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[MOD] AnimationSDX - Version 2.x


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Animation SDX



Introducing verison 2.x of the Animation Class, opening doors to new and more interesting custom entities in 7 Days to Die.


This mod has been in development over the last few months, and showed up initially in the Classic Nomad Survival mod, providing the flight animations to the birds and 7 Days Hordes.


Today, it's being released to the general public, for critics, re-use, and possible extensions.


The AnimationSDX provides two classes for modders to use: AnimationSDX and MecanimSDX.



This class uses what's called Legacy Animations, and is added to the entity in Unity as a series of Animations, and to the XML. This is not a new class, but rather it just experienced code clean up, and added the ability to add weapons to the animations.


The 7D2D SDX Tutorial for this Animation Style is available here: https://7d2dsdx.github.io/Tutorials/index.html?Howtosetuptheanimatedcustomentit.html




This class uses what's called Mecanimation, and allows us to use motion capture animation and an animator state machine to control the entity in game. This allows more complex animation characters with increased flexility over that of Legacy, including configuring a series of animations to be done over several calls.


The 7D2D SDX Tutorial for this Animation Style is avialable here: https://7d2dsdx.github.io/Tutorials/HowtocreateanAnimatorStateMachin.html



We are encouraging modders to evaluate and look at MecanimSDX as a replacement to AnimationSDX mod. It allows you a lot more freedom and versatility to making the entities feel more alive in the world. It's a more complex setup, but the flexibility it gives us is well worth it.


These mods are available from the 7D2DSDX Repos: https://github.com/7D2DSDX/Mods


-sphereii and xyth

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can i do stuff like that for the player so i can add in new hold types?


No, this is not for the player entity, but for custom entities like zeds, fish, birds, NPCs etc. But in A17 you will have more handhold flexibility (I'm told)

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