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Its been awhile


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Hi everyone,


it's been long time since i posted here. as u can tell. i've been a long time backer of this game (before kickstarter).


All i want to know is when can i book a weeks holiday, i havn't had one since last A16 :D.


Keep going guys



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Welcome back and we really have no idea. TFP could tell us and...we’d still have no idea....


On the bright side TFP has worked hard to make sure your vacation time won’t be overwhelmed by too many update releases within a calendar year... ;)


Haha, True. been there for all the updates and the post that come B4 (i.e Whens it coming) i've never been disappointed with the contents of the main updates, they always change the game so much it feels like new :D


Peace x

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well mark the stream team will know 2 weeks ahead of us so start planning when they hear :)


To be fair i think if/when they get it:smile-new: it will be only a few days before us minions, i hope !


i never watch youtubers, no spoilers for me :D

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