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  1. new  forums uggggg!


  2. with the latest update, not anymore.
  3. yea well that potato is museum piece now. "This is where Ravenhearst was born"
  4. join the RH discord channel ( should be in the first post ), there you can post the output log file so we can see which errors exactly. This link to the discord expires in 24 hours: https://discord.gg/f5rqyS
  5. These should be reported on the RH discord with pics so they can keep track.
  6. The trader availability is very intentional, its supposed to be difficult, its designed to curtail trader exploits. Other than certain station tools there really isnt a need for traders, in theory.
  7. its from either blood splash or walking over corpses, wet towel should fix it.
  8. There is the halocopter "box" that is disabled for MP, but may, or may not, work in SP.
  9. Working as intended. Scavenging is broken when you can find a purple level items prior to day 7. Cant count how many complete augers I found on day 1 that were not grey. Scaling with player level is brilliant.
  10. It is intentional that Traders be only spawn in large cities. So yes, it seems you just have had bad luck. It means you have to explore more of the map.
  11. You will find traders in large cities that have dark color asphalt road, the light colored roads are concrete. Small cities as you put it, are more or less, considered Towns.
  12. 1. pick a trader from the persistent list not static 2. tools have modifiers vs type (stone or iron) 3. thats a work in progress still, even during testing things could be missed. feedback and bugs/exploits can be reported in the discord channel (#errors and logs) in4Sinder
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