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  1. GS was talked about in the dev streams, Rick answered a couple questions.
  2. new  forums uggggg!


  3. READ:"dont worry I'll fix it for you"
  4. this is considered a single poi? just how big is it?
  5. The conan server was set up as PVP so decay setting was on, which is why your stuff faded away when you stopped logging in. Fish was needed for oils in blacksmithing and armor crafting, maybe a couple other things, idk. Crafting is so much simpler in 7d, it doesnt take away from the more important stuff, like killing zombies.
  6. They can jump up 3 meters and stand on the zombies head thats in front of them. so there is no gravity and spoon doesnt bend.
  7. OOO I know what to ask for!!! An archery target with your face on it? or a dart board to hang on the wall.... /smirk
  8. That "problem" was only half fixed, when you sit in the snow you still get hungry just as fast. You can then watch your fullness(food) drop from having max fullness(120-150) to 50ish in 180-200 seconds or less REAL time. IMO, Hot and Cold buffs are too harsh and even more so on food/drink. Whoever set the extreme debuff temps never saw snow or spent any time in the desert, guessing is not allowed.
  9. yes, i read that as you removed the sound. I am against silent anything, there are a million reasons zombies make some sort off sound, anyone with intelligence enough can figure out a bunch off those reasons without effort. They made the game so players cant be 100% silent....nvm. EDIT:When I get time, I will be trying this mod out.
  10. Althought I have not tried yet, I already disagree with removing the death sounds. I wouldnt mind seeing what a random delay of the death sound might have on things, maybe even go as far as replacing the current death sound to keep it separated from the "stunned" sound as logically the two sounds would be different in my mind.
  11. try 5x1 pressure plates and dart traps, more than 3 or 4 traps chained and you can see it.
  12. I agree it makes for some interesting game mechanics but the increased chance to get sick is less than you are making it out to be. You could also be a carrier for that "sick" and give it to someone else and never get sick, stick that into game mechanics! LOL
  13. Obviously, you've spent too much time in Florida or indoors for the winter. Plus, that is a myth how to catch a cold.
  14. my suggestion was to use ranks of heavy/light armor perk to reduce that mobility penalty, not cardio. why use 1 perk branch when 2 would make the choices matter more?
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