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Day 7 Event - Pointless


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So I have logged over 800 hours in 7d2d including two main mods: Valmod/WoTW. I very much enjoy the game and I think mods really add valuable skill trees. Regardless there is a critical flaw of the game of day 7 exploits. Without adding any spoilers, these exploits are designed to get you through a day 7 without spending resources and generally not killing zombies. This seems contrary to the theme of 7d2d. The goal should be to encourage survivalists to build a fort and defend it.


I would suggest the following modifications be considered:


  • During a day 7 the zombies block damage would be elevated significantly, enough to cause them to collapse a medium size house after 3-4 hours of attack.
  • This increase would be limited for custom POIs with a land block
  • Loot from Zombies killed in a day 7 should be spiked to include ammo, building repair resources, and medicine. It should be balanced so that day 8 should be able to get you repaired and restocked leaving 6 days of leveling and exploring.
  • My understanding is there are already AI changes being considered to address the current AI exploits.



This is just my opinion. I like the game but I feel it would be better for game play to fight and defend my fort. If on the other hand the designers want a more survivalist experience where you pick and choose how you spend your limited resources then leave the exploits in but it makes a day 7 pointless.



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There are a very large number of ways to avoid dealing with the 7th Day hordes in the game, from a simple as hopping on your bike and riding around all night away from your base, building an underground base, to more complicated base structures that invalidate the AI.


Your first point would only further incentivize those players already doing that to continue doing that, though I do like the idea of better loot out of the hordes - this would be something that might encourage players to face the horde, rather than skip it.

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