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  1. The strange thing is: Monster spawned with the F6 menu are getting hit like normal, but the Zombies from Horde night not - and other regular Zombies also not. Anyways I built the trap again and its now working ... hopefully it will keep doing so this time.
  2. Oh man I did not even consider that I could just change the key. I thought this debug mode setting is so far off from regular gameplay that all these key bindings wont show up in the control settings. Indeed it was telling me that the correct button is [ But I do not have a button like this, as I told. On english keyboards the [ is the regular letter. But on the german ones - just like I told - they are just a "minor" letter which is hidden on t he 8. Therefore there is no *real* [ key. So now I pressed a new button and I was thinking: let's just give it the same as on english keyboards, which is the right of P. As you can see on the picture above on German it is the Ü button. So I pressed Ü and it tells me that the key would be ; This is strange, because on English keyboards it would still be [ and on German Keyboards it would be Ü. So ... weird. But then I went into game and it worked! COOOOL! BUT actually this was just the minor aspect of the thread. With that function I wanted to verify if my endgame super trap is working - a trap that only needs to be repaired and I can just chill out with the repair nail gun. Not so hard to achieve, but now with the new Demolisher all regular setups I had were worthless ... Now this is the final build and now the blade traps simply stopped working. Therefore it is nice that I can now detach the camera ... but the traps is working - or lets stay WOULD be working - so the camera thing is not even needed anymore: I need working blade traps. It seems this problem has been out there for very long time. So what can I do now? This is the only setup that I can imagine which fulfills my requirement. It works in my creative menu game and it worked at first when I built it in regular save game. Then the upper blade trap stopped working and now the one on the bottom. That setup was the last thing I wanted to achieve. Now its simply for the trash? : (
  3. @ Boidster: Maybe you can tell me what to press with that picture of the German Keyboard Layout: why are all pictures always so extremely tiny? When I upload screenshots in 1920x1080 they are also like this and cannot be enlarged ... Here is the link: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikiped...1--2018-12.png So you say I should press the equivalent. There is no [ button, it is on the 8. So you have to press 8 + Alt Gr to create an [. So when I press 8 + Alt Gr nothing happens. Then when I just press they key which is 8 also nothing happens. Pressing Ü also does not help as I already told (there would be [ on english keyboards). What could I do now? Am I the first German in 6 years of game existence that tries to use flying camera? I mean it must be known how to do this? @ Roland: I built the trap to test it in creative menu and it worked there. Then I rebuilt it in normal mode. So it is not the case that it is because of generated traps, I built all of them. And also it WORKED, but then STOPPED WORKING. Suddenly this problem arose and now it did not revert back since then ...
  4. Hello! I tested a trap setup in creative menu. Then I built it on another save just like this. It WORKED in the beginning just like in creative menu, but NOW they are spinning, but not "attacking". They dont do any damage to zombies and also dont degrade anymore. So it means they just stopped attacking at all. When I let it hit myself, then I indeed get damage and the hitpoints of the blade trap are decreasing. Also if a zombie is standing in the range meanwhile, it also gets damage. But if I do not stand inside of the range, then nothing happens, the blade trap just spins. Any idea? Picture: EDIT: Now the Bladetrap in the back is also not working anymore: Now I entered debug menu and god mode ... I placed myself between both traps, which indeed attacked me and THEN they also damaged zombies. So I left myself standing there and the traps killed all zombies like they should. And when I step out of them again (as I would in regular game play obviously) they dont attack the zombies anymore / dont do damage anymore. So ... what now???? Same problem here 1 year ago https://steamcommunity.com/app/25157...1705668679033/ Same problem here even 2 years ago ... https://steamcommunity.com/app/25157...4337792503555/ These dudes are having exactly the same issue: the tras MUST attack, but they dont. The people responding just tell them worthless stuff, as they dont realize that the traps are placed correctly and the threads go off-topic ... : / So plz dont tell me how to place blade traps, they WORKED like this already and suddenly started to stop attacking / doing damage - when I dont step into them. Also: How do I fly around with the camera? Here is the video guide: It tells me to press P in debug mode and then press the button right of P, which is [ in his Video. But not for me: The button right of P is Ü and it does not work. So what now?
  5. New question is: How do I fly around with the camera? Here is the video guide: It tells me to press P in debug mode and then press the button right of P, which is [ But not for me: The button right of P is Ü and it does not work. So what now?
  6. *A line "diplay_value name" won't work since "display" is misspelled.* That misspell ist just as I wrote the extract from that line by hand - the copied line is of course copied and it shows the real line. And there is no misspell so this cant be the reason - does this mean it is bugged then and can never show off? *A lowest quality ghillie suit should have 1 mod slot not 0.* But as Ghilie Suit is tagged as clothing and not as armor it can never have a quality and therefore it will also always have the same equip slot amount. And the hood indeed has 0, the other 2 have 1 (in every case + 1 color mod slot). Or is there a skill to increase quality of clothing? I guess it is static and can never be changed normally (and seemingly also not by code editing).
  7. Hello! Since A16 after some time the connection of electricity components starts to go wild. This does not only look weird, but also makes cables go through air after they were nicely hidden with very much work ... Why did this not get fixed, I had this happening all the time since A16 (2018 or something) Picture: Did this happen to anyone already? It happened so often to me, that I really would wanna know if all other players also have it Oô
  8. Another questiosn: 1.) What does it mean when a Zombie is blinking on the radar? This is of course just the case when doing a Quest to clear stuff: Then Zombies are red on the minimal and some of them are sometimes blinking - what's that? 2.) I have a pistol that does 52 damage and I have handguns 0/5. Then I increased handguns to 5/5. Now the pistol still does only 52 damage, but it is stated that I now get a 50 % damage increase ...? So where is that increase? 3.) is Rad remover worth it? I mean I get what it does ... but weapon mod slots are scarce and there are so many good things to put in. Therefore my question is basically: Is the Rad Regeneration SO HIGH that it would justify using the remover on a weapon, where it not even has a usage all the time (as Rad zombies are the least one that you encounter). So I have an AK-47 with 80 DMG that also kills Radiated Zombies in 2 seconds. Now if I would shoot on them 1x and then leave them for 1 minute, I guess that shot is healed. But of course I never to such thing and head straight for the kill, so if I focus on a Zombie, would this even make a difference in killing them? I actually can not believe it is worth it, as I may take down a rad Zombie in 6 shots and would it only be 5 with the mod or what? Like I said, it is dead in 2 seconds nevertheless. 4.) I tried to increase the Mod Slots of Ghilie Suit Hood to 4 (as it is with other helmets - otherwise with 0 mod slots the Ghilie Hood is pretty useless, as you would have to carry a 2nd Head Piece all the time anyways to have your light with you). But when I go in game, then it is still at 0 (except colour slot). Did I do something wrong? I just made: <passive_effect name="ModSlots" operation="base_set" value="4"/> 5.) The sad thing about Ghilie Suit is that you cannot wear College Jacket anymore and as it is 10 % more walking speed this is just superior to everything. Therefore I tried to migrate that effect over to Ghilie Suit by adding 5 % of walking speed to both parts, but it did not work. I looked at College Jacket and after the Hypothermal Resist there is the line with the Walking Speed. I added that line to the Ghilie Outfit at the same position and made: <passive_effect name="RunSpeed" operation="perc_add" value=".1"/><display_value name="dRunSpeed" value=".05"/> It is not displayed in the window, but it works - as setting it to .5 will greatly increase speed, even if you dont see it. So I just want to report here that it seems to be a bug that it will not show up, even if there is a line "diplay_value name"
  9. Hi there! So it really is a pain that you have to take off any of your 2 different vision stuff tools to shut them on and off independently, I mean the Nightvision Goggles and the Flashlight. The same goes to Laserlight at weapons. How can I alterate XML files to bind the Nightvision to another key like g or whatever? THXXXX
  10. This means that the bug is only connected to the blade weapon and not to the long barrel: Because the effect of the long barrel is a special effect and not reaaaallly increasing just plain damage, so it cant show up as a regular damage increase anyways?
  11. Exactly and this is quite shitty : / Because let's say you make a slit where you shoot through with Turrets that are triggered by that Motion Sensor ... And to maximize the slit of course you use "Wet Concrete Pole". Then you make it horizontal and on the top of the voxel. Set a 1. layer on the ground and then a 2. layer on top of it - Zombies wont get through, but still 90 % of their body is revealed for turret fire. Then there is a veeeerrry high chance that if the motion sensor is also placed on the 2. layer height then it will have exactly that 5 cm concrete bar in front of the zombies eyes. I did not test it with zombies, but with myself. And it did not trigger anything ... and I was like ... 90 % visible or lets say 99 % loooool, this is just bad for the motion sensor ... I mean its like having a black bar over the eyes, like criminals in magazines and this would make you invisible wtf?
  12. Now I get it: The Demolisher was in this kind of ragdoll moment when he was lying on the floor, looking like he was dead. He was in constant Shotgun Turret fire so I thought he MUST be dead. Actually then he was still really alive and kept exploding. So you say: I just have to bring his HP to 0 and then any countdown is directly vanishing? Guess that s where I have to get the AP Ammo, I guess they are especially made for them.
  13. Hi there! So the Long Barrel mod is said to increase range (yes), aimed accuracy (maybe) and damage (only partially yes). In my observations any Mod added to a weapon increases damage. Not really logically, how should a bigger magazine increase damage per shot, but I get the idea: A highly tweaked weapon should simply be better than a newely found one with 0 attachments. But now there is a problem to the following case: I have a marksman riffle and I add a magazine extender. The damage goes + 6 Now I think: Ok higher ammo capacity is cool, but I want to maximize damage. Then I replace the magazine extender and add the long barrel. The damage goes + 6. Now I looked for any other attachement. And any attachment makes the damage go up by + 6. So this seems to be the base damage that an attachment increases to the weapon regardless of what it does actually. This is bad, because that means that the Long Barrel mod has NO REAL damage increase, it just increases damage based on the "regular damage increase" that any other mod would also give. I gues it should be a +8 or +10 then or other regular mods should only give + 3, but right now this is quite strange ... Same for temperared blade (increases damage + durability) and serrated blade (no damage increase, but bleeding damage). Tempered blade increases damage just as serrated blade, both only give the "regular damage increase". It not a real damage to the game lol but then tempered blade should only state to increase durability, as compared to serrated blade this is the exact only difference. Same for Long Barrel: It only increases Weapon Range and Accuracy but not accctuaaally the damage (right now).
  14. There is a bug (which has already been out since A16) with Solar Banks: They dont charge anymore when you are far away. Now the real problem is: Battery banks still draw their power at any distance. This will trigger the following situations: You built your Zombie defense base at Spot X and go for away to spot Y for one night, then coming back at 21:30 for Zombie Horde night just to see that all batteries are empty, even though the Solar Banks would easily charge them in a few hours. So what now? No power and it may be highly likely that you dont have a generator to quickly replace the solar banks ... then the Horde will destroy you. Either Solar Banks should be fixed and work like Battery Banks or Battery Banks should be also made buggy and work like Solar Banks. It's good that once I had the very bad situation and now I will come to this Base even in the morning of Horde Night, but others will have to learn it the hard way. :S
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