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[MOD] Craftable Battery + Solar Collector ??

The Loooser

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I want to make those 2 above craftable.


But how do I do it ?



Do I just add new lines in *Receipes.xml* ?


Like this:


<recipe name="carBattery" count="10" craft_area="workbench">

<ingredient name="wood" count="1"/>




Would this be suitable for battery + solar collector ?





Do I need to place the lines somewhere special or anywhere in the receipes.xml ?






Hmmm I just did it, placed it directly at the beginning (before Mag Ammo) and the game freezes at *Loading Items* ....

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In items.xml you can find the names of any item you want to create a receipe for.


So its carBattery and solarCell.


As long as the <recipe> bla bla </recipe> is within the <recipes> ... </recipes> it doesnt matter where you put it.




-edit- might wanna balance the ingredients a bit as 1 wood to create a carBattery is well...eeeeh..pretty cheap :)

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Yes I did it like this ... but sadly it still freezes when *loading Items*


When hitting F1 it is telling:




And this is what I wrote:




<recipe name="SolarCell" count="10"

<ingredient name="wood" count="1"/>



<recipe name="carBattery" count="10"

<ingredient name="wood" count="1"/>





But this is correct ?!



It happens for every Item which I choose.


I copy exactly an existing Item and replace it with a LEGITIMATE other Item's ID-Name, but I get this error.

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