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  1. GS was talked about in the dev streams, Rick answered a couple questions.
  2. new  forums uggggg!


  3. this is considered a single poi? just how big is it?
  4. yes, i read that as you removed the sound. I am against silent anything, there are a million reasons zombies make some sort off sound, anyone with intelligence enough can figure out a bunch off those reasons without effort. They made the game so players cant be 100% silent....nvm. EDIT:When I get time, I will be trying this mod out.
  5. Althought I have not tried yet, I already disagree with removing the death sounds. I wouldnt mind seeing what a random delay of the death sound might have on things, maybe even go as far as replacing the current death sound to keep it separated from the "stunned" sound as logically the two sounds would be different in my mind.
  6. with the latest update, not anymore.
  7. yea well that potato is museum piece now. "This is where Ravenhearst was born"
  8. join the RH discord channel ( should be in the first post ), there you can post the output log file so we can see which errors exactly. This link to the discord expires in 24 hours: https://discord.gg/f5rqyS
  9. So what being said here is that if the chance for loot determines that a container has 1 piece of loot in it, the loot abundance percentage will always remove it if its set below 100%. No fractions, ok.
  10. These should be reported on the RH discord with pics so they can keep track.
  11. I dont why there isnt a 'Wisdom' or even 'Luck' attribute, hell, even an attribute tab called 'Misc' could be used to add perks that dont belong in the original attribute perk lists and to add or mod in even more. A place to keep track of learned recipes like how paint textures were. BTW, when the hell do we get the ability to add more paint textures like has been requested forever now. My eyes are not getting any better I still want the green/red reticles (crosshairs), green for off-the-hip shooting and RED for aimed
  12. If things like progression.xml descriptions had priority over Localization.txt we wouldnt need to change the local file at all.
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