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Creative and Custom POIs


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AS of late, been fooling around with the interest of building my own POIs... and in using creative mode.. I have realized something..


Currently with the vanilla POIs that are in the current game, there are a lot of "lights" inside of most POIs that can be on or off..


Now, when you place these "non craftable" POI lights.. the default to "off"...


How would you toggle these to on, again, the POI "non craftable" lights that are only available from the creative menu?


I wasn't to guess there is a console command or something to make these lit?







For 16.4.. what is the preferred/easiest way to grab and export your builds to make into prefabs? Seen a few different tutorial guides that are a bit dated.. referencing certain tool/mod combos...some that only work on a dedicated server, and I assume others that don't...



Any suggestions would be appreciated ^_^

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as far as I know:


u cant turn lights on/off during a building-session - no matter if they craftable or not! - no matter if in creative-mode , SP or MP !


the only way i know is to export the prefab and edit it with Pille's editor

just change the meta-value on the specific light-blocks from 0 to 1 (or 2)

(0=off / 1=Lit1 / 2=Lit2)

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If there are any fans of the STALKER game series from GSC Game World... the structure I am trying to make, without MODs, is the "Scientific Bunker"... Pretty well carried over with the current block shapes.. like having a slope that sits at 45 degrees.. etc etc


Hoping A17 brings more block shapes as well as textures to "paint" with.

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