse me formy bad English. Well said. Very emotional post and nice to read. Tu put it realistically and in a very crude way : In short TFP is waiting for a publisher approaching them saying "Hello. I'm ready to publish your game on console, I will support all costs, and give you a x% fee on each sale, you just have to give me the source code" as TellTales did. TFP made it clear : they dont't have the cash nor the programmers to support console version. So unless there is a publisher interested with a 3-year old game, nothing will change.
  4. [cynical]So if ALL other players are liars, just don't thrust liars, don't ask them for a map seed, they will lie ![/cynical] We obviously are not playing the same game, on my PS4, the same name (and same 7DTD version) always gave me the same map. If your 7DTD version works the way you describe it, I fear we cannot help you, as our version works "same seed == same map". On which console are you ? And which is your 7DTD version (update number) ?
  5. Hello. I found three traders for now : - 704N 64E - 1230S 153W - 1278S 632E There may be other traders too, I haven't explored much, so keep an eye open too.
  6. Seed 'WnJ' should fit your request : - High elevation map, so very few water areas - Main hub city has several biomes, mainly snow and desert ones.
  7. Hello. I'm looking for a seed with high elevations, even with few or no water. (pure survival gameplay) So I can also dig under the new mines of Moria ! I currently uses WnJ, which is fine (towns are +46m and north mountains are above +100m). Does anyone know another seed with average high altitude ? Thank you very much.
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