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Wanting to Trade


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I'm looking to trade 3 copies of 7D2D for 1 copy of Subnautica via Steam.


Ended up with extra copies due to a purchase error on my end and then I took too long to take care of it. This would be a great deal for a streamer looking for extra copies to give away as a promotion for their channel (possibly for A17 release). I'm an honest gamer looking for the same. This is not a scam so if you're interested in screwing around don't bother to reply.


Please PM if interested. Thank you kindly.

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To sweeten the deal I can also throw in 3 copies of Magika as well. I had bought the four-pack expecting friends to play with me but that never panned out.


This is a legit offer. I'm not looking to scam anyone and I know that it's a risk for both of us but I've been apart of this community for several years and the Steam community for much longer. Please check my post history and profile both here and there. You'll see that I'm just a casual gamer looking to simply broaden my survival game library without dishing out any more cash if necessary.


So if you're at all interesting in at least discussing a deal please let me know and we'll work something out. 6 games for 1 (at $25) puts those games at less than $5 each. Good deal for any streamer looking to make their subscriber base happy with a little giveaway promo.



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I couldn't wait (so impatient) so I just bought Subnautica and am about to embark on my first adventure. Thanks to everyone who took the time to read this and possibly considered the offer. I still have the extra copies in my inventory so if anyone does want to make some sort of deal just look at my Wishlist or send a PM asking what I'm most interested in and maybe we can work something out.



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I'll have to let you know tomorrow as I'm about to sit down for a serious weekend long play session. The first hour of play after the purchase was spent testing graphic settings and keybinds. Then, my girlfriend saw it and commandeered my computer for the past two days playing it for herself. From what I saw it looks interesting and graphically pleasing but possibly a bit too lax on the survival aspects. Looks like it will be about the journey into a fascinatingly unknown world but not so much a survival game per say. That's ok by me as I'm into that sort of thing and I have plenty of other games for tougher survival challenges. I do like the fact that the environments and creatures are so fresh and not just another something or another from an overly saturated genre (I'm looking at you zombie games...but not 7 Days of course :)


I'm looking forward to sinking my teeth in and I have no doubt that in the end I will have gotten my money's worth (probably somewhere around 100 hours so about 25 cents per hour). It probably won't compete with 7 Days in overall value but then again, what can (I've spent 1.5 cents per hour in 7 Days).


So far, I'd recommend it to anyone interested in the genre and I'm rather impressed on yet another small indie game release. So I'd say give it a shot if you haven't already if for nothing else but to support the devs and what they represent.


But that's just me.

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I never played all the way through Subnautica but what I did play I enjoyed. I wished they had made it so it could be at least a 3 MP game. They even mention in the game operating the cyclops is really a 3 man job. I don't think they considered making it so. To me that was a shame.

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Guppycur you did say you are flush with copies of 7 days to die. Are they steam gifts in your inventory?

And would you be interested in a trade for some of them?


I have

1. Volume

2. Tumblestone - 4 keys

3. Stick fight the game

4. Simpleplanes

5. Rakuen

6. Poly Bridge

7. Panzer Corps

8. Memoria - 3 keys + 2keys original soundtrack

9. Jydge

10. Insurgency

11. Infested Planet

12. F1 2011

13. F1 2012

14. Caravan - 3 keys

15. Black the fall

16. Anna's Quest - 3 keys

17. Action Henk

18. Endless space collection - 2 keys

19. Depth - 3 keys

20. Deponia the complete journey - 3 keys (3 games in that pack Deponia, Chaos on Deponia, Goodbye Deponia)


I am willing to offer more for 1 and I am interested in as many as you are willing to trade. Not all of my games are steam gifts but all are for steam. And would be willing to be the first to send.

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Thanks LegionDiablo for the fair and carefree trade. It's nice to know that there are still others out there not just looking to scam someone. I hope that you find others to trade with and that those trades go as smooth as ours.


FWIW: I will stand up for LD as a fair and honest gamer...unless of course he screws ya in which case you're on your own :)

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