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Setting up for Prefab building is like pulling teeth so far!!!


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I followed every instruction, read pages and pages of forum post, and yet I'm still having the hardest time. I was able to get the current version of the prefab editor going, and having some fun with it to be honest. Now I'm just trying to figure out how to get the new prefabs to spawn in the ground instead of right on top. That's not the part that's annoying me though.


When it came to the part of installing Bad Company Manager's Mod that's when things got weird. I dragged and dropped the contents into the folder as shown in the video, but when he said to go to another mod to get the map URL or whatever to finish the installation I was stumped, couldn't find anything that was current on the issue. Now I am completely unable to do the bbb or bc commands withing the game to import export prefabs whatsoever. It doesn't help that everything on the subject is almost a year old. Not to mention the Loc command doesn't work in game either (16.4 B8). The tutorial videos that do exist (thank you guys for recording what y'all did) cover the basics but that's about it.


I've read the instructions multiple times, I've uninstalled everything and reinstalled everything multiple times. What am I missing or did I miss the boat altogether? Or is it now not possible to mod and build prefabs in game?

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Well for myself I just replace the vanilla file with the new one, boot from directory 7daystodie.exe.. not ..7daystodie_EAC.exe (which is what steam uses by default) then when the game is booted up I start new world using the Edit selection in the dropdown list, SP,MP,Creative,Edit build in there, export/import whatever u want. Then to test, you just replace the .dll with the vanilla one, edit ur xmls and boot as normal.


Works fine for me.

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K, let's start from scratch.


BadCo API is a dedicated server extension that will allow you to import export. It does not break EAC.


Hal's dll's are both an SP and Dedi dll, that breaks EAC.


You can use both.


Now I'm just trying to figure out how to get the new prefabs to spawn in the ground instead of right on top.


This is a setting on the PREFAB's .xml file. You'll want to add this line:


<property name="YOffset" value="-8"/>


...to sink it in 8 blocks from flush.

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